How to Mirror iPhone or iPad Screen to Mac/Windows PC?

Most of the people want to enjoy multimedia on a big screen. There are some of the best apps and software that can enable you to mirror the iPhone and iPad screen to your Windows PC without any trouble. One of the most favored methods is to enable AirPlay on a Windows PC.

Mirror your iPhone or iPad on a Mac or Windows PC

It is a feature on your iPhone and iPad that enables you to mirror the screen of your iPhone or iPad to a large TV, computer monitor, or laptop. You do not need any physical equipment to use it. Screen mirroring your iPhone’s and iPad’s screen to your Windows PC or Mac is very easy. You do not even need a cable to connect your device to your computer. As long as you connect to a WiFi network, you can do screen mirroring on your devices.

Mirror your iPhone or iPad on a Mac or Windows PC

Display iPhone or iPad to a Mac or Windows PC

Follow the given below steps to display iPhone or iPad to a Mac or Windows PC:

  • You need to install your favorite tool on your computer. You can use X-Mirage as it makes the task slightly more straightforward.
  • When you have successfully installed the software, you need to open it on your computer. You should ensure that your iPhone and computer are close to each other and connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Then swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone to bring Control Center.
  • If you have iPhone X, you need to swipe down from the top right corner to access Control Center.
  • Then tap on the screen mirroring icon.
  • There is a list of available devices that show up on the screen. You need to select your computer. The screen starts mirroring from your iPhone or iPad to the computer.
  • If you want to stop the screen from displaying on your computer, you need to go to the Control Center.
  • Then tap on-screen mirroring button and Stop Mirroring your device.

Can’t find AirPlay on your iPhone

Can’t find AirPlay on your iPhone

If you can’t find the AirPlay icon on your iOS device, ensure that the firewall is not blocking your devices from communicating. You need to keep both of your devices close together and ensure they are connected with the same Wi-Fi. You can temporarily disable the firewall on your computer.

  • On your macOS Device:
  • You need to click on the Apple menu at the top left and select System Preferences.
  • Then click on the Security or Security & Privacy and then Firewall tab.
  • You need to select the tiny circle for Firewall Off.
  • On Windows PC:
  • You need to open the Control Panel and select System and Security.
  • Then click Windows Firewall.
  • You can check out the option to Turn Windows Firewall off on the left side of the Windows Firewall screen.

Once you AirPlayed content, you ensure to turn on the Firewall on your computer. It is an important security feature. Moreover, you have to ensure that you have an iPad 2 or later, iPad Air or newer model. You should have iPhone 4s or later and your iPod touch should be 5th or 6th generation. Your PC must have Windows XP or later.

Mirror iPhone or iPad to Windows PC with LonelyScreen

Mirror iPhone or iPad to Windows PC with LonelyScreen

It is a simple method to mirror the iPhone to PC. You can start your PC as an AirPlay friendly device with just a single click. Once Windows PC becomes AirPlay enabled, you can get past the boundaries and reflect your phone on it. There is no requirement for any third-party application assistance to make the most out of the multimedia stored on your phone. You need to download the application and install it on your computer. Follow the given below instructions to run LonelyScreen without trouble:

  • You need to download LonelyScreen.
  • When this app is downloaded then start the installation process.
  • When it is installed, the app launches itself.
  • You need to allow access if the firewall takes charge.
  • Then swipe up your finger from the base of your device to go to the control center and initiate Airplay.
  • You can easily spot the AirPlay icon by tapping on which takes you to the rundown list of available devices.
  • You can find the LonelyScreen device from the rundown and then enable mirroring.
  • When the process is successful, LonelyScreen start iPhone mirroring to PC.
  • You can change your device name according to your convenience and experience a large screen display.
  • You can stream movies and other content using your iPhone and iPad remotely.
  • Then enable mirroring option for it to commence.

Mirror iPhone or iPad to Windows PC with Reflector2

The reflector 2 app comes for $15. It is well suitable for AirPlay and very speedy working software. You can use it for gaming and multimedia when you mirror the iPhone screen on PC. You can increase the display size of your phone by mirroring ability. You can also remotely control the web and stream your desired content and record the screen. Follow the given below steps to mirror iPhone or iPad to Windows PC with Reflector2:

  • You need to download the app and run the installer window.
  • Then you need to agree to the terms and conditions. You must read them carefully before proceeding.
  • Then launch the application on your windows. It does not take much space on your screen. Reflector 2 only works from the taskbar.
  • You ensure that you enable the firewall access which is required for the app to function without any risks.
  • Then swipe up with your thumb from the base of your device. Access control slide on the screen.
  • Then spot the AirPlay icon and tap on it to check out the nearby AirPlay devices.
  • You need to select your device from the list and enable mirroring.

Mirror iPhone or iPad to Windows PC with Mirroring360


Mirroring 360 provides quality features to mirror the iPhone screen on PC and many others. You can make presentations for official work or attend a web meeting by using this simple tool. Follow the given below steps:

  • You need to connect your device and computer to the same network.
  • Then download the application on your PC.
  • Then double click on the downloaded file to start installing.
  • Then go to the control center of your device by swiping up from the bottom.
  • Then tap on the AirPlay icon and choose your device from the rundown.
  • Then, you can enable mirroring.

Mirror iPhone or iPad to Windows PC with Apowersoft Phone Manager

This phone manager app provides lots of features. It also supports multiple devices. Apple users need to install this on their PC and connect them through iTunes. This app has everything you ever needed to make the most of your device. Follow the given below steps:

  • With cable:
    • You need to download the app and install it.
    • Then link your phone to the computer by using the USB cable. A dialogue box pop up which asks you to trust the computer or not. You need to click on the trust option to continue.
    • Then one more option prompts to install a driver. You need to install it once. This option is provided every time you connect. This commences mirroring.
  • Wireless:
    • You need to open the Wi-Fi on your device.
    • Then use the USB to connect your mobile with your desktop.
    • Then launch iTunes on your desktop.
    • Then click the iPhone or iPad whatever device you are using.
    • Then tick the two boxes Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi and Manually manage music and videos. Then click Apply.
    • Then close the iTunes and again launch the manager.
    • Then click Allow Wi-Fi connection iOS and then press OK.
    • You need to close the manager and unplug the cable. Then restart the manager again.
    • When you switch on the manager, your device connects without any assistance.
    • You can still use USB for the same. It can be able to maintain a wireless connection this time as soon as you turn on the Airplay feature.

You can use AirPlay to stream video or mirror your iPhone or iPad display to Apple TV or any compatible speakers. There are a few third-party tools as mentioned above that allow you to display your iPhone or iPad screen to your computer. Once you installed the app and set it up perfectly, you will be able to stream content intuitively.

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