Netflix Download Manual: Get Movies & Shows to Watch Offline on iPhone or iPad

Netflix Download Manual: Netflix was not available offline. Earlier there was no way to download Netflix. But now there are ways you can watch offline. Netflix has made watching on iPads and iPhones easier much to the relief of many Netflix admirers who also happen to have iPhones.

How to Watch Netflix Offline on Mac:

Netflix is part of many people’s daily life. Perhaps one of the best ways to unwind as many youngsters have reported.

There is nothing like enjoying offline content, you won’t have to worry of running out of data and still enjoy your favorite show. In this guide, we will teach you just how to go about the process.

Download Movies from Netflix & Watch Offline on iPad or iPhone

To begin with you must update the Netflix App. Once you know the updates are installed, open the App. Updating all Apps from time to time gives you the best version of it at all times. That is the reason the App makers keep updating their Apps to give you quality service. You will immediately see the option of available downloads. In fact, you will be prompted for Find something for download. You can immediately see your available options or decide to select later. For later when you want to view options for download, then click the Menu icon which is nothing but the three horizontal lines.



Click on thee option of Available for download, to see your choices. The list will be quite long. You can scroll through it, but keep an eye for the ones you want. Once you select the show you want to watch, click on it. You will find the download button, click on it. Unfortunately, you will not b able to download whole series but download individual episodes. To watch whole series you will have to download individual episodes and make the whole series.

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My Downloads :

It is all too simple to locate the downloads you have in your account. To access the downloaded content, you will have to click on Menu, followed by My Downloads. You will see all the downloads done by you. Select the one you wish to watch.

Download options :

You can choose from the available options to download. There are plenty of popular downloads such as Sherlock, Stranger Things and of course Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. There are many more titles to choose from, you can select a popular title or search for something very specific to your interest. Browse through your options and select the ones you wish to watch. Type in the name of the show or movie you want to watch and hit the search button. You will get a list of relevant results. You can understand which options are for download by clicking on the download symbol. The content that is available for download will have the download symbol.

netflix download

Download limitations and delete option :

If you wish to delete the downloaded content. Click on the Menu (the three horizontal lines). Go to App settings. Click on the Delete all download option. Confirm to delete. Deleting can become necessary if you run out of space or want to watch more videos. You can also want to delete after getting bored of a few types of content.

delete all downloads

If you wish to save up on space then compromise with the picture quality and have the downloads in low picture variant. That way you will be able to have many downloads and watch them one after the other. But if you have enough space, keep the picture quality intact as it will give you viewing pleasure.

Expiration of downloaded content :

One unfortunate thing about Netflix download is that it has an expiration date. It is usually 7 days after you download it. So, if you have not watched a show and you get notified you have only 48 hours before it expires, then try to watch it immediately, if feasible. But if not then delete it immediately and re-download you will have seven more days to watch it.

Be careful that if you had pressed the Play button but had not watched a show, then it might expire within 48 hours. Pay attention to when your downloads are getting expired. The best way to do it is as and when you download it, make a note of it.

Download through WiFi

As with any download, you will need a stable internet connection when you are downloading. After the completion of download, no internet connection will be required. You will be able to watch the download offline. Downloading through WiFi is a better option over using mobile data.

Settings to change video quality

From the settings menu, you can get an idea of how much storage has been already taken up. Even adjusting the video quality is easy, as you can do it by simply adjusting the picture by changing the default to higher. Your picture quality will improve but you ill immediately see more space has been taken up. The steps to do it are as follows,

  • Visit the Netflix app, click on the three dots
  • Scroll to find App settingsapp settings in netflix
  • Data usage can be found at the bottom.
  • Click on video quality to adjust according to your preference

There is currently no Netflix App for Mac, to watch on your Mac, you will have to watch online and through a web browser like chrome.

Long travel, flights with kids can get easier if you have access to Netflix offline. The only problem can be the downloads will take up significant space and that might lead to slowing down of your device. You can delete the content after you finish watching or save the ones you really want to re-watch.

Netflix is one of the most popular choices for entertainment. Many of its loyal users are very happy with the recent download option. However, it has several limitations. It can only be expected that these limitations will be dealt with by Netflix and viewers will have a more pleasurable experience with download.

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