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How to Convert HEIC to JPG on a Mac the Easy Way

How to change HEIC to JPG on Mac” may be the most question after Apple decided to have yet another exclusive format for their media file after M4A. With the release of iOS 12, Apple brought lots of changes to its devices. One of the major changes was seen in the way Apple photos were saved. With iOS 12, Apple alongside MPEG created a patent image format called HEIC (High-Efficiency Image Format) that is only used to save photos in Apple devices. The format is designed to maintain the high quality of the pictures and yet consume half the space compared to a same-quality JPEG picture. 

Easy Ways to Convert HEIC to JPG on a Mac

While the format is an excellent space saver and offers better quality than JPEG format, it is still unsupported by several photo editors. As expected, the format is also not supported by other platforms, including Windows and Android. This makes it exceptionally difficult to store, view, or edit photos unless you only use Mac for all image-related activities, including uploading the pictures on social media.

Convert HEIC to JPG

However, the good news is that though the HEIC file is not compatible with other devices or editing apps, it is convertible into a widely accepted file format – the ubiquitous JPG. 

Converting the photo format should be easy with the help of this article. It provides step-by-step guides to make following the process more convenient. 

Method 1 – Quick Action to Convert HEIC to JPG Mac Device

Quick Action to Convert HEIC to JPG

This is the easiest way to convert images from HEIC to JPG on Mac. All you have to do is select images, right-click, and scroll down to “Quick Actions”. When the side menu appears, just select “Convert to JPG” and the format of your images will be converted without hassle. This method is also handy when you have a large bunch of pictures that require conversion. Select them all and use the method to convert their format. It is easy and convenient to use. 

If you do not yet have that Quick Action option, follow method 2 to create one. 

Method 2 – Change HEIC to JPG via Automator Converter on Mac 

It is an easy and handy method to convert HEIC files to JPG format automatically on Mac. It makes it easy to store, share, edit, and use photos on any given platform, editor, and app. Having your pictures saved on a more common format can make things easier for those who live their lives on iOS devices. 

The method is easy to follow. All you have to do is,

  • Open “Automator” using “Spotlight” or going into the “Applications” folderOpen Automator
  • Click on the “New Document” option.add "new document"
  • A list of templates will open. Pick the “Quick Action” and then select “Choose”
  • In the search bar on the left window, type “copy finder”
  • When the “Copy Finder Items” appear as a dropdown option, drag it to the right-hand side window
  • Select an apt folder where you want the converted files to save

You can omit the “Copy Finder Items” step if you do not want copies of converted images to be saved on the desktop. However, you can choose “Replacing existing files” if you only want JPG and not HEIC. 

  • Move the cursor back to the left side and search for “change type” 
  • When the “Change Type of Images” option appears, drag it to the right-side window
  • Click to drop down the menu and choose the format “JPG”
  • Go to the top menu bar and drop down the “File” menu
  • Click “Save”

That is all. You have created a Quick Action to reformat your images. However, it is worth noting that the method does not offer any control over image quality of image compression. If you want a method more advanced, then read Method 3 and 4 in this article.  

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Method 3 – Converting HEIC to JPG on macOS High Sierra or Later

On a Mac that runs on macOS High Sierra or a version above, it is easier to open, view, and convert the format of HEIC files. It can be done with the help of a built-in Preview App.

  • Open Finder
    open finder
  • Go to the folder where all your HEIC images are stored
  • Select the images that need to be reformatted 
  • Right-click, click “Open with” 
  • Choose the “Preview App” option
  • Select “Edit” 
  • “Select All” photos 
  • Go to the top menu bar 
  • Now select the “File” option
  • Now “Export Selected Images”
  • Click on “Options”
  • Select “JPEG”
  • Adjust the quality of the image and click “Save” to convert the images into JPG format

The Preview App with save a JPG copy of the image, while the HEIC original image will remain unharmed in the computer. 

Method 4 – Convert HEIC to JPG on lower version than macOS High Sierra 

If you are using Mac that runs on an older version than macOS High Sierra, you will need to use a HEIC converter online to change the format from HEIC to JPG.
HEIC to jpg

One such online conversion software is the namesake HEICtoJPG. You have to just launch the Safari or Chrome browser, go to the official website, and drag the picture you want to be converted. The software is a trusted option among the Mac family. It also has a Premium version with a 7-day free trial. 

Another app to convert HEIC to JPG online is Squoosh. Squoosh offers more control over the image quality, palettes, and its size. By default, the file will convert into Moz.JPEG format, however, it will automatically save in JPG format on the device. 


App Store provides another application to bulk convert HEIC files to JPG. The software is named iMazing HEIC Converter. It can be downloaded via App Store through this link

Method 5 – Apple Share Sheet Pop-Ups 

This is a work-around method for just in case. You can AirDrop an image to iPhone and then get it Emailed to Mac for easy conversion.

Share Sheet is what Apple has named the window that pops up when you press the sharing arrow at the bottom of a file. If you are worried about sharing a couple of photos at a time, then you can easily share it with the help of Apple Share Sheet without worrying about the format. Well aware of the scarcely-accepted HEIC format, Apple converts the format of images to JPEG on the fly whenever you share one through Share Sheet. 

Alternatively, you can also email the files to yourself to change reformat them automatically. But again, you will have no control over its image quality or compression. For that, you need to convert HEIC to JPG online or using the Preview App.  

Conclusion to How to Convert HEIC Files to JPG on a Mac

Converting HEIC to JPG may come across as a little hectic task, especially if you are a creative artist or a photographer with a Mac and needs to convert format more frequently or in bulk. The methods and workarounds in this article include all kinds of basic, handy, and advanced ways in which you can convert the images from one format to the other. Investing money is completely options. None of these methods require you to splash out, therefore, making a perfect helping guide to convert HEIC to JPG for everyone, be it a professional or a student. 

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