How to Recover Blocked Messages on iPhone

recover imessages in iPhone

Recover/Retrieve deleted Blocked text Messages on iPhone:

As people say, don’t make a decision based on the emotion that doesn’t last long. Let’s us not include a philosophy here; we just want to say that you might have blocked someone on your iPhone. Later you will regret that decision since you cannot recover blocked messages after that. We have many complaints from the Apple users about the same issue that how can blocked messages be recovered? Or is it possible to retrieve blocked messages?

So, is it possible to retrieve blocked messages on iOS?

We are afraid to say that there is next to none possibility to retrieve blocked messages if you have blocked someone. The reason being, you will not be able to receive messages and calls once you block someone. And, the situation will get worse once you realize the absence of a blocked message folder on your phone. Which could be helpful while recovering data.

How to retrieve deleted/lost text Messages on iPhone 6/6s/7/8/X/XR/XS

Therefore, don’t get influenced by any recovery software that promises you to help retrieve blocked messages on your iOS device. It is completely useless as far as we know the real solutions. It seems unacceptable with the company like Apple, but it could be because of security reasons. But, there is another possibility if you want to retrieve deleted/lost messages instead of blocked messages. You can recover messages from the time when you didn’t block the person.

on imessages

We believe that the messaging app on your iPhone may contain data that would be more personal to you in the form of text messages and iMessages. And, it is obvious that you would have wanted to keep them in your memory lane forever. These messages can be deleted at the time you have cleared your device storage. There are a couple of reasons by which you could have accidentally lost the text messages.  An iOS update corruption may lead to creating the issue, or you have accidentally deleted those messages.

You are still scratching your head in all worry that how can you retrieve deleted text messages on your iPhone 6/6s/7/8/X/XR/XS. Don’t worry; we have a solution to your problem. In this article, you will find some easy and some detailed methods which will help you recover lost text messages on your iPhone.

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Here are a few tips which you can apply in the first place before moving to the detailed one.

Tip 1: If you are a kind of person who is insecure about the data, then you might have taken a daily backup on your iPhone to iCloud or iTunes. In such a case, you better try to retrieve your lost message from iCloud or iTunes. However, you have to be sent percent sure that you had backed up messages before you deleted them, only then you can try to recover deleted messages.

Tip 2: If you have heard the term Data Overwriting, then it is good news for you. Even if you haven’t backed up your text messages, this technique can be a blessing for you. Technically, when you save any data on your iPhone, it is simultaneously stored in the internal memory. At the time you delete the data, it will not get deleted from internal memory until other data take its place. Moreover, developers have provided the solution to recover data that are not overwritten.

Tips 3: If the tips above do not guide you to the solution, that means you are not the one who takes back up regularly and unfortunately, your text messages would have overwritten as well. In such a case, you can ask the service provider whether they keep deleted text messages on their server.

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So, those were the solution which might work for you. Apart from that, we have also searched different solution, and we would like to provide you six different techniques which surely help you recover your deleted/lost text messages on your iPhone 6/6s/7/8/X/XR/XS. Moreover, all these methods are compatible with each iPhone model, including iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5/5s/SE, iPhone 7/8 plus.

  1. Directly retriever deleted/lost text messages from iPhone without backup.
  2. Retrieve deleted/lost text messages from iTunes backup to iPhone without erasing.
  3. Retrieve deleted/lost text messages from iCloud backup to iPhone without erasing.
  4. Recover iPhone from iTunes backup to restore deleted/lost text messages.
  5. Recover iPhone from iCloud backup to restore deleted/lost text messages.
  6. Retrieve deleted/lost text messages from your cellular carrier

How to directly retrieve deleted texts on iPhone without backup 

In case you lose or delete text messages from iPhone, do not straight away choose the option to prevent new data from overwriting. Generally, you can specific recovery app in order to retrieve deleted text messages. Phone Rescue for iOS is one of the most preferred recovery apps and has over 5 million downloads.

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Follow the mentioned steps below to recover your lost data using PhoneRescue.

Step 1: You need to download and install PhoneRescue on your computer. Once you install it on your device, launch it.

Step 2:  Next, make a connection between your computer and iPhone using USB cable and tap on the right arrow to begin the process.PhoneRescue

Step 3: Next up, you need to select Messages and toggle ok which will start the scanning for deleted messages on your device.

Step 4# Here, you will find all the deleted messages and from them, you can select the messages which you want to retrieve. Thereafter, tap on the device button which would start retrieving the messages.

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The main highlight of PhoneRescue recovery software is that it also allows users to take up a backup of those deleted messages from iPhone to your computer in case you want to store them for the future. If you can see computer icon at the bottom right corner, you need to tap on that icon to save the deleted text message on your computer from the iPhone.

How to retrieve deleted texts from iTunes backup to iPhone without erasing

If the above-mentioned method doesn’t help you, you can try the backup files. Unlike iTunes and iCloud, PhoneRescue does have the facility of previewing your deleted text messages so that you can retrieve the exact text messages you want. Moreover, it will also compare the backup data and iPhone data so that you can assess the lost data from your device and subsequently recover them. You need to download and install PhoneRescue on your device, the download link is provided in the above-mentioned method. We move directly to the steps.

Step 1: Install PhoneRescue on your personal computer.

#Step 2:  Now, choose Recover from iTunes Backup and tap the right arrow to take iPhone backups on your computer.Install PhoneRescue

Step 3: Next up, you need to select iTunes backup according to iOS version, size and time when it was created. After that, tap on the right arrow which will start the scanning for deleted text messages on your backup.iTunes backup

Step 4: Next, you should only mark Messages from the list and click okay which would get back your text messages and iMessages on iTunes backup.iMessages

Step 5: Since PhoneRescue allows you to preview all the deleted messages, all you need to do is select the messages that you want to restore from the conversations. Thereafter, click on Device to get back the deleted/lost text messages on your iPhone.

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How to retrieve deleted texts from iCloud backup without erasing

Follow the mentioned steps below to recover deleted/lost data from iCloud backup without erasing.

Step 1: Firstly, download and install PhoneRescue for iOS on your personal computer or Mac.

#Step 2: Next up, you need to select to Recover from iCloud. and tap on the right arrow to proceed with the recovery process.iCloud backup without erasing

Step 3: Provide your Apple ID and password in order to get signed in your iCloud account.

icloud with apple ID

#Step 4: Next up, you need to select iCloud Backup to recover your device backup on the iCloud server.iCloud Backup

Step 5: Now, you need to download the backup which is based on size, iOS version, and the time of origin. After that, from the data, you should only select Message in order to achieve old message conversations on your iOS device.

#Step 6: Since PhoneRescue enables users to preview the conversations on iCloud backup. From the list, select your content which you want to recover and then tap on the Device icon to restore those text messages on your iPhone. You can also transfer those messages on your computer by clicking on the computer icon at the bottom right corner.

How to recover iPhone from iTunes backup to restore deleted text messages

This method only when you are sure about the fact that all your content including videos, photos, and more importantly text messages have been backed up to iTunes. That means when you try to erase your phone with regards to the fact that you can later get those data from the backup. Only then you should proceed with the method. This way of restoring data will completely recover all the contents including contacts, photos, etc. All in all, everything will be transferred from backup to the iPhone.

Note: Please disable Find My iPhone as you choose to restore.

Step 1: Connect your mobile to PC/Mac and launch iTunes. From iTunes, you need to click on the iPhone icon.Connect your mobile

#Step 2: Tap Summary and then move to Restore Backup by clicking
restore backup

Step 3: Next up, select the backup according to name, and then tap on Restore to initiate the process.iPhone Backup to Restore your messages

#Step 4: You will see a pop-up asking you whether you have second thoughts about restoring. As it will be deleting all the media on the data.restoring

How to recover iPhone from iCloud backup to restore deleted text messages

This method is similar to the concept which we have gone through in method 4. In this technique, you need to be sure that your backup contains the deleted text messages and other media file. This method similarly deletes the data of your iPhone and later each data will be restored from iCloud backup to iPhone. Before we begin, you must have your Apple iD and password written with you since it will be needed in the future process.

  • Open the Setting app on your iPhone and then navigate to the General 🡪 Reset 🡪Tap Reset all content and settings.reset content and settings
  • Here, you need to provide your passcode to commend the deleting process. it will erase all media content of your iPhone.
  • Next up, it will take a few minutes for the erasing, meanwhile, an apple logo appears on your mobile screen.
  • After that, write down the password when asked to make a Wi-Fi connection. Then activate your iPhone and subsequently setup password, Touch ID, etc.
  • Provide your Apple ID and password. Thereafter, click Restore from iCloud backup on your screen
  • Log-in with your iCloud account
  • Select the Backup and retrieve messages and other media files on your iPhone from iCloud backup. iCloud account

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How to retrieve deleted text messages from your cellular carrier 

We are afraid to say that this method would not work for you. The chances are very rare. The reason being, not many carriers have stored deleted text messages to the server. But, you can take a chance by giving them a call or writing them about the seriousness of your content which you want to recover. If you are fortunate enough, then you might get your deleted messages back on your iPhone.

Note: Get habituated with the act that you have to take a backup of your data. So you would not have to concern about your data anymore.

Bonus tip: If you have ever faced such situation where messages from your iPhone. Suddenly disappear then you must check the History setting of your Message. You might have selected 30 days from the list which includes 1 year. As the other two options, then it is possible that after 30 days; your messages will be automatically cleared by the system itself. Here, you need to select forever option so that your message will be stored forever until you delete them.

This article will help you to retrieve your blocked messages and restore you’re deleted/lost text messages on your iPhone. If you have any queries regarding iOS and Android just writing down your problem in the comment section below. We will try our best to get you all the technical solution for the issue.

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