How to Transfer Data from your Old iPhone to your new iPhone

how to transfer data

Firstly, Congrats on your new purchase. We believe that you have just got a new iPhone and if you were redirected to this article that means you are also not sure how to move data from your old iPhone to the new iPhone. At times, it would become someone’s worst nightmare, if he or she is not aware of the iOS system and the procedure of transferring the data.

Best Ways to Transfer Everything from iPhone to iPhone

There are several ways of transferring data from your older iPhone to the new iPhone. From transferring data using iCloud to making a wired connection using iTunes, there are methods available to transfer your data. All you need to do is follow all the essential instructions step by step and you will be able to transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone.

We presume that you all must need data that include all the contacts, photos and applications. Sometimes, it may seem a daunting process, but you don’t have to worry as we will guide you with the whole process with some straightforward techniques. It will help you transfer data to your new iOS device.

Before you start the process of transferring the data, you must take a backup of all your information which was stored on older iPhone. You can get data backup through iCloud or iTunes, which is also a very easy process. It is said that no one would like to accidentally delete the data amidst the transferring process. 

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Here are quick tips to move your device data from the new iPhone

Set up your new iPhone 

Step 1: Ensure that your device has a strong Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth on both the device is turned on in order to make a connection which is essential for transferring data.

Step2: Now, switch on your new iPhone or iPad and place both old and new iPhone within the Bluetooth boundary so that your device can get a strong Bluetooth connection. Now, you will happen to see Quick Start Screen, asking you to provide your Apple ID in order to set up your new iPhone.

Step 3: Next, hold your old iPhone over the new device. After a while, you will see a message showing “Finish” on the screen.

Step4: Now, you will be redirected to the point where you will be asked to enter the password which you have been using for your older iPhone. Once you enter your password, you can set up Touch ID on your iPhone or iPad. Thereafter, you need to enter your Apple ID password.

Step 5: Here, you will be asked to restore your apps, data, and settings, you can easily get those from your latest iCloud backup. All you need to select the latest backup date. Next, keep your phone as it is and wait for 15 to 20 minutes while your data is being transferred.

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How to use Automatic Setup with your iPhone 

  1. You need to select your language on your new iPhone, make sure you have placed your current device neared to your new iPhone.
  2. When the popup appears and asks you to set up your device, then tap on continue!
  3. Now, place your current iPhone/iPad on a new iPhone when you are asked to scan the image which you will find on your new iPhone.
  4. Here, you need to provide your iPhone/iPad’s password on your newly purchased iOS device
  5. Next, you need to set up Touch ID on your iOS device
  6. Now, you will be asked whether you want to restore data from your old iPhone or not. Confirm your choice by selecting proper option.
  7. Now, you will see a pop up which displays three option restore your new device from an iCloud or iTunes backup, set up as a new iPhone or iPad, and transfer data from an Android device respectively.
  8. Agree to the terms and conditions.
  9. If you want to use settings for Siri, Find My iPhone, location, and usage analytics which were transferred from your old iPhone to new iPhone, just locate “continue” which is under Express settings and then tap on it.
  10. Finally, complete the setup as usual.

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How to transfer your data to your new iPhone using iCloud

  1. Launch Settings on your old iPhone
  2. Select the Apple ID Banner.
  3. Tap iCloud
  4. Here, you need to select iCloud Backup.icloud backup
  5. Next, tap on the Back Up now option.
  6. Now, you need to switch off your older iPhone once you are complete with the backup.
  7. Next, you need to remove the SIM card from your older iPhone.

Then, you have to wait until the backup gets finished. Now, follow the mentioned steps below in order to transfer your data from iCloud to your new iPhone or iPad.

  1. Put your old SIM card on your new iPhone if you want to transfer data through devices.
  2. Switch on your new iPhone
    switch on your iPhone
  3. Depending upon your iPhone device, you need to slide up or press the Home button on your iPhone.
  4. Proceed as per the instruction and select your language along with setting up your Wi-Fi network.
  5. Select Restore from iCloud backup.
  6. Here, you need to sign in to your iCloud account
    icloud login
  7. Tap on Next
  8. Select Agree.
  9. You need to tap agree again
  10. Select the backup which you have recently made.

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How to transfer your data to your new iPhone using iTunes 

Follow the mentioned steps below in order to transfer your data to your new iPhone using iTunes.

    1. Firstly, ensure that your device is running the latest version of iTunes
    2. Next, you will need a Mac or PC to plug your old iPhone to those computers
    3. Open iTunes
    4. Now, tap on the icon appears as iPhone in the menu bar
    5. Tap on Encrypt Backup, and if this happens to be your first-time encrypting backup then you will be asked to enter/add a password.
    6. Tap on Back Up Now.
    7. Skip Backup Apps if not required
    8. Now, unplug your iPhone from your Mac or Windows Pc
    9. Switch off your old iPhone
    10. Take out your SIM card from old iPhone
Now, wait for a few minutes until the backup gets completed
  1. Now, place your SIM card on your newly purchased iPhone
  2. Switch on your iOS device
  3. Plug your iPhone with Mac or Windows PC
  4. Slide to set up on your new iPhone
  5. Now, go through with the provided instruction on your iPhone where you need to select your language preference.
  6. Set up Wi-Fi connection
  7. Click on Restore from iTunes backup
  8. From your Mac or Windows PC. Select Restore from this backup within iTunes
  9. Select the backup which you have taken recently by choosing “recent backup” on your iPhone
  10. Tap on the Continue
  11. Provide your password if needed.

Ensure that your iPhone is plugged in with iTunes till all the transfer process gets completed. You also need to take care of Wi-Fi connection which would be in use during the process. The whole procedure would take time since it depends on how much data you have planned to get transferred.

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