How To Use Japenese Keyboard on iOS?

Use Japenese keyboard on iOS: We all are great at using emojis on our phones, but what if you would like to add something different. Something as different as maybe a Japanese word. Well, though you might have never tried this on your IOS devices, using a Japanese keyboard is also very easy in your IOS devices.

While you may think that you can use them like you use emojis by combining two or more alphabets, the Japenese keyboard has many characters that our western ‘QWERTY’ keyboard does not.


Know How to Use Japenese Keyboard on IOS

 Japanese Keyboard on IOS

The Japanese Keyboard is capable of forming scads of pictograms that our normal keyboard cannot. This is why you need to install a Japanese Keyboard in your device, which is super easy.

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Installing Japanese Keyboard on iPhone and iPad

Installing Japanese Keyboard on iPhone and iPad.

If you wish to install Japenese Keyboard on iPhone follow the below steps

Step1: On your iPhone, click on the Setting app.

Step2: Once the settings are open, click on general.

Step3: In the general settings, scroll down a little and between ‘Date & Time’ and ‘Language & Region’ click on the Keyboard tab.

Step4: Tap on the keyboard,  and further on Add new Keyboard.

Step5: A list will come showing all Keyboard options. In the list search for Japenese.

Step6: you will see a lot of options, from them choose Kana and click done to confirm.

With this, you are ready to use your Japenese Keyboard easily and efficiently. While the Japenese Keyboard has been installed, let’s learn about how to start using it.

Start Using Your Japenese Keyboard on Your Device

Start Using Your Japenese Keyboard on Your iPhone

To start using your keyboard, boot your keyboard once and then follow the below steps:

Step1: Go to the app where you wish to use your keyboard.

Step2: In the app, open your keyboard and in between the 123 and mickey on your keyboard is a globe, click on the globe.

Step3: You will see the emoji keyboard on your screen. In the lower-left corner, you will see some Japanese Characters. Click on that.

Step4: You will be able to see all the Japenese Alphabet. Use them for whatever you want to type. However, if you want to access the keyboard’s kaomji collection. Tap on the ^_^ button in the lower-left corner, next to the mic button.

Step5: A menu will pop up, scroll down to find the word that you are looking for and hit the send button.

So now you are good to use your Japenese keyboard. If you want to switch to the English keyboard, press the globe button again until the normal QWERTY keyboard appears.

While the above was a method of using the Japenese keyboard on the iPhone and iPad. You can also use it on Macbook.

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Use Japanese Keyboard on Macbook

The Japanese Keyboard on Macbook

Before you start using the Japenese keyboard, you will have to set up the input source into your system.

Setting Up The Japanese Input Source

Follow the below steps:

Step1: On your Mac, choose the Apple menu.

Step2: In the Apple, menu clicks on System Preferences and then on the keyboard tab.

Step3: In the keyboard tab, click on Input Source.

Step4: To add a new keyboard, click on the Add button and select Japenese.

Step5: Confirm your choice by click on the add button again.

In the input source, select Japenese and further in the preference section,  select the checkbox for all the input sources that you wish to use.

Note: If you have a Mac with a Touch Bar, you can customize the Control Strip by adding the Input Sources button.

Switch To a Japanese Input Mode

Switch To a Japanese Input Mode

To switch to a Japanese input mode there are many ways which can be employed

Switch to any input source: In the menu bar, click on the input menu and further choose the Input mode.

If you have a Mac with a Touch Bar and a customized control strip, you can change the input source by clicking on the globe and select the Japenese input source.

For switching to the next input source, press the Option-Control-Space bar simultaneously and click on “Select next source in Input menu” in the shortcut panel of your keyboard preference.

To switch to Hiragana from any other Japenese input source you will either have to press Control-Shift-J or Option-Shift-Z on your keyboard or Press the Kana key (かな) in your JIS keyboard.

To switch to Romaji from any other Japenese input source you will either have to press Control-Shift-S or Option-Shift-S on your keyboard or press Ctrl-Shift-Semicolon (;) or press the Eisu key (英数).in your JIS keyboard.


Thus with the above steps, you can easily set up a Japenese Keyboard on your ios devices. While the installation process is not difficult, make sure you know the language well. You can always take help on google AI for typing difficult words. Enjoy your Japenese keyboard and let us know if you have any more doubts.

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