Best Apple TV apps and games: 12 must-download apps on Apple TV

Best Apple TV apps and games: In this age of multitasking, no one wants a device that can perform only one function. Starting from Mobile Phones to Smart TV, technological up-gradation is making human effort lesser day by day. Everything in one device is the main thing that we all look for. The integrated App stores have made it easier for us. One of such brilliant apps is Apple TV+

This Apple TV+ not only provides a brilliant experience of your favorite shows on apple TV but also incorporates third-party apps where you can play music, games, watch web series are more.

Amidst the hundreds of apps that are already present on your Apple TV App Store, here are also 12 best apps that you can consider installing.

Best Apple TV Apps and Games

These 12 Best Apps And Improve Your Overall TV Watching Experience:


youtube : Best Apple TV apps

Can you even imagine your Apple TV without this YouTube app? Get the latest 2020 edition of this app and install this on your TV and ensure the best experience. YouTube is one such mesmerizing platform that allows you to discover and learn something new every time.

Starting from streaming music and videos to connecting and sharing views, YouTube is a much-needed application for your TV.

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YouTube is also one of the best content for creating apps. You can also opt for a premium membership on YouTube for an ad-free and flawless watching experience.



Are you a regular binge-watcher? Then you just can’t live without Netflix. You already know that this app needs to introduction. Netflix is flooded with an array of movies, shows that hail from multiple genres.

You should know that this platform keeps adding new content almost daily. Thus, you will have something new to watch every single day.

Netflix offers membership for non-HD-streaming, plan, with various prices. You could create up to 5 profiles for an account. Also, you can opt for various subscription packages. You can also share the profile with 4 people. Thus, the cost is totally affordable.

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If your foodie mind needs to be satisfied often, GrubHub is the must app for your Apple TV. Your stomach also needs some feast. In GrubHub, you will get a plethora of restaurants that offer multicuisine.

So, whether a Chinese lover or want to hog over continental delicacy, GrubHub has everything for you. The additional cherry on the top is getting the opportunity to avail in-app discounts on your favorite restaurant.

The payment terms for this app are also very simple. You will get plenty of options like Apple Pay, Venmo, and GrubHub gift cards or cashback. So which food are you ordering tonight?



Hulu can be regarded as one of the largest streaming apps with thousands of shows, movies, and exclusive originals. It also has a Hulu live TV option that no other app can provide you.

You can add up to 60+ channels on this app to watch your favorite show. This is indeed a brilliant opportunity. If you want to go for quick access to your favorite shows, you can add those to the ‘My Stuff’ section.

Hulu also allows you to enable 6 personalized profiles so that everyone can keep track of their own shows. Hulu subscriptions can also be shared if you maintain personalized products. What say?

Kitchen Stories Recipes

kitchen stories

Do you consider cooking as an art? Here is the easiest way you can learn from this award-winning app Kitchen Stories Recipe. The app has thousands of cooking recipes along with HD instruction video.

You can customize your search and get to learn something new and amazing every day. This app can aid you in honing your cooking skills excellently.

If you want, you can also activate a ‘cooking mode’ to get a step-by-step guide. There is a measurement converter that can convert ingredient measurement as per your serving size.

Apart from that, there is also an auto-generated shopping list that can plan your grocery list as per viewed recipe. Therefore, with very little effort, you can learn new cuisines and gift your spouse a surprise dinner.

Daily Burn Trainer Workouts

Daily Burn Trainer Workouts

This app will offer a wholesome approach to fitness. You can find a plethora of special workout videos ranging from cardio to yoga to pilates. Moreover, you can get various tips about how to maintain a healthy diet, meditation video and more.

If you are a novice in this field, you can customize your search accordingly. Apart from that, there are also a range of professional videos if you are a pro and train other people for fitness and health.

You can also get access to videos of personal training videos and healthy diet recipes and create an effective weight loss plan. This app will definitely help you to reach your goal without any hassle. Go for it and you will never be disappointed.



TED will allow you to find thousands of inspirational videos in 100 different languages with subtitles. This platform has a lot of trendy videos that you can watch and gain knowledge about many things.

When you install this app on your Apple TV, you will get to know about the incidents occurring in different countries. Learning something new is always amazing. Thus, get this app today and know things happening around the globe just by sitting in your drawing room.

Amazon Shopping


You can now experience the best of the Amazon service if you install the app in your Apple TV. There are millions of products available in the Amazon shopping app.

You can simply browse and search and find out the best product that you require. Moreover, you can read reviews, check out images and videos, and can purchase the product through your TV only.

You need to go for a prime subscription if you want to purchase the product directly via TV. And add the selected products to your wishlist or use the ‘push to phone’ function.

You will get QR codes that can be scanned via your iPhone. Once you transfer the details of the product on your phone, placing an order will no more be a hassle.

CARROT Weather

CARROT Weather

CARROT Weather can be regarded as one of the best iPhone or iPad weather apps. It has a complete and snarky sense of humor. You should know that this app is the winner of Apple’s Editor’s Choice Award on the Mac App Store. One can get a short term, daily or even hourly weather updates when you install this application on your Apple TV.

You will be surprised to know that this application can discover the weather of 30+ secret locations. You will also find hilarious and attractive themes on this app according to the weather outside.

More than 2000 humorous dialogues and animation can also be found on this app that makes it so interesting. Download and install this app and you can schedule your work by having an idea of the weather outside. It will definitely make your daily routine easier for you.

Red Bull TV

Red Bull TV

Red Bull TV is just for you if you want your sports to be of a wide range of variety. It has to offer you a plethora of different types of sports.

Starting from snowboarding, surfing events, skiing, motorsports and more, Red Bull can give you a mind-blowing experience without any doubt. You can also enjoy FIA World Rally Championship, the Dakar Rally and more if you install it.



Apart from Apple Music or Spotify, it is worth installing Pandora on your Apple TV. The best part of this application is, you can tailor a radio station by selecting your artist list and play the song whenever you feel like.

The service is free if you can bear the trouble of ads in between your listening time. However, you can also move for paid subscriptions if you urge to. There are multiple ways to get your groove on if you are a genuine music lover.



If you want your kids to know more about astronomy, and another side of the planets, this relatively simple is the best to add to your list today.

Planets app is a great place to educate your child with new and amazing things that the textbooks do not contain.  This completely free app will make your kid a bright one if he/she follows it regularly. It has a planetarium-style 3D view of the sky and planet locations. A rotating view is also available.


Do not delay and get these amazing apps on your Apple TV and ensure that you make most of it. As 2020, is ready to bid us adieu in just 2 months, add these and enjoy your free time excellently. Your experience of watching Apple TV will be marvelous if you get these applications. Get ready for it.

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