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How To View Websites on Your Mac That Require Internet Explorer?

View Websites on Mac: If you are a Mac user and facing problems surfing websites that are for Internet Explorer or PC only. You are at the right place. Some websites often of banks, government ministries or media services require the users to have Internet explorer or a PC before they load their website.

They have a limitation of having Internet explorer on their device. This PC only requirement can create a problem for Mac users as you cannot work on internet explorer through Mac. Mac does not support Internet Explorer.

Well, this is no more a problem as now even Mac users can get easy access to internet explorer or PC compatible websites without having windows on your device.

This can be done by faking your Mac to be a PC that can work on Internet Explorer and therewith access all Internet explorer only website.

This is a web developer trick that does not require you to be an expert but just follow some simple steps provided below and you are good to go. So let’s learn how to make safari behave like Internet explorer.

How to View Websites on Mac?

How to View Websites on Mac

As discussed earlier one can access internet explorer websites on Mac by accessing the default Safari web browser on your Mac. What basically this trick does is it fools the target website into believing that the web browser you are using is not Safari but Internet Explorer by changing the User Agent identifier.

To view websites on Mac, which require Internet Explorer or PC follow the below step to step guide:

Step1: On your Mac, open the safari browser.

Step2: Once the Safari browser is open, on the top left corner is a menu. From the menu choose Safari and a drop-down will open.

Step3: From the drop-down choose “preferences” and a new screen will appear.

Step4: In the new screen, on the extreme right is the Advanced tab, click on the “Advanced” tab and tick mark the box at the bottom of the page marked “ Show Develop menu in menu bar”. Once done close the preference screen.


Step5: Go back to the main page of Safari. There will be a menu on the top of the Page. From the many options available to choose the “Develop” menu and from the drop-down go to “User-Agent”.

Step6: You will see a number of browser options on the menu. From them select one of the following versions of Internet Explorer to mimic:

Versions of Internet Explorer

How to Access Internet Explorer Websites on Mac

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Internet Explorer 10
  • InternetExplorer 9
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Microsoft Edge

Step7: Now you can easily browse through the website that you want to work on. Your safari browser on Mac will now work like Internet Explorer and you can now open any website that would otherwise require Internet Explorer.

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User Agent

A website knows about the browser being used by any user is through “user agent”. With every request, you send to a website the User agent is a piece of data that tells the server about the browser and operating system you are using.

The user agent also tells whether to provide you the mobile site or desktop version of any website and also lockout any website if needed.

Once you have followed the above steps, you can check your user agent on Google. Type “check user agent” on the Google search box and you will see the Internet Explorer in the report provided to you.

Though the Safari starts to behave like Internet Explorer it will not work as smoothly as the original Internet Explorer would.

While this process is valid for Internet Explorer, Safari can also support other user agents like:

  1. Safari for iPhone

2. Safari for iPad

3. Safari for iPod touch

4. Microsoft Edge

5. Internet Explorer 11

6. Internet Explorer 10

7. Internet Explorer 9

8. Internet Explorer 8

9. Internet Explorer 7

10. Google Chrome for Mac

11. Google Chrome for Windows

12. Firefox for Mac

13. Firefox for Windows


So now Mac users do not have to worry about browsing websites that are only for Internet Explorer. With the simple steps, you can change your user agent and make your safari behave like Internet Explorer (PC) or any other browser you want.

We hope this article has helped you. Please let us know if you want to do anything more about the same.

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