True Black and OLED Optimized iPhone 11 Pro Wallpapers

Optimized iPhone 11 Pro Wallpapers

iPhone 11 Pro Wallpapers: Technology is like magic. It makes normal things do extraordinary stuff. Every tech lover or gadget enthusiast will agree with the quote here. If you are a tech enthusiast and you want yet another magical quirk of technology that can take your iPhone and give it a cooler update. 

One of the most popular questions on tech forums and discussion boards has been about dynamic wallpapers, true black pictures and the organic LED or OLED optimized images that make all the difference on your device screen and make the image come to life.

Best iPhone 11 Pro Wallpapers

If you have an iPhone then you can use cool wallpapers including the top 10 wallpapers that we have listed here. These wallpapers will not only make your device screen come to life but also enhance the iPhone battery life and thus the performance of your iPhone by saving power.

If you’re wondering about this last statement then here’s a small brief about the way OLED or true black wallpapers work. Organic LED displays to use organic compounds to light up the electrodes and emit electric current that converts into the light and emits different coolers as needed.

The layers of organic compound work together to create colours that look like magic and the best part of this display is the “true black” feature. With OLED, your phone display doesn’t emit any light at all from the parts of your display that need to show the black colour onto your screen.

The other parts light up using the electrical energy of your phone but the in the black parts the OLED components remain off to project a “true black” display. This makes the contrast and quality of the image skyrocket from normal displays and wallpapers.

Simultaneously this also helps you to save an immense amount of charge through turning off the LED components in the black parts of your screen display. 

Top 10 iPhone 11 Pro OLED Wallpapers

Here, we have compiled a list of 10 amazing true black and OLED compatible wallpapers for iPhone 11 Pro along with some dark mode wallpapers that you can use to give your iPhone 11 Pro a cool and techy makeover.

Remember that your wallpaper needs to have sufficient black portions and parts to initiate the OLED charge efficiency that can help you double up your battery life. So here’s our list of the top 10 OLED or true black wallpapers for iPhone 11 Pro:

1.  iPhone 11 Pro Midnight-Green Bubbles

iPhone 11 Pro Midnight-Green Bubbles

This image represents bubble floating upwards with the majority being in black and a mixture of red and blue reflecting off it which outlines the bubble as it floats up. The majority of the image is true black in nature which makes it highly suitable for an OLED screen like that of an iPhone 11 Pro.

The display and the battery performance of the device or phone will benefit a lot from the true black colour of the image without compromising with the look of the image. This wallpaper flawlessly combines the newer technology of true black or OLED and the abstract beauty of the image that has been used in the wallpaper. 

2. iPhone 11 Pro Street City Street : Cool iPhone 11 wallpapers

iPhone 11 Pro Street City Street

It is a classic image of a busy city street with true black borders that cover the majority of the screen of your device. It has a high contrast which brings the image to life and is rich in various colors which draws a stunning image of a busy street on a rainy day.

The high definition nature of the image is eminent in the enhance details provide to the water droplets and the profiles of the people walking in the street.

The True black nature is apt for OLED phones like iPhone 11 Pro which can utilize this true black colour together with the OLED screen.  You can download this image onto your iPhone 11 Pro to give your device a techie makeover and increase your battery performance. 

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3. iPhone 11 Pro Moonlit Valley

iPhone 11 Pro Moonlit Valley

The above image portrays a moonlit valley that is cast with shadows surrounding the actual image. The vintage shadowy wallpaper increases the OLED energy savings by a huge factor and allows you to show off cool technology while decreasing the wastage of your device power on lighting your screen during active and idle hours.

This image beautifully mixes the various shades of blue with the black colour and paints a picturesque image of a valley on a moonlit night with surreal clouds. True black is optimal for an iPhone 11 Pro OLED screen with the dark borders and it represents the trees.

In addition, to use this image as your wallpaper, you can simply download this OLED optimised image onto your device and compare the difference between a normal wallpaper and an OLED optimized display. 

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4. iPhone 11 Pro The Matrix

iPhone 11 Pro The Matrix

The above wallpaper will speak to the techie heart of all the gadget lovers, coders and hacking enthusiasts who are all too familiar with dark screens and lines of code that look somewhat like this image at 3 am in the morning.

This particular scene is from an iconic trilogy of movies, with the 4th one also planned, called the “The Matrix”. Here, most of the image is true black but the green lines of code represent the Machine code and make a great choice for a true black wallpaper or an OLED optimized screen.

You can take advantage of the true black that is present in the image by simply downloading this image and turning it into the wallpaper for your OLED optimized screen. This makes this wallpaper a simple yet great choice for an iPhone 11 Pro wallpaper.

5. iPhone 11 Pro Black Bubbles

iPhone 11 Pro Black Bubbles

The iPhone 11 Pro bubbles wallpaper has a screen that contains 65% of true black space that allows you to truly experience the magic of an OLED display. To understand the magic of the OLED display technology, simply download this image and use this contrasting image of negative space with picturesque bubbles to experience the difference.

This image portrays an aesthetic image of bubbles growing in size from the bottom to the top. It is capture fully in black with the bubbles which highlight in white and the outer surface only.

The high definition and super contrast of an OLED display give an impression of the light reflecting off the surface of the bubble and the majority presence on true black on the screen make it ideal for an OLED screen like the iPhone 11 Pro.

Setting this image as your wallpaper can allow you to truly take advantage of the true black part of the image and create the OLED display that you want on your iPhone 11 Pro. 

6. iPhone 11 Pro Cloudy Night Sky

iPhone 11 Pro Cloudy Night Sky

The iPhone 11 Pro night sky theme wallpaper is a beautiful combination of starry skies set in a dark background to make them the OLED display. It’s a beautiful cloudy night sky with the stars in the background and the clouds fading out in the forefront.

It’s a monochromatic image which portrays true black beautifully. In addition, you can use this image as a dark mode version of your device if you want to experience the benefits of OLED display and true black wallpapers. 

7. iPhone 11 Pro Milky Way and Snow

iPhone 11 Pro Milky Way and Snow

The monochromatic and the grayscale nature of the image shows a snowy mountain top and the milky way in the background which gives it an aesthetic look and has true black in it due to the presence of white and black parts predominantly in it.

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8. iPhone 11 Pro Desert Night : iPhone 11 wallpaper HD

iPhone 11 Pro Desert Night

It is a Nighttime image which captures a shot of a desert. This image beautifully portrays the sand and the wind interaction in the desert which makes it seems like layers of sand in the desert deposited there by the wind.

In addition, the picturesque effect of the image is a contribution of the ultra HD OLED display of the iPhone 11 Pro allows you to view the image as if every line in the layers of sand are standing out and speaking the story behind the image. The grayscale nature of the image combined with the night time together makes for a great true black image.

9. iPhone 11 Pro Beach Waves

iPhone 11 Pro Beach Waves

It’s a serene image of the beach waves washing up on the shores which has a monochromatic grayscale such that it only consists of two true colours. In addition, it is heavily done for an OLED iPhone 11 Pro screen and has true black in it.

The image takes advantage of the grayscale feature a major part of it is true black which is very advantageous for an OLED screen.

10. iPhone 11 Pro Joker Image

iPhone-11-Pro-green-wallpaper joker

This is a beautiful mixture of the red, black and the light sky green shade which is especially for the OLED screen of an iPhone 11 pro. Similarly, the scene is from an iconic scene of the critical movie “Joker” by Warner Brothers which has been a massive hit and is the highest-grossing DC film ever. 

In conclusion

These wallpapers are some of the best ones that you can use in your iPhone 11 Pro similarly if you want more wallpaper samples that are OLED and true black to optimize then you can simply find them on the internet by keyword searches as “True black wallpapers” or “OLED compatible wallpapers”.

If you loved our lineup of wallpapers then you can also download wallpapers and use them on your iPhone. To learn more about the benefits of OLED displays and true black wallpapers you can search using these keywords. Therefore use the wallpapers that give you the best of both worlds: Efficiency and Effortless beauty.

To begin your techie makeover just download one of the wallpapers on our list onto your iPhone 11 Pro. Compare the difference between a normal display and “true black” or OLED display. Thank you for reading and hope you liked our top 10 OLED optimized wallpaper for iPhone 11 Pro lineup.

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