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Hulu with Live TV

What is Hulu + Live TV?

What is Hulu + Live TV

With the advent of technological transformation of media streaming, conventional TV streaming is being replaced by hassle free on demand streaming with several added advantages. Hulu is one of the Video On Demand (VOD) platforms based in United States. It is fully controlled by, and majority ownership of, the Walt Disney Company’s Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer & International. 33% owned by Comcast’s NBC Universal and started as a Joint Venture. Started with streaming own episodes of television series by the companies.

Hulu launched Hulu Plus as a subscription based service and streaming other companies and partners recent television shows. In 2016, Hulu Live, an Over the Top (OTT) media service IPTV (Internet Protocol television) boosting to 28 million subscribers within the first quarter of it’s beta launch in 2017.

Let’s take a look at the recent business plans by Hulu Live. Hulu with Live TV lets users stream their shows live as well as allowing cable TV broadcast, all within just a single Mobile application.

In 2017 – launching of iPhone and iPad Applications

launching of iPhone and iPad Applications

On August 23rd, Hulu launched iPhone and iPad applications similar in design to each other, ending separate Hulu app and Hulu with Live application, as a primary Hulu application. Live TV streaming was also available in the browsers like Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. Coming years, the mobile application became most preferred users’ choice than the web application.

In 2019, January – Announcing of Price cut

In January, Hulu announced the price cuts to its beginner tier. The prices were effective from February, where $9 was reduced to $6 monthly. With lowering the prices for the lower tier, Hulu decided to increase the prices for Live Streaming TV Service by $5, i.e. from $40 to $45 monthly. With the hike in price, Hulu also added more channels to the Live TV Streaming Service as a dedicated content for the viewers.

In 2019, April

On April 21st, Hulu cut down the price of add on features provided by Hulu. Making it one of the best deals than the existing competitors, especially, YouTube and it’s live features becoming easier to access at just $15 per month. Hulu also began to cut down the prices comparable to the other services, and therefore, it marked to the similar price tier.

While Enhanced Cloud DVR add on service used to $15 a month, it’s price was cut down to $10 a month, Unlimited Screens costed $15 a month, is also available at the rate of $10 a month. The combine cost, Enhanced Cloud DVR plus Unlimited Screens is is just available at $15 a month, which used to be $20 a month value.

How can you get Hulu with Live TV?


It’s nothing new these days with any Online or On-Demand service or even a simple service we subscribe to. You can simply download the application from either of Google Playstore or Apple Appstor, or sign up to the web platform using browser. With simple signup to the platform, generic features are available, but you need to update the account getting Live TV add-on with subscription to watch Live TV features from Hulu. Once done, you can simply login to the platform once again to enjoy the features.

The only thing needed to be kept in mind is in case you’re a previous customer using the iOS application, make sure you get guidance from Hulu’s customer care and you can pay them directly upon a consultation. You can also ask them for a 7 day trial period instead of paying anything upfront and make sure it work hassle free for you.

Hulu with Live TV, what is it?

How can you get Hulu with Live TV?

Hulu with Live TV is a VOD platform giving you access to the live TV channels. It simply works as other Live TV services providers like DirectTV Now as well as Sling TV. It supports broadcasting more than 60 cable channels that starts at the ate of $45 per month. The channels include normal cable channels and live Sports channel broadcasting as well. Live broadcasting does depend on the location of a user too because of restrictions. Additionally, all standard subscription channels are readily available even without Hulu Live TV subscription.

Hulu content can be streamed on any of the supported devices by different companies like iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Windows based devices, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, Amazon Fire etc. It can also be accessed on Web platforms on MacOS and Windows PCs.

Talking about the add-ons of Hulu with Live TV, the very popular add on is Cloud storage. It already provides 50 hours of recording and storage space in the My Stuff section. If $10 added more, the space can be extended upto 200 hours. Users can record whatever they want and watch them later. The recorded videos can also be viewed with fast forward abilities, which is missing in the basic subscription plan.

The second add-on is accessing Hulu with Live TV on an unlimited number of screens. With the base subscription of Hulu with Live TV, only two devices are allowed for parallel streaming. The add-on feature for unlimited screen, at the rate of $10 a month, provides access to Hulu with Live TV content streaming on an unlimited number of devices in the home network. Additionally, three more devices are allowed to stream Live TV content outside the home network WiFi range.

Are Premium channels allowed subscription in Hulu with Live TV?

Yes of course. Hulu with Live TV offers channels add-on for it. It is more similar to the standard Hulu subscription. Showtime add-on costs $11 it’s similar to it. HBO add-on costs $15, STARZ costs $9, Cinemax for $10, and the list continues. These add-ons provide exactly the same content that a user would get in standard cable subscriptions or the stand alone VOD services provided by each of them.

Premium channels subscription is not only allowed in Hulu with Live TV, but it is also available in the standard Hulu subscription. Therefore, to get premium channels, Live TV is not necessarily required.

To add on any of the premium channels to subscriptions, users can simply login to the application and go the ‘Manage Subscription’ page. Any of the add-on can be purchased and respective channels will be subscribed to the account on a monthly basis.

Devices supported by Hulu with Live TV?

Devices supported by Hulu with Live TV

Today, there are many devices by different companies available like Apple and Google with iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Respectively, Window based devices including mobile devices and tablets, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Xbox, Amazon Fire etc. Everything with Hulu can also be accessed on Web platforms on MacOS and Windows PCs.

Sports Channels?

Based on the media rights, live Sports broadcasting might not be available in all areas. Channels like ESPN and other Sports channels are available on Hulu with Live TV. However, not all the locations ESPN live coverage’s are shown due to area restrictions and contracts.

Multi streaming – How can one stream on Multiple devices and how does it work?

The base Hulu with Live TV subscription comes with streaming available on two devices at a time. It means any user with standard subscription can stream content in parallel using the same account. Both devices can be used for streaming irrespective of the number of hours. In case users want to upgrade their system and wants to add an unlimited number of screens, then they need to purchase ‘Unlimited Screens’ add-on. It allows users to stream content on any number of devices, and any type of devices that Hulu supports. Therefore, everyone in the family can stream content and watch what they want and whenever they want. Of course, all the devices should be on the local home WiFi range.

Few users would have used the same credentials to sign-in outside a home and enjoyed the services without paying anything. Three maximum number of devices would work outside the home WiFi range are allowed to stream content using the same credentials of an ‘Unlimited Screens’ plan buyer.

Can a user record and watch the content anytime they would want?

Yes, that’s one of the advantages of base as well as add-on for Cloud storage. While with the base plan, users are allowed 50 hours of recording and using space monthly as Cloud DVR. Additionally, users can simply increase the range to 200 hours of storage space and watch shows whenever they want. The prior advantage in add-on purchased storage space is feature of fast-forward while watching the TV shows. Secondly, you are able to skip any of unwanted content.

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