Showcasing Your Business in The Best Light with Animated Video

With so much content on the internet and social media, grabbing potential buyers’ attention quickly is essential for companies to be seen. Short, bitesize snippets showing what your products or services do and how they help solve problems are the way to go.

Video can also be easily translated into different languages and adapted to different regions and cultures depending on your target market.

Getting a message across quickly is vital with explainer videos, and you have approximately six seconds to do so before the viewer scrolls on. Short, eye-catching videos work the best, and conclude with a clear call to action to entice the viewer to find out more and visit your website.

Business with Animated Video

So how can you get effective videos produced without access to huge budget or resources?

Recruiting the perfect animation video production company is the answer. With a combination of the agency’s skills and your knowledge of your business, you will be able to work together to produce effective animated video to convert social media viewers into potential new customers.

 Getting started Business with Animated Video

Unlike 3D video, 2D Animated video does not need to cost the earth. It does not involve traveling to filming locations, casting actors or worrying about re-shoots. Animated video is relatively quick and easy to produce, and various versions can be made to promote different products and services.

2D video can be used to showcase your products to potential buyers, and quickly tell them why they need to take action to buy now.

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 Choosing your Messaging and Calls to Action

calls to action

Quickly showing buyers how your products make their life easier or help their business grow is crucial to producing effective video. Do not talk about your business first, and how many customers it has. There is a time and place for this in the validation phase of the sales cycle, but not right from the start.

To capture people’s attention at first, focus on the customer, and how you can help them. Provide reassurance that you understand the challenges your target personas are facing and provide factual information about how your products help address them.

Another mistake to avoid is trying to bombard viewers with every product or service your firm offers. Pick a few to begin with and focusing on products that are most popular with your existing customers. Once you have made the first sale and started to build a relationship with your customers, you can work to build up-sell and cross-sell into new products.

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 What type of Video should you Produce?

The question here is to ask yourself what you are looking to achieve from your video. If you are trying to showcase your business and prove its credentials to potential customers, then  a 3D video with your staff and offices may be the best solution. For early-stage lead generation objectives, 2D animated video is perfect for getting the message across and focusing on the value your services bring to clients.

The next step is to think about what action you want to encourage the viewer to take. When they have viewed your video, do you want them to buy a product straight away? Or does your product lend itself more to a free trial or demonstration session from a technical expert? Either way, as the video concludes, steer your audience to take the appropriate action.

 Make your Video Trackable and Build your Business with Animated Video

Make your video Trackable

Use a unique landing page URL so you can track the success of your video in terms of its ability to generate clicks. From that landing page you can then measure conversions – how many people buy there and then or request their trial. 

In summary

Although 2D video may not have the same buzz or glam appeal as 3D video on swanky filming sets, think about your budget and objectives. If you, like almost every company, have a limited budget to work with, 2D animated video is definitely the place to start.

As you begin your video production journey, animation offers all kinds of possibilities for creating series of videos to maximize their impact on audiences. They can then be spread over a series of weeks or months and utilized across different social media platforms.

Investing a little time in finding the right video production agency is your first step on the route to success with your rich media strategy. Look for a partner that has the right level of skill, is keen to win the new business, and will give your firm the best chance of converting new leads.

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