16 Best iOS Screen Recorder to Record your iPhone and iPad without Jailbreak

iOS Screen Recorder: Everything is somehow linked to technology! Sharing our life too involves everything “on the screen” rather than in person. Like me, I am sure you too wake up to screenshots of meme’s and screen recordings of relatable content( almost always something that tickles your funny bone)

How to Screen Record on iPhone

Screen Recording?

Now Screen Recordings are “A feature that has been gaining more limelight” claims a website named Engadget and I wouldn’t disagree.

What are Screen Recordings?

A screen recording basically mirrors or mimics whatever the user is doing on his on her screen, showing your digital consented movement. The user can share content and information without a hassle.

As a recently discovered and obsessor of screen recordings, I want to tell you that it is

  • Perfect for recording videos from social media platforms, especially if you or your friend don’t follow a page and can’t help but share the content.
  • Sharing information, in many cases, businesses and companies live to stream their meetings( PowerPoint presentations from the PC/Mac to phones or other PC/Mac) so the employees can watch at their convenience.
  • YouTube gaming creators, can easily Live Stream their live-action gaming and commentary to the followers. A very captivating way to entertain your subscribers.

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Screen Recorder App for iPhone

This versatile feature has found its place in almost every field!

I off late have been using(abusing) this method to get my friends to educate me with “How to” style videos, from how to edit your images for social media to how to block an unwanted person. One feature and multiple actions packed uses!

iOS usually comes with an inbuilt screen recorder if you didn’t know that already. But it does not grant you much flexibility in terms of editing and chopping out unessential bits etc.

Listing down 17 Screen Recording apps that you must download!

App 1- Record it 

This screen recording app allows you to capture videos with ease. After recording your screen the app gives you the option to make the video more user-friendly and at the same time fun and quirky by adding FaceCam reactions and audio commentary.Record it 

The FaceCam can be as per your choice of shape, position, and size. Apart from that you can trim your video, add your video filters, adjust your playback speed and even change the canvas and background color.

Your video is ready and ready to be shared directly on YouTube and other apps.

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App 2- Web Recorder
Web Recorder app

This Screen Recording app is primarily for recording Web or HTML 5 games. A lot like what gaming You Tubers do. Very basic and easy to use Screen Recorder that saves your final video to your camera roll and even shares it on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, etc.

It records your videos by simply tapping the record button before playing a game, starting a video or navigation in your phone.

Share the videos created with friends and followers on different social media platforms after you are done the recording. That is the only feature in the app! I would much rather use the inbuilt screen recorder instead of wasting space on the phone. 

The app comes with a bookmark and favorites option that allows you trouble-free access to certain sites.

App 3- Du Recorder
Du Recorder

Woah this app is just right for all the social media buffs as it comes with the easy to use stream creator, Live stream your screen to the various social media channels you are on without any hassle.

  • Not only that you can edit your videos. Here crop, change video speed and merge other videos to this new video AND choose from various transition effects.
  • Add music( from a huge selection to choose from)
  • Add text, cute stickers
  • You can turn your video into a GIF 

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App 4- Go Record

This app is a lot like Record it. Using the app will let you screen record whatever you are watching or playing in your phone with the addition of the FaceCam feature that lets you add your reactions to things to your screen recording. You may even add your voice recordings, this particularly comes handy in case of imparting information to somebody or making gaming style videos like Pewdiepie.

Edit your videos using their in-app editing tools available and then export your fresh video on the social media platform of your choice. If you are a brand then this could be a fun way of experimenting with your stories, or telling people how to visit your website!

App 5- RECGO

A variant with similar features except this gives you more scope for editing.

  • Can add FaceCam reactions to your videos and setting them in the position of your liking.
  • Add audio commentary as per you
  • Crop and trim videos easily without the need of being an expert in the field.
  • Lets you import your music from itunes
  • Add text and stickers to your screen recordings
  • The app leaves you with a wide area to explore and experiment. Add filters to enhance your videos.

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App 6- ScreenCast-O-Matic


Let me start by telling you what sets this app apart from others!  You can share or connect with the desktop video editor to personalize and breathe new life in your videos. ( one subscription can be used for all the devices)

  • Trim, crop your videos with presets for social media sharing. Reduce, increase the size of your videos easily.
  • Add FaceCam to your videos. You can select portions of your video to add to the FaceCam and position this as per your liking!
  • There is no recording time limit and you can record as many videos as you want and even add narration.
  • Can share on Screencast-O-Matics websites or any other social media platform.

App 7- Spider Recorder

Spider Recorder

The highlight of the app would be that it comes with 2 modes of the recording! One with the normal mode and the other with full-screen mode. The full-screen mode hides your navigation and toolbar.

  • Allows you to record your commentaries
  • FaceCam option where the front camera to add your face to the video.
  • Easy access to the videos using your own video section
  • Share your content on the various social media apps without any hassle.

App 8- TechSmith Capture

TechSmith Capture 

One or more full-screen videos can be recorded simultaneously and import screen videos recorded by iOS screen recorder or other recording enabled apps. capture, edit and share your screen recordings with enhancements offered by the app.

You can also share your recorded videos with relevant desktop apps. Does not offer the stickers and extensions like the other apps. I would much rather download Record it.

App 9- Recordora Screen Record Edit

This app is like a full-fledged video editing platform for all the social media enthusiasts out there. The app has been rated 5 stars on the app store and I believe it is justified! The UI is super easy to get the hang of.

  • Add your reactions with the FaceCam feature and audio commentary. Perfect for screen recording your gaming or tutorial sessions.
  • Edit, trim and crop your videos and even add filters to breathe new life into it.
  • Record on fullscreen
  • Share and export your screen recordings on other apps
  • Can also share with your computer/laptop via WiFi to edit on any other specialized video editing software

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App 10- Apowermirror- Mirror and Reflect

Apowermirror- Mirror and Reflect

This app is perfect for business, education and entertainment purposes, it allows you to display your iPhone/iPad screen on the big screen such as the Mac, Smart Tv, phone, etc. Giving it a 10 for practicality!

  • Mirrors screen between ios devices as long as the device is running on iOS 11
  • You can share and control PC/Mac from your iOS device
  • Cast powerpoint or pdf to the computer. I believe this is just the best app for company meetings or if you are a freelancer and there is a need for you to virtually present!
  • Live streaming, in case you are a YouTuber or any other. Giving your audience a live update of what you are playing.

App 11- ApowerREC: Record screen

ApowerREC Record screen

A free screen recording app that

  • Like Apowermirror this app lets you mirror your screen on to any other device, such as PC/Mac or phone easily.
  • Record your video without any watermarks
  • There isn’t much to experiment with but a great app for businesses that wish to share their ideas with employees.
  • Touch actions are visible when playing a video to make the presentation more vivid and easy to understand.
  • Easily share and save videos

 App 12-  RBrowser: Record Browser

RBrowser Record Browser

The app lets you not just screen record your videos but also save them as PDF and pictures! Use it to record your gaming sessions, website process descriptions, functional commentary, etc.
  • Comes with a QAD blocking feature that makes your browsing experience smoother and faster
  • Saves your web pages as pdfs or images apart from videos
  • Has a QR code reader that recognizes any QR code you point your camera at
  • Record your web and video making experience with your followers and friends
  • A simple User interface that lets you screen record and shares without much hassle and without the excessive filters.

App 13- Screen Recorder: Web Capture

Screen Recorder

The app captures a full web page without much trouble. Like any other it lets you edit and cut your video as per your liking. It comes with a rather bright user interface which is easy to figure out but in comparison to the other apps in the list, it is dim and not worth the download. That is justified by its 3.6 ratings on the app store.

App 14- Airshou screen recorder

Airshou screen recorder

This Screen recording app that gives you the best quality of the recorded video as it captures the video in up to 1080p at 60 frames per second, unlike the others.

  • Lets you set the name of the recording beforehand, ie, before starting your screen recording. Making your organizing and collecting data smoother and easier.
  • Captures the in-app voices along with capturing your commentary making it easier for the person you are sending this recording to super helpful.
  • record and share your screen recordings with ease

The app doesn’t have much to offer unlike the others but is light on your memory! If you are a person who is always low on phone memory and have a need for the feature then this app is your friend!

App 15- BB Rec screen recorder

BB Rec screen recorder

The app lets you screen record for a total of 2 hours and 30 minutes at a stretch without stopping.

  • The app lets you capture the video as per your orientation of display content in a manner that’s convenient to you! Easily record your videos or game plays that are displayed horizontally on your screen without any hassle as the app shows you options to choose from that will help you shift the screen accordingly.
  • Lets you customize your frame rate and resolution so you rake in the benefits of the videos with the best quality
  • Share on social media platforms without leaving the app
  • Great control options unlike others

App 16- Video

Video app

This screen recording app lets you not just capture the screen but also the cameras! Front or the back camera can be accessed to record required footage.

  • Add your commentary using the app on your screen recordings to make them more useful! This will be helpful in case you are providing information to a client regarding a subject or if putting up a self-help video on your social media platform!
  • Records the internal audio. You can choose to remove this in the editing phase of the video
  • Share and edit videos hassle-free on various social media platforms

This was my list of all the Screen Recording apps available for iPhone/iPad that you can easily download without jailbreak!

(jailbreak refers to gaining root access to the iOS system operating system that runs on all Apple devices)

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