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iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Reboot Randomly: Here is a Solution

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Reboot Randomly

Rebooting of iPhone 6 and 6 plus is all too common. It causes unnecessary trouble to the users when they need the phone, they find the phone to be rebooting. If this problem has been plaguing you too, then there can be several causes behind such reboots. You need to explore all the possibilities to make sure that the problem does not persist. 

For your quick reference, we have listed the most common causes and the easy fixes to resolve the unnecessary rebooting of the iPhone 6 and 6 plus

How to Fix the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Keeps Rebooting Randomly

iPhone users far too often face the problem of having bugs that can be the result of jailbreak or other related issues. Some more problems that iPhone users face are screen death, the app not working or becoming unresponsive and of course the infamous battery-related issues. However, all the listed problems have very direct solutions but rebooting can require multiple approaches to resolve. 

iPhone reboot

Rebooting the phone can be the most annoying situation when you have a business call going on or any other important task that you are carrying through your phone. Most annoying is the condition when you are about to make a purchase and your phone gets switched off, upon switching on again, you may find the item, not in the cart. You may have to start the process of finding the product from scratch. It can be a very discouraging experience. Whatever be your task, unnecessary switching off is not a good experience for anybody. 

Hopefully, with the below-mentioned solution, you will not face the problem of the random reboot of your iPhone

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Solution 1  – Reboot

Start with the simplest method. You must press the Sleep/ wake button and the home button to switch off the phone. After a few minutes restart the phone. There is a good chance the problem can get resolved, if not then you would have to try out the other solutions. But wait for the next random reboot to happen. 

reboot iPhone

Solution 2 – Clean up is a must

A phone can become a junkyard! It can store unimportant URLs, cookies bookmark and of course the cache. All these data cramp up the phone memory space, it causes the phone to function in a very unpredictable way. One such reaction that most commonly iPhones show is reboot at random. Clearing up unnecessary information will give a boost to your phone’s performance. Not only the reboot problem will be addressed, many users reported they noticed their phone to be working faster than before after a clean-up.  

Solution 3 – Deleting is important

Do you even read all the messages you get? Most of us have the annoying habit of hoarding messages and think maybe we will read it later. Unused deals and discount codes make up for most of the messages that are never read or used.

If you are one of those people who have plenty of messages stored then it is time to delete them. Tap the messages tab. Go to the edit option, which is on the top at the left corner. Now look through the messages and select the ones that you do not need. Followed by it press delete, the option is available at the right-hand side of the phone screen.

Solution 4 – Clearing history and saved data 

Clearing history and saved data in iphone 6

Another important thing we tend to ignore is clearing the browser history from time to time. It is a good practice to clear data at regular intervals. To begin with, you need to tap on the Settings, followed by clicking on Safari. Select the option of Clear History and Website Data on safari, followed by the Clear button. Many users after this step prefer to switch off the phone for a few minutes before switching it on. Things should get back to normal after this step.

Solution 5 – Get rid of an Unused app

Do you have the habit of piling up the app? There is an app for everything, so who could blame you for getting as many apps as you have. Let’s face it apps are much convenient and hence users love using them. Even for a one time service, we end up downloading an App and then forget all about it. If you have such apps that you rarely use or never use at all, it is time to get rid of them. Here is how you can do it.

  • Tap and hold an app
  • You will see a cross mark appear
  • Press on it
  • Confirm on the popup delete option
  • And the app will be deleted

Note this is only for third-party apps. Deleting apps not only help the rebooting problem but also drastically improves the space of your phone. This is one of the best solutions according to many users who have been benefited from this step. 

Solution 6 – Resetting phone

Many users are afraid of resetting their device. But you can be assured that resetting does not delete your media files nor will you lose data. But resetting brings changes to the settings. You may again have to personalize the settings but it can help the random resetting problem. You can reset with the following steps.

reset All settings

  • Start the Settings app
  • Tap on the Generals 
  • Find the reset button
  • Click on Reset All settings
  • A popup is displayed, click on Reset

After this step, you will find the phone restart on its own after the resetting. Once you make the relevant changes, there should not be any more problems.

Solution 7 – Restore

This is a tedious and inconvenient process but perhaps the best solution to resolve any problem including the random rebooting one. To restore, follow these steps.

  • You will have to connect your iPhone with a computer, MAC or PC
  • You will have to launch iTunes and choose the device you are using
  • Tap on the Restore the iPhone option, confirm it.

The process will complete on its own after some time. 

The above-mentioned solution worked for most users and are highly recommended fixes for the rebooting problem. But if none of them resolve your phone issue, do not hesitate to reach out to Apple, contact them to get the ultimate solution.

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