How To Learn To Draw With iPad And Apple Pencil?

Drawing on the iPad becomes a fun thing to do since Apple Pencil and other iPad tools were launched. Sketch artists and painters took their Art to the next level through iPad Apple Pencil. Many drawing Apps made for iPad launched on Apple Store make drawing on iPad more interesting.

Drawing on the iPad became known from the year 2010, drawing on the iPad become a revolution on a digital platform when Apple introduced Apple Pencil in the year 2015.

How To Draw With iPad And Apple Pencil?

iPad And Apple Pencil


Digital Art is a thing now, and drawing on a digital medium is a fantastic process. iPad and Apple pencil not only best to bring out your creativity, but it is also a handy device for professional digital artists.

For many people and artists, the traditional method of drawing on Canvas is irrepressible, that might be true, but iPad showcases a different level of creativity and art, it’s digital art. The tools and drawing options you get with Apple pencil, and an iPad will amaze you.

For those you want to draw on iPad with Apple Pencil, there are many ways and steps you can start. Anyone who enjoys creativity can draw with Apple Pencil on iPad, either with skills or efforts. To help you understand, here are beginners’ guide for those who don’t know how to begin drawing on the iPad. Let’s get started

How To Draw on The iPad?

Do Some Practising

If you are not skilled in drawing or have not drawn anything for a long time, you first need some practicing. Bring out our pencil and paper and practice drawing. Everyone needs to practice, no one becomes a great artist on his or her first try.

If you are a beginner and have not much experienced in drawing, then first do some research — Fig internet and download some reference pictures.

Choose something simple and easy to draw pictures, and then you can gradually you can move to a harder image. Refer to the work of famous digital artists choose, select the artwork you like the most and learn to draw with the reference image.

You can also refer videos of artists and see how they are drawing what tools they are using and practice it. Focus on the little things first like drawing objects and shapes, if you learn that than drawing will become so much easier.

Refer App and Websites

If looking to images is not working out for you, and if you are not satisfied with the reference you get on the Internet, you can switch to another method for reference. You can use drawing Apps and Websites for tutorials.

There are several options to choose from that offer guidelines for digital art. We have mentioned a few apps and websites that can be useful for beginners.

Drawing Apps




Procreate Apps is for everyone professional as well as beginners; it lets you create special effects and in-depth drawing. The reason why it’s beginner-friendly is the interface drawing on Procreate App is like drawing on paper; it’s effortless. There are many advanced tools, but you start with a pencil choose some primary colors, and start drawing by drawing app.

Shadow Draw

With Shadow Draw App, you may not use your Apple Pencil, but this App is a beneficial medium of learning realistic drawing, which includes sketches of human figures, objects, and animals.

Here you will find tutorials that guide you on how to draw from basic, for example, you will find tutorials for drawing human eyes, hands, heads. You will learn how to stroke with apple pencil, sketch and shade.

Referring to these tutorials, you have to keep on practice drawing, and you will learn to draw even without knowing it. Shadow Draw is the best tool that enjoys sketching and pencil drawing.

Shadow also lets you copy pen strokes of another artist so that you can learn to recreate to draw their artwork. This App teaches you to bring in different styles of different artists

How to Draw


How to Draw

How To Draw is a useful tool to start learning drawing as a beginner. However, this again does not support the pressure of Apple’s pencil. How To Draw teaches you to draw cartoons and doodles, it’s an exciting and fun way to learn and draw.

In How to Draw App, you will see tutorials on drawing animal cartoons and shapes. It does not sketch App so you can fill colors and give special effects to your drawn images.

If you face difficulty while drawing strokes and lines, then turning on the assistant mode will make you more comfortable. The assistant mode here will auto-correct your strokes and turn your picture to perfection.

How to Draw Everything

How to draw App is for everyone it works for adults, Kids, Student, teenagers, grandparents you whole family can learn drawing with these App. You can ask your kids to learn drawing with these apps instead of gaming too much.

How to Draw is total fun. It starts with basic and guides you to draw objects and animals with colors.

How to Draw everything has remained the same since long there is no update, but even then, the library you see here is pretty nice. Here you get all the resources to draw; the app teaches you to draw several characters like Animes, animals, flowers, zombies.

You can learn to draw Game characters and cartoon characters as well. If you are thinking of digital art as a career, How to Draw everything would be the perfect thing to try at a beginner level.

Calligraphy Penmanship

Drawing Calligraphy with Apple Pencil is a delightful experience. It’s creating art with ease. Calligraphy Penmanship teaches you to create calligraphy art with Apple Pencil.

Once you are done practicing all the forms, it will be so much to write down quotes and beautiful sentences with it. You can even take printouts of your beautiful notes and place them as a poster on your wall.

The App gives you eighty hours of the free trial if you want to use it more than that you will need to pay $3 for it.

These were some great apps you can download on your iPad and learn to draw. Also, if you don’t wish to download many Apps on your device, there are many websites that provide drawing tutorial online follow the list below:



Drawspace has 508 lessons that teach you to draw. Like their slogan says, everyone can draw through Drawspace. The website is adopted by many schools and colleges worldwide to teach students digital arts. With this world-famous websites, you can even learn to draw with Apple Pencil and iPad.


At Proko, you are provided with video content, teaching you several drawing art forms. At Proko, you can try courses like Portrait drawing, Anatomy for artists courses, figure drawing, and much more.

Draw a Box

At Draw a Box, you will find tutorials for sketches and drawing objects, person, sceneries and more. This Website is great for those who have no to minimal experience in drawing.

Learning in Hand

Learning in Hand has every tip and trip and illustration for you to learn drawing. You can use Learning in Hand for any Tablet and mobile phone, but it works great with Apple Pencil and iPad. Here you learn trace drawing and many digital arts through tutorial videos. There are online workshops available for users.

The Postman’s Knock

Want to draw calligraphy like an expert? Postman’s knock is the website that is all you need.

Here you learn modern techniques and different formats of calligraphy — tips, and steps to write for a Gift certificate to letter worksheet and more.

You will find video tutorials and many reference images to learn from. The video courses make it very easy for beginners to learn the art of writing.

Don’t Avoid Using your Hands-on The iPad

Don’t Avoid Using your Hands-on The iPad

The best part of using Apple Pencil is that your hand and finger can rest on your screen. There would be no interruption; that’s all because of the Palm rejection technology. Tablet Styluses other than Apple Pencil are not that great when it comes to palm rejection on screen.

Drawing on the screen should be effortless more than that of the traditional method of drawing on paper. Avoiding to touch the iPad screen can make a drawing difficult.

With Apple Pencil, you can draw smoothly, keeping your hand fingers to rest on the screen. The execution of Apple pencil might somewhat vary with different apps, but it’s still far better than third party stylus.

Once you are used to drawing with Apple Pencil drawing on the iPad would be as effortless as drawing on paper, you can draw however you want, resting your hand anywhere on the screen.

Get Familiar With Pencil Pressure

Pencil Pressure

The Plastic Nib of Apple Pencil is pressure-sensitive, so neither you need to apply too much pressure nor have to be too soft. Use Apple Pencil as you use a paintbrush; it is very responsive so you can glide your pencil in any manner you like.

To check the pressure sensitivity of your Apple Pencil, you have to draw vertical and horizontal lines of different width and formats. Check how your pencil reacts on each line, make sure that you draw a series of lines, and then go for the result.

Continue to draw lines for multiple times and then switch to different shapes practicing these will get you more familiar with the workings of Apple Pencil. You will also understand how to grip the pencil for the best results. For precise and detailed drawings, you can hold close to the nib of your pencil. Also, for details, you can zoom in with your fingers whenever you want.

Use The Cone of Apple Pencil To Shade

Apple Pencil To Shade

If you think that only the nib is what matters, then you probably wrong! You can use the cone of the pencil as well, and it is as responsive as the nib. The cone or side of the pencil makes shading easy and convenient.

Shading with Apple pencil is not much of a difference than shading on paper, it even better, it doesn’t get messier, and you also have to option to correct your mistakes.

Shading with the digital pencil also depends upon the App you use. Each App has its own formats and shade texture. Drawing and color shading will vary in different apps, but once you learn to shade, you will be able to create precise and beautiful drawings.

Tap and Scroll


Drawing with Apple Pencil can be fun and easy, but before it’s that, you have to learn a lot of things. When curating images on the iPad, you have to choose between tools and navigate through many options always.

Apple Pencil makes navigation more uncomplicated and easy; you can scroll through the option very smoothly and swipe quickly over pages through the precision tip. Just Tap apple pencil and scroll between options and even apps while you are drawing, leaving your image as it is.

First Generation and Second Generation Apple Pencil

There are two generations of Apple Pencil in the market First and second. You will find slight design differences between the two. You can majorly differentiate between the two through the silver band.

There is a silver band at the top of the first-generation Apple Pencil while the second one is entirely plain and apple pencil mentioned on top.

The first Apple Pencil has a cylindrical shape, which made it roll on the table, the problem was noticed, and the second Apple Pencil was designed with a flat side to avoid rolling. The First Apple Pencil is completely circular, but it features a weighted magnet that can somewhat avoid its roll.

You also have the option to stick it to your iPad, but sometimes that doesn’t help when you want to place your pencil on the table while your work or stored it elsewhere.

Customize Your Apple Pencil


You can customize your Apple Pencil and add some third party sleeves to it for a better grip. There are many options available online for third party Apple pencils; also, if you just want to change the look of your pencil, then you can buy Apple Pencil stickers in so many styles and colors.

iPad first generation comes earlier, so it’s compatible with the previous generations of the iPad. For the latest editions of the iPad, you will need a second-generation Apple Pencil. Look below to know which iPad model you can use for your Apple Pencil.

iPads compatible with the first-generation Apple Pencil

  • iPad Air (3rd generation)
  • iPad mini (5th generation)
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (1st or 2nd generation)
  • iPad Pro 10.5-inch
  • iPad Pro 9.7-inch
  • iPad (6th generation)
  • iPad (7th generation)

iPads compatible with the second-generation Apple Pencil

  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation)
  • iPad Pro 11-inch


That was all about learning to draw from the iPad and Apple Pencil. Bring out your creativity and get excited to have a fantastic drawing experience through Apple Pencil and iPad. Keep visiting phoneier.com for more such blogs.

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