How To Remove Activation Lock on iPhone

Activation lock safeguards your phone from thieves taking over your phone’s valuable data. remove activation lock on iPhone is a useful feature on Apple’s devices that makes the brand more trustworthy. Without using Your Apple ID and Password, no one can access your phone content. However, a safe Activation lock can be a trouble for those you purchase used iPhones, and also, there are times you forget your password.

You can avoid such a situation by taking care of a few things. When buying a used iPhone, make sure to check if that the previous account is removed. If you are a seller, you should log out from iCloud and then clear your data before giving away your iPhone or iPad.

Now, if you are stuck with Activation Lock, keep reading to remove activation lock on iPhone problem and go back to using your phone.

Know-How To Remove Activation Lock on iPhone

Activation Lock

Each phone has it’s unique identifier code that Apple saves when you are setting up your new phone. Along with the unique identifiers code, your Apple ID is saved with Apple; in this way, Apple gets you identified and prevents other IDs from logging in to your account.

You will not be aware of the lock until you have to make essential changes or have to make a purchase from the Apple store. You can not reset your phone’s, apply factory data, or update your phone without entering Apple ID and Password.

When times come for an update or reset, you have to verify your account by mentioning your account ID and password. Activation lock is related to another essential security feature of the iPhone known as Find My iPhone. The Find My iPhone feature is used to locate the phone when lost. When you toggle the Find My Phone option, the Activation lock will turn on automatically.

Find My Phone option is a very convenient option to search for your phone.

To check or activate Find My Phone on your iPhone, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings and click on your profile.
  • Select iCloud and select Find My iPhone.
  • Type and fill in your Apple ID and password to check your device’s current location. You can also log in to iCloud.com to find from any other device and check for your iPhone or iPad’s location.

Activation Lock is the part of iPhones, but this feature is also found on Apple Watches and iPads and so you similar issues here too. You can remove activation lock on iPhone and smartwatch by going through your settings or by logging in to iCloud.com/find.

How to Recover Your Apple ID Password?


Apple ID and Password is the most crucial thing when it comes to your iPhone’s security. When you activate your iPhone, you have to sign in with your Apple ID and Password. You also have to know your email address along with a password. Then there is two-factor authentication for that you click on Unlock with Passcode; Apple will send you a numeric code that you have to fill in for verification.

Activation lock can also be a problem in case you forgot your ID and Password or enter the wrong password multiple times. Apple ID and password are significant for your iPhone security, and so when you forget it, Apple gives your options to recover it. There are two choices of recovery; the first one is when you forget your Apple ID and the other when you can’t remember the password.

  • When you forget the email address that you used for your Apple ID, you can recover it through Apple’s forgot Page here.
  • When you forget your password, there is the Apple Page for Password recovery forget.

If you are unable to recover your ID or Password through these links, you can contact Apple support.

Apple ID and Password is necessary to use Apple default apps and services such as App Store, FaceTime, iMessage, iTunes.

Ask Apple to Remove Activation Lock on iPhone

If ID and password are not helping you to Remove Activation Lock on iPhone, you can contact Apple support and ask them to delete the lock. Apple support will help you delete the lock when you provide them with the purchase details of your device.

Below are two ways you can do to verify your device to Apple:

  1. Take your device to the nearest Apple Store and show your iPhone’s purchase proof to the Apple executive
  2. If you can’t set an appointment with the Apple store, you can contact Apple support. Explain to them your scenario of why you need to remove activation lock on iPhone. Provide them your device purchase proof when asked or ask them to register your query to remove the lock remotely.

Removal of Activation lock will not cost you anything like most of the time; it falls into the list of Apple’s free services. You don’t need Apple to care for it either in-store or on the phone call. When you visit the Apple Store, the executive will explain to you all about the activation lock.

During the activation lock removal, there is quite a change of your iPhone getting all erased. It doesn’t happen every time, but you don’t have to prepare for it, and you should back up your phone’s data before it. You should always keep a backup of your essential data and sync data like calendars, contacts through cloud storage mediums.

Avoid Activation Lock When Buying a Used iPhone

Activation Lock is trouble on second hand purchased iPhones. Several people don’t know that the device they have purchased has an Activation Lock. Similarly, even the sellers don’t realize that they are selling their iPhone with an Activation Lock.

Most people nowadays purchase used phones through online sites eBay. When purchasing an iPhone from such websites, you should see that you are covered with buyer protection.

The buyer protection includes the following features:

  • A full refund of the device along with shipping charges if the device has any defects or doesn’t justify the description.
  • You will be eligible to return your device if not satisfied with it.
  • Discharge your connection with the seller for further transaction or Seller.

In specific scenarios, your refund is provided to buyers without asking then to return their products. eBay reimbursed the rebate to buyers and then recovered the rebate from the Seller. Buyer protection doesn’t feature face to face transactions.

Here are some pointers for you to see that you are not buying an iPhone with an activation lock on it.

  1. You should see a hello screen when you turn on your iPhone and then should be navigated to set up your phone. If this is the case, then your device is not locked, and you can set your Apple ID and the Activation lock.
  2. If instead of the above condition, your iOS device is asking for a passcode means the activation lock is not removed. You now have to contact the Seller and ask him/her to erase all the content of the iPhone.

If the seller doesn’t go through the setting and erases the data, you should not purchase the device. If the Seller accept and remove activation lock on iPhone, you can go ahead and by the product after you thoroughly

When buying a used iPhone, you have to be cautious about some websites over the internet. Take care of some well-known sites that people most often used, such as Facebook, the Twitter, marketplace, and more. These sites do not offer buyer protection leading you to paperwork.

Remove Activation Lock Remotely through the Seller

Remove Activation Lock Remotely

For those who have already bought a used iPhone with an activation lock, you still have a chance to remove it. You can contact the Seller and ask them to delete a lock at their place through other devices. Many times the Seller is not aware of the iPhones they sold has the activation lock, so you should communicate with your Seller and guide him/her to unlock the phone.

To remove the Apple ID lock, you need to ask the Seller to do the following:

Step1: Open icloud.com/find.on any browser and log in with Apple ID and Password.

Step2: Select the All Devices option and then choose the iPhone model.

Step3: Select ‘Remove from account’ option if it’s available, if not select the ‘Erase iPhone’ and then select Remove from Account.

If the Seller remove activation lock on iPhone remotely, you will have to restart your iPhone to see the changes.

Third-Party Services That Offer to Unlock Your Device

Apart from the traditional method, there are many third-party apps that will help you remove activation lock on iPhone without costing anything. But you have to be very careful as some of these services are capable of harming Apple devices.

Some of the services will bypass the activation lock on iPhone, letting you use the iPhone without needing the passcode. This process can make your device blacklist, and Apple will not let you update your device; it will also not let it use Apple services like iMessage, Facetime, and more. There are chances that you would not be able to download apps from the App store.

These third-party apps and services are never guaranteed and can do more harm than good, so it’s better to avoid it instead of taking the risk.

Selling Your Old iPhone? Disable Activation Lock

If you are the Seller here, you have to remove the activation lock and erase all the content before selling your device. The factory reset is a mandatory step that you cannot skip, as data security is a must.

Below are the steps to remove activation lock on iPhone.

Step1: Head to the setting, click on the name at the top of the screen.

Step2: Click on iCloud and click on ‘Find My iPhone.’

Step3: Turn off Find My Option and mention Apple ID and password when asked.

Now reset your device and check if the activation lock has been removed from your iPhone or not.

If the activation lock is removed, delete your iPhone’s content follow the steps below:

Head to the setting, go to the extensive menu, and select the Reset option.

Click erase all content and settings, click on the confirm button and wait for a while.

While your content is erased, make sure that you have enough battery life, and you are connected to the internet. Any interruption on the screen will just delay the process.


That was all about removing the Activation lock on your iPhone, selling, and buying a second. Hand iPhone is not a trouble anymore, just try the above steps, and you will be able to remove activation lock on iPhone within seconds.

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