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My iPad will not Turn On: How to Fix a Dead Device

If you press any button of your iPad and it shows a black screen and will not turn then you may think that your iPad is broken and that needs to be replaced now. But there are lots of ways to fix this issue of your device. Usually, there is an easy solution. So here are the ways to fix a dead device as your iPad will not turn on:

iPad will not Turn On

What to Do When Your iPhone or iPad Won’t Turn On

Charge your iPad

charge your ipad

If you turn on your iPad and it does not power up at all and showing anything except a black screen then most likely your iPad needs to be charged. It is important that you should make sure that the battery of your iPad is charged enough to run the tablet and if not then plug it in to charge like you normally would and let it charge for at least half an hour.

iPad may turn on automatically with the Apple logo popping up which shows your iPad is getting ready to turn on. It is important that you do not use your device during this charging. When charging the iPads for a full two days after updating the hardware, such as replacing a cracked screen or another hardware update then the iPad will turn on automatically after charging. 

Force Restarts your iPad

Most Apple users faced the problem of a software crash which is a common problem. And in such a case the best way to get it fixed is to do a force restart or hard reset. A force restart is as to how you normally restart your iPad. But with this, it clears more of your device’s unwanted garbage memory. It is not your storage and you will not lose any of your data.

restart iPad

You can force restart your iPad by pressing and holding down both your home button and the power button on the top of your iPad for at least 10 seconds until you see the Apple logo on your iPad’s screen.

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Restore the iOS Operating system with iTunes

iPads that turn on immediately when you charge it. Sometimes your iPad’s screen may turn on and you will see an error screen instead of the normal boot-up logo. And the screen shows a picture of a USB cable and an iTunes logo that connect to iTunes screen appears when the iOS software on your iPad is damaged or maybe corrupted. You will need to restore its operating system to get your device working And booting up properly again and that requires iTunes on a PC or Mac. Follow the below steps to restore the iOS operating system with iTunes:

Restore the iOS operating system with iTunes

  • You need to connect the iPad to a computer that runs iTunes.
  • Then you will see a message that shows iTunes has detected a device in recovery mode.
  • Then iTunes will inform you that there is a problem with your device and require it to be updated or restored.
  • You need to perform a restore which will download the latest iOS software from Apple and install it on your device.
  • And the restore process will wipe the files and data on your iPad but they are already unreachable if your device will not boot. However, you can recover your data from an iCloud backup later.
  • You need to put the iPad into recovery mode by turning it off and plugging it into a computer running iTunes with a USB cable then press the home button and hold it down as you plug in the USB cable and keep holding the button down until the Connect to iTunes screen appears on the device.

However, you do not have to do this if the device is working properly. If its operating system is damaged, it will automatically boot to the recovery mode screen without any additional ways. 

If you do not see your iPad in iTunes, you can put your iPad into DFU Mode:

DFU in 3 Easy steps

When the iPad is forced to restore the firmware is called DFU mode And it is the extensive type of restore that you can do on an iPad as it restores the very code that forms the software of your iPad. You must carefully follow the below steps so that you can DFU Restore your iPad:

  • You need to plug-in the USB cable of your iPad into your computer where iTunes running on your computer. And also need it plugged it into your iPad’s Lightning or charging port.
  • Then press and hold down the power button on the top of your iPad for 3 seconds and keep holding down your power button but also now press and hold down your home button.
  • You need to keep holding down on both of those two buttons on your iPad for 10 seconds.
  • Then iTunes will inform you that it has detected your iPad.
  • All you have to do now is just follow the onscreen on instructions which are simple steps.

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Check the iPad cable and the port:

Check the iPad cable and the port

When your device is old and your cable connector is worn then your iPad is not getting the charge as it needs from your old cable. It is necessary to use a wall power outlet. And check for firm connections between your charging cable, USB wall adapter, and the wall outlet. You also need to check out the charging port because if the charging port is damaged, your device probably needs service.

The above-mentioned ways will help you in solving the issue as your iPad will not turn on. You just need to follow the steps carefully so that your iPad will turn on.

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