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How Do I Open Mac’s .pages File Format On Microsoft Windows?

Mac word processor’s Pages app is similar to Microsoft Word on the Windows and any pages document is saved as a pages format file with a .pages file extension by default. Generally, that is imperceptible to Mac users but if you send a pages file to someone on a Windows computer then the .pages extension is visible and the file format is unreadable by default by most Windows apps and Microsoft Office. Here we will share the tips for open Mac’s .pages file format on Microsoft Windows.

How to Open Mac’s .pages File Format on Microsoft Windows:

There is an easy way to open the .pages format from Microsoft apps in Windows that include Word. Basically, the pages file is not pages format but rather a zip like a zip archive which is done with a simple file extension modification from the Windows file system and though it is not an ideal solution, so this article will help you to open Mac’s .pages file format on Microsoft Window in various ways:

 Open Mac's .pages Files on a Windows

 Open Mac’s .pages Files on a Windows computer

This is a simple and easy method that you can use for reading .pages files on a Windows PC and it only allows viewing the files and not editing. Follow the below steps:

  • You need to create a copy of the .pages file on your Windows PC.
  • Then right-click on the copy file and choose the option of Rename from the menu and delete the .pages extension and type. zip So, your file’s name will be as you have created such as
  • Then open the zip file that you have just created which is and you will see a couple of files and folders in there such as QuickLook folder, buildBersionHistory.plist, index.xml.
  • You need to open the QuickLook folder and search for any PDF file with the same name as the .pages document.
  • Then open the PDF file to view the document and print it.

You may have a PDF reader on your Windows PC and if you do not have that then you can get a free PDF reader from the web. This is the easiest method that you can use for viewing .pages files on your Windows PC. When you have renamed the .pages file with a .zip extension, you can even extract the file to a folder and get the PDF file and always search for the PDF file in the QuickLook folder. If you cannot find the PDF file in the QuickLook folder then the Pages version which is used for creating the document does not support QuickLook. 

Edit Pages Files on a Windows Computer

If you need to edit a .pages file on your Windows Computer then you have to save the file from the Pages app in a different format. Follow the below steps to edit pages files on a Windows computer:

open the Pages app on your Mac

  • You need to open the Pages app on your Mac and click on File.
  • Then scroll down and search for the Export option, and click on it and then click OK.
  • You need to select the format you prefer.
  • Then save your file and you can open it with Microsoft Word on your Windows PC.

When you editing a .pages file on a Windows PC, open the file in Pages and save it in a Word format because in this way, your file is fully formatted for Word and it can be easily edited. 

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Use iCloud to Open .pages Files

You can also use iCloud to open .pages files and export them in Word format that is .doc files. Follow the below steps:

  • You need to open and log in with your Apple ID and if you do not have an Apple ID, you can create that as it will take only 2 minutes.icloud with apple ID
  • When you logged in with your account then select Pages.
  • Then drag and drop your .pages file to iCloud Pages on your browser or you can choose the Upload Document icon on the top bar of your screen.
  • When the document is uploaded then right-click on it and select Download a copy and choose the format you like as Word format.

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Open .pages Files using Google Docs


Open .pages Files using Google Docs

It is another way for opening .pages files on your Windows PC by using Google Docs. Follow the below steps to open .pages files using Google Docs:

  • You need to log in or sign up for your Google.
  • When you signed in then go to Google Docs.
  • Then click on the folder icon for uploading.
  • You need to drag and drop your .pages file to the window or click the button for selecting files from your computer.

The various above-mentioned are the simplest methods and will help you to open Mac’s .pages file format on Microsoft Window.

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