9 Best Putlocker Alternatives to Streaming Movies Online

Putlocker alternatives: The world plummeted for many of us back in 2018 when the putlocker site was deemed illegal by the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit.

Our daily dose of watching premium movie content for free without any restrictions whatsoever was taken down and with it went out 1-hour peace of the day.

Luckily though the website was up and running again in a few months, although with a different address.

What followed was a series of takedowns and eventual rising from the ashes with a million other addresses, currently, the .kz working pretty well for it.

The entire affair did make us realise that our go to movie streaming site could be taken down any minute and we would not be able to do anything about it until they are back again.

For these very reasons we bring to you 9 Putlocker alternatives to stream movies in High Definition online for free and mostly without any registration or sign up.

List of the Best Putlocker Alternatives

The best thing about the sites mentioned here is that they are not as well known to arouse suspicion amongst the IPCU and hence we can say with enough surety that these sites are here to stray, unlike our favorite, Putlocker.

Solar Movie

solar movie Putlocker alternatives

One of, if not the best movie streaming website for us with incredibly smooth functioning and minimal ads. Solar Movie is amazingly easy to use. It does not require any unnecessary signing in or registration at any stage.

For trial purposes I chose to watch the movie Rambo and within 4 clicks including starting the google chrome web browser, I was watching the movie.

The website even has umpteen number of servers in case one of them fails. By far the best movie streaming I have ever encountered with a plethora of options to choose from and lossless movie streaming all night long.

Los Movies

Los Movies

Another amazing movie streaming website that works well in both mobile as well as desktop. With over more than you can handle options to choose from and evergreen premium content available, this website pales others in its comparison.

Los Movies has movies not just in English but also in many other languages ranging from Croatian to Swedish. It has almost all the latest movies available in HD.

However, you might have to disable your ad blocker in order for you to be able to play the movie you wish using the built-in video player that the website offers.



Moviewatcher boasts of an enormous collection of movies in its library all immaculately arranged and kept. The site has one of the best user interfaces of any movie streaming websites or apps.

A clean UI is not something you expect from a free albeit illegal movie streaming website, let alone an interactive one. You could find yourself browsing through the entirety of its collection for hours, it is that smooth to use.

It has different sections for different types of movies. Finished with a drop down menu for easy access of the movies segregated by genre, date of release, popularity and much more.



Not the smoothest functioning of all the websites on the basis of its design perspective or its UX, this site definitely gets the work.

It has an ample amount of new and recent release in its collection which also features many old classics.

One more thing this website has is it contains information about the movie as well in its mix. The feature is similar to the one offered in amazon prime names X-Ray but definitely not as advanced.

However works fine and gives a nice description of the actor or the actresses in the movie, which is always beneficial.

You will find ungodly number of server links for every movie that you select here and hence the chances of not being able to watch a movie despite finding it (as you know is many times the case with these sites) on the website are next to zero.


Not gonna lie, like this one better than putlocker most of the times. This veteran has been running around bringing movies for free to the people of this world for about as long as Putlocker alternatives have. 


Popcornflix library not surprisingly enough is filled with older and more famous movies along with many long forgotten ones which do not take away from the fact that the site also is almost caught up with the present movies of our time.

Popcornflix also has an app that is available for download in both playstore as well as appstore. In all, this website is simplicity personified. 



Another go-to alternative for movie viewing online for free, GoMovies houses an amazing collection of all the latest movies in all the different genres available.

The only trouble with this website as with any other website is the annoying pop-up advertisement which might hamper your movie viewing experience, only when you pause though.

As advertisements are their only way to make revenue, it’s something you have to live with. A small price to pay as Thanos would put it. 



Megashare website is again one of the MVP’s when it comes to free movie streaming online.  With different drop down menus for the latest movies of all genres to even the most famous and flamboyant ones.

It also has tabs to guide you in finding movies, watch anime online or TV Shows based on the year of release or IMDB rating or just simply the alphabetic use of words. 

123 Movies

123 movies

If you know you know. Considered by many, including myself to be the best website for free movie streaming out there during its prime.

It is though true the suite ran into a couple of problems over property rights and such of movies as these sites often do as they start gaining prominence on the web. 

UI/UX of 123 Movies is a neat and precise rendering of the movies right to your computer screens.

The only problem though is the heavy ad flow this site has particularly as they put in heavy amounts of cash in maintaining their website with all the premium content and extra smooth functioning. Definitely the daily sustenance of this heavy traffic is costly, hence more ads.



FMOVIES is another great alternative to watch movies online. The big thing about this is that it was apparently recently eaten up by the movie streaming giant, FMOVIES, which is obvious to put on great user experience while watching movies.

The best part though remains the fact that it doesn’t require any additional sign-ups or registration of any kind and just provides seamless prime movie content for its users this is best Putlocker alternatives


And that’s a wrap on the best Putlocker alternatives to view movies online for free and without any hassle of registration or signups. Do keep in mind though that the websites shown here were working at the time this article was written but might not be when you read it. 

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