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Best Custom ROMs for Android You Can Install

Custom ROMs for Android: Android is the most used operating system worldwide. The reason why android remains most loved because it is easy to use and maintain and also cost-effective. One more important feature of Android operating is that it is open-source.

Which means it can be customized by developers of technology geeks. Developers or phone geek can edit the code and create a newer version of it. Developers can add custom Roms in Android phones to enjoy the latest and additional features.

What are Custom Roms and Why Use it?

Read-only-memory abbreviated as ROM, each phone comes with inbuilt ROM that is known as Stock ROM. Stock ROM contains instruction files to execute an operating system and mobile applications.

Now “custom ROM” is different from Stock ROM as it is made by a third party. The custom ROM is either a uniquely modified OS, such as Cyanogen, or a stock version made available for older devices or for new devices before the vendor release date.

This preinstalled operating system has a limited phone function which is decided by the phone manufacturer. Custom ROM allows you to remove limitations in your operating system. Adding customized ROMS improves phone performance and makes it more efficient.

Benefits When You Add Custom ROM On Phone

  • Enhance battery performance
  • Android Custom ROM provides your much better & unique look than the simple stock Android user interface.
  • Better support
  • Improves the speed of your android smartphone by leaving more internal memory and RAM for user’s tasks. You can taste the next version of Android before its official release
  • You will get a faster & better update for your android smartphone

Best Custom ROM for Android Device


LineageOS which was earlier known as CyanogenMod is popular for the custom ROM. It is built on Google’s AOSP code with additional custom codes. This brand has a huge team and supports 190 devices. Linage acts as source code for any custom ROM. It is simple to use and enhances the improvement of the stock Android experience.


This custom ROM comes with a feature-packed camera app and some pre-installed apps that save your phone space. With the support of Oreo offers to build for, android Marshmallow. LineageOS supports many Android devices such as Samsung, Motorola, LG, OnePlus, Xiaomi and much more

Now the latest version of LineageOS is based on Android piem which is the latest version of Android going on. It has all its with extra features such as a redesigned menu, gesture controls, Adaptive Battery, etc.

Some of the major features you get with LineageOS
  • LineageOS 16 maintains a stock-Android look. The LiveDisplay feature will let you manage and change different aspects of the display such as the active color profile and the current display mode. You can customize the color calibration between red, green, and blue, and also manually activate an outdoor mode which boosts the display brightness even more.
  • LineageOS is not only about customization but it also takes care of your privacy. The privacy guard feature here allows you to control location access, device wake-ups, NFC access, haptic feedback, and more. It is tuned very well comparing to the Android permission system, it also offers granular controls overall.
  • LineageOS 16 serve users with lots of stock applications with which you will require Google Application for your device usage. From the Chromium-based Jelly browser to a screen recorder, gallery app, Audio EQ app, and more, there’s a great variety of applications available.
  • This custom ROM included many small features one of them is the addition of iOS-like USB OTG restrictions to Bluetooth battery level support. And there’s is more in terms of changes and addition. You can put on an extra button in your navigation bar that will allow you to drag the contents from your clipboard directly into a text field. With the long pressing of volume key, you will be able to skip a song.


It is a custom ROM distribution for several high-end Android devices. Devices in which AOKP can be installed are GOOGLE, ASUS, Lenovo, Oppo, Xiaomi, Sony One plus, Huawei, Motorola and many others. AOKP uses google code as the base and upgrades it with cool and useful features AOKP has updated almost all major version of Android.


Some of the major features you get with AOKP
  • AOKP allows custom toggle you can edit the way toggles are looks and also have many options for creating toggles the way you want.
  • With this ROM you can customize LED lights for different notification. So you will not have to peek into your phone for all the notification that seems unnecessary to you.
  • Users can customize many kinds of swipe gestures and make the accessibility of the phone device super easy.
  • Some other features that AOKP includes are CPU Overclocking, Navigation ring, Theme support, Permission control

Paranoid Android

Paranoid custom ROM doubles up the features that you get in your inbuilt ROM. The main focus of Paranoid Android custom is to provide users with an overall soothing experience. It uses minimum resources to give the user a refined Android experience.

Paranoid Android

It has so many unique features one of them is the ambient mode it provides which was present in PA as peek. Paranoid Android has brought Android 7.1.2 Nougat to smartphones. The CAF or code-aurora-farum makes Snapdragon-based devices compatible with this ROM.

Some of the major features you get with Paranoid Android
  • Paranoid Android has Hover mode with which users can access notification with any screen. You can read and reply to messages and chats without interrupting shows and videos you are watching.
  • With the Immersive mode, you can get rid of annoying notification bars getting in your way to give you more screen real estate.
  • The Pie mode of Paranoid Android intensifies the navigation bar and also maintains simplicity.
  • With the Peek mode, you can glance at a preview of your phone’s notifications instantly when they arrive.
  • Dynamic System Bars is designed to provide you with sleek experience by merging your status and navigation bars with the surrounding content.
  • Paranoid Android Theme engine feature will let you choose themes from a huge collection, you can customize the phone’s look as per your liking.


The custom ROM ViperOS aims to bring stability and useful features for Android users. It is based on ASOP Gerrit with its own custom modes. ViperOS offers stable ROM tested features, minimal bugs and no Lineage bloatware. It has an easy customization option with a clean and direct interface. Here you will get useful resources making the daily usage of your Android more convenient.


Users can update this ROM every month with the security patch according to google. ViperOS ROM is not old it was launched only surfacing Android Naught 7.1 but the ROM but even then it has grown to maintain stability and simplicity. This Custom ROM has a simple configuration which makes it very reliable.

Some of the major features you get with ViperOS
  • Theme Engine with which you can customize the phone’s inner look as per your liking.
  • A lightweight interface performance and good battery life for your Android device.
  • The Status Bar features you get with ViperOS are traffic indicators, status bar items, battery icon setting, carrier label, ticker notifications, and many more.
  • ViperOS provides custom lock-screen settings and lock-screen clock style options.
  • Mobile system features that come along with ViperOS are enabling and disabling of the navigation bar, navigation bar layout, Hardware keys binding, Kill app with the back button, customization of power menu, Fonts selector, and battery LED.

Pixel Experience

The aim of Pixel Experience is to provide Android users with a stable ROM with features available on pixel devices. It has very well succeeded in its goal but now few fans of pixel experience have demanded some additional features from Pixel Experience’s developers.


That’s the way with the team of Pixel experience have planning to bring customization features for their users.

Features which are soon going to be updated on Pixel experience
    • Buttons: This update will bring many button navigations features such as invert navbar, volume wake, volume music control, disable power menu on the lock screen, screenshots using hardware physical keys.
    • Status Bar: The status bar features will include 4G/LTE toggle, VoLTE icon toggle, Quick pulldown, Traffic Indicator,
    • Battery pulse when the low toggle
    • Display feature: Users can switch to dark theme and light themes depending on the time of day, pocket detection, Sleep status bar and lock screen with a double-tap. Users will now be able to force full screen and ignore notch which would be very useful during games.
    • Sound: choose different ringtones for different sim cards, FP vibration, screenshot sound option. Vibrate when a call gets to connect.
    • Lockscreen: Lockscreen art toggle
    • QS Tiles: Sync, Heads up, Caffeine, LiveDisplay and reading mode


OmniRom is based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and enriched by developers with lots of custom enhancements, and features such as cool wallpapers, great selection of apps. The reason it has remained a great choice among users is because of the stability, and security it offers.

Major features you get with OmniRom
  • Omnidelata and Omniswitch are the best-known features that come along with OmniRom. OpenDelta brings easy updates that are bandwidth-friendly, it will download files that updates since the last downloaded. Now talking about Omni switch It’s an app-switcher, which can be initiated by swiping towards the center of the screen from a blue hotspot. It can be customized and let users configure various features like memory usage, buttons, and a list of your favorite applications.
  • With the active display feature allows a convenient way to view notifications and chats from the lock screen, this can be enabled and configured via the Android Settings view. With this feature, you can set notification frequency, repeat rate, and specify where it should appear.You can also adjust brightness and hide notification of the app of your choice through Privacy mode. This feature lets you access notifications without hindering your privacy.
  • Flick2Wake & Flick2Sleep are Advanced settings app of OmniROM in which various tweaks can be applied which fix your stop android App Freezing.  When you enable these feature you will be able to turn on and turn off your screen display by simply moving your phone with your wrist.
  • You can customize the status bar and notification drawer such as activating a background image and configuring shortcuts for the date and time to open. You can also adjust brightness by sliding your finger across the status bar, as well as displaying the number of pending notifications.

AOSP Extended

As it can be clearly seen by its name AOSP extended is based AOSP. The custom ROM gives a smoother performance and offers various features many of which focus on customization. The project has picked several commits from various other projects.


This custom ROM gives you a lag-free experience and with constant updates. AOSP extended does not focus on UI it’s about making more features available for the smartphone with regular updates and support.

Major features you get with AOSP extend
  • Status bar feature of AOSP included many toggle and customization options such as  VoLTE status bar logo with toggle, AEX Logo, customization of clock and date, Battery styles, status bar weather icon, Custom carrier label, Data saver icon toggle, Toggle data disabled cross, Traffic Indicators, Status bar Brightness control.
  • This ROM comes pre-rooted so it saves you a flash of SuperSU it also packs full Substratum. Once the ROM starts for the first time you will see Pixel Launcher however, you can easily switch it for any launcher by downloading it from the Google Play Store.
  • ASOP extended provides extra settings in the Settings menu with which you customize everything from your status bar, battery settings, lock screen and much more. Right after that in the settings comes privacy guard, which allows you to block third-party apps from spying on you should you desire.

These are few of the popular and good custom ROMs you can have your device. This ROM can help you overcome the limitation of your in-stock ROM with so many added features.

In Conclusion

Note that one can update features of custom ROMs, which are mention in this blog with newer versions. We could suggest checking the availability of the latest versions of this ROM.

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