Cool Things to Do With Your Apple Watch

First of all, you should say an overwhelming thank you to the person whoever brought you an amazing Apple Watch. You can thank Apple later! Apple has added an exquisite device into their digital account. Apple has designed this amazing and exciting watch that makes user experience the state of current technology.


As we know, technology provides quick solutions for almost everything and ease to the user to carry out the specific functions. Considering the advancement of technology, Apple came up with this astonishing apple watch which is a digital confluence of so many qualities in terms of users’ satisfaction.

We are very sorry; not because we are misleading you, but after reading this article, we are sure that you will be spending your maximum time playing with this digital toy. A digital toy? Yes, it is a digital toy since this watch comprises of so many eye-catching features that will surely make you happy and satisfied.


Maybe, it could become your everything and you might feel crazy about it because you cannot deny it for what it offers. A watch with numerous exciting apps and in-built specifications that would leave you in awe.

Apple’s Latest Smartwatch

Apple’s Latest Smartwatch

With the advent of Apple’s latest smartwatch including Apple Watch Series 4, people have found a solution for everything from their head to toe.

Surely, people might have thought about the effectiveness of the Apple Watch and what it can do since it is a small wearable gadget. So, we advise you not to consider its size in the first place, because you will get surprised after knowing all the features of the latest Apple Watch.

From answering or rejecting your phone call to measuring your heartbeat to bypass icloud Activation, this apple watch can do many exciting and noteworthy things. You can look at it as you look at your iPhone. It contents almost everything that your iPhone has.

You can check your emails and messages, you can listen to the music, you can annoy Siri anytime, and you can organize your apps as well as unlock your MAC.

We have made a list in which we have included the most promising and coolest things that you can do with your Apple Watch. Music, calls, fitness, apps, entertainment, and much more, all into one small gadget. Without further delay, let’s take you to the description of each feature and how you can use the same.

Siri Is Welcomed Anytime

Hey Siri

The latest version of WatchOS, Apple has introduced Siri in the Apple Watch. Now, you are free to annoy Siri anytime. Simply, you need to say ‘Hey Siri’ to make Siri available for your service. Basically, this feature is a voice assistant who takes your voice as a command and responds accordingly.

You can activate Siri by pushing down the dial or you can simply tap the screen (Note: With selected watch faces). Siri works as a quick voice assistant. For example, if you are on your daily workout schedule and you want Siri to set 30 minutes runtime, you need to just say “Hey Siri, start 30 minutes run”.

Recently. Apple has upgraded Siri with many distinctive improvements in watchOS 5 and most of the changes have been made in the Siri watch face. According to the recent update, Siri will be able to display contextual information, such as heart rate, sports scores, and much more.

So, now, you will have reasons to call Siri and pester it since after the improvement, calling Siri and chatting with assistant has improved significantly. Thus, let Siri follow you and make you active in whatever you do.

Dump Your Phone

Though, not literally! You don’t need to throw your phone! But, after knowing some of the amazing features of the Apple Watch, you may think of not using your phone for a while. All thanks to Apple for designing one of the most pristine gadgets.

Imagine that you are heading off for a run without your iPhone and still be able to take or reject calls, read messages, revert to your important emails. Apple Series 3 and later versions have added cellular support, so you can do everything that you tend to do with your iPhone.

If you want to listen to music, now you don’t have to have an iPhone with you every time. In addition to that, if you want to check all your notification without looking at your mobile, you can easily do with the Apple Watch.

If you have ever noticed that people control their home theatre and Apple TV by using iPhone, what if you cannot find remote and mobile at the same time. Now, you don’t have to worry about your remote that usually slips between the couch.

You can now control a number of home theaters devices, and most importantly, everything from your wrist watch made by Apple. By using Apple Watch’s remote app, you can carry out several remote functions such as start, pause, playback, and many more.

Apple Watch as Alarm

Apple Watch as Alarm

We guess you love your sleep more than anything and turning off early morning alarms on your iPhone irritates you. Unless you keep your phone within your reach, it will become more annoying in the morning. Switch to the Apple Watch in order to save your time while setting an alarm.

Though, there is no straightforward way to set alarms on Apple Watch. You need to go to the Alarms App on the Watch and you need to twist or move the Digital Crown in order to set the alarm. It seems easy enough, but there is a lot more than that.

On the other hand, using Timers in Apple Watch is very easy and convenient. Don’t bother much, all you need to do is to open Timer app and set the amount of time that you want to track.

Now, don’t take out your iPhone to check the time. In your Apple Watch, you need to twist the Digital crown upwards and it will show the time on the screen without illuminating the whole Watch screen.

Get Your Personal Fitness Trainer

People are becoming more aware about their fitness. In order to achieve a good physique, many of us have appointed a personal trainer in the gym and those who choose their own way to workout, are very keen to utilize digital platforms.

Here, people can download health and fitness-related apps to maintain their daily workout schedule. With many apps in the market, it is easy to maintain your fitness routine.

Apple Watch as Alarm

Apple Watch has a perfect solution for you. With the upgradation in watchOS, Apple’s workout app provides a whole new workout routine for the aspirant. It comprises of new workout routines, high-intensity training modules, skiing and snowboarding, and automatic exercise detection.

Automatic Exercise Detector 

The Apple Watch will automatically know what kind of exercise you are doing and will notify you. FYI, it doesn’t automatically track, in fact, it will remind you to start the tracking of your workouts. In addition to that, it will remind you to end the tracking once you complete your workouts.

Another popular application that Apple Watch contents, is Breath app. After a tiring day, you will be feeling stressed, then it is a better idea to use the Apple Watch Breath app. This application helps you in breathing for a select amount of time.

Basically, this app allows you to follow the instructions which will be seen on the screen. With this, you can focus on your breathing for a period of time. This feature is developed considering the human wellness. With this app, you can set time in which you can plan how many breaths per minute you wish to take.

Food is Just a tap away

Have you ever been so hungry that taking out your iPhone also looked like a long road to order the food? We know how many options can confuse you and let you be hungry for a long time. This usually happens with mobiles.

Fortunately, now, you can order your food from your wrist watch. Apple Watch has a few unique food apps that will help you get the most enticing food in no time.

It has GrubHub which lets you repeat your order from your favourite restaurant. You can now order pizza from Domino’s with the help of Apple Watch. With just a couple taps, and your order will be on your way in quick time. thus, Apple Watch will always satisfy your hunger.

Let the Music be your company

Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE network

You’ll require an Apple Watch Series 3 with an LTE network to draw off this accomplishment, yet it’s one that will be appreciated component in the event that you admire a little music going with your run. Since the Series 3 model is equipped for interfacing with wireless networks alone, you can stream melodies without having your iPhone close within reach — perfect for working out.

Furthermore, you’re not simply constrained to Apple Music and its $10-a-month spilling charges. Apple likewise incorporates an application called Radio with the Apple Watch for spilling melodies.

Apple Music Streaming

 streaming presently comes legitimately to your Apple Watch on account of cell support, however you can even now include MP3s and pair it with some AirPods for music. You’ll have to make a beeline to the companion Watch application, at that point over to the Music section.

Here, you’ll see a couple of choices. You can have several constantly refreshing playlists consequently match up music to your Watch when it’s charging. You can likewise physically include tunes by artists, collection and playlist just beneath that.

Fortunately, Apple has made this procedure a whole lot simpler than previously. Already, you needed to make a playlist first before matching up over any music.

Spotify on Hands

Obviously, you ought to get a decent pair of Bluetooth earphones to tune in to the music. Truth be told, when you begin playing a tune on your Watch and there is no Bluetooth earphone associated, it’ll hurl some pop- up box requesting that you synchronize your earphones.

apple watch spotify app

There’s also the Apple Watch Spotify application, as well, in the event that you’re thinking about what to do, whether you’re not an Apple Music supporter. You’ll have the option to add and play music to your Spotify library from the inside application.

Write Messages  

So far, you would probably know that you can use Apple Watch as an alternative for your iPhone. it is evident that you can easily compose messages and emails from your Apple Watch.

But, with Apple Watch you can dictate a response from anywhere at any time and you can write a message from it. It has a scribble feature that allows users to draw anything such as letters, numbers, and symbols on the screen. The amazing thing is that it automatically converts those symbols to the text.

Apple Watch Write Messages  

How cool is that, right! Now you don’t have to talk to your watch when you want to respond to anyone. You need to simply tap the Scribble key and you can write your messages.

Unlock your mac  

How flexible it would be if your Apple Watch could save your time and a few efforts! With no surprise, you can save your time by using Apple Watch. You can cut down seconds which were spent on unlocking your computer.

Did you realize your Apple Watch can spare you with some writing or typing on your MAC? Read the following para in order to understand how you can unlock your device with Apple Watch.

If you have got a Mac made inside the most recent years, your Apple Watch can be utilized to open the screen without entering your password. You should simply empower the capacity on your Mac in System Preferences > Security and Privacy by checking the box alongside allow your Apple Watch to open your Mac.

Presently, when you wake that Mac from sleep and you’re wearing your Apple Watch, it should deal with that bothersome password business for you.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay

You will thank Apple for this. Apple Watch has come up with an astonishing feature that will ease the way you do your payments. Through watchOS 4.3, Apple has introduced Apple Pay which perfectly works like a prepaid debit card. It will enable users to pay for things as well as let you pay to your friends.

So, if your friend keeps asking you about the money that you have borrowed, you can return it easily, though you need to have money in the first place! All you need to do is to open the messaging app on your Watch, and simply pay them. You can also place a request to your friend regarding pending money.

To set up Apple Pay cash, is very easy and convenient. If you have already linked debit card with your Apple Pay account, then by following few steps, you can easily install Apple Pay. For this, you need to go to the setting on your phone followed by ‘Wallet & Apple Pay’, and then to the Apple Pay Cash.

Agree to the terms and conditions and start paying! It seems that it would be easy to use Watch at the cash counter instead of tapping phones since you would have already bought so many things to carry.

Play Games

apple watch Play games  

You must be wondering how is it possible to play games on the tiny gadget. Yes, you might not be able to play high-quality games, but you would not mind little brainstorming. However, the small screen of Apple Watch may not appear feasible for you to play games, but you can look for a few distinctive puzzle games which will make you scratch your brain.

You can compete with your friends while playing quizzes online. Apple Watch offers more than one could have expected. You can easily download and play decent puzzles and quizzes on your Apple Watch.

If you have good eye-sight, then you would love to play solitaire on your Apple Watch. The reason for mentioning your eye-sight is that you may find it difficult playing solitaire on a tiny little device!

A good thing is that now you do not need to carry your iPhone just to entertain yourself, you can play games and solve puzzles on your wrist watch so, how excited are you to grab all new Apple Watch!

Organize your app

Fortunately, there are a few distinct approaches to arrange your apps. You can keep the old honeycomb matrix (appeared) in the event that you need, and however that you do pick that way, realize that it’s a lot simpler to start up the companion application, head over to App Layout and sort out everything there, rather than on the watch itself.

In the event that you need to be finished with the honeycomb framework, you can likewise change over to a list view. On the Watch, simply force touch the application choice screen to pick the grid view option.

Apple jettisoned looks long back in watchOS 3, and now you see all as of now open apps by contacting that side bottom. You ought to absolutely utilize this dock, stacking it with your most utilized apps. Why? Since these are the apps your Watch will organize when pulling in information and background revives.

watchOS 3

You can redo the dock in your companion Watch application. It very well may be set to pull in the latest apps you utilized, which works somewhat like performing various tasks on the iPhone. Or then again, you could transform it into a legitimate dock with your most loved apps. If you pick the last mentioned, you can undoubtedly modify which apps show up.

If you’d like to tweak the dock on the Watch itself, you can do as such by tapping the button, thereafter, 3D touching an application and tapping “Keep in Dock.”

Match the Occasion by Changing the Wrist Straps  

The Apple Watch is designed considering the new trends and the color combination. The straps are manufactured in a way that they can be removed and you can place a different colored strap instead. The straps are being made from a rubbery and spongy material and are sweat-resistant.

You can choose different straps depending upon the occasion. Whether you are doing exercises or enjoying a party with your friends, there are various wrist straps available for alteration with Apple Watch.  You can make your friends jealous by showing colourful straps at every new occasion.

Find Your way

Maps on Apple Watch is another exciting and useful feature that has provided ease to the users. Once you have maps on your watch, you can easily navigate the route accurately. Now, you don’t need to look at your phone constantly in order to locate your destination. With the inclusion of Maps on watch, you can get the perfect directions on your watch without using your iPhone.

Apple Watch Series 2 and onwards devices have introduced in-built GPS which allows users to find the way accurately. The most interesting fact is that while navigating through Apple Watch, you don’t need to rely on your iPhone’s GPS sensors since it has already included in Apple Watch.

Talk With Your Car

If you have recently bought a cutting-edge and a modern car, your Apple Watch may offer you many ways to beware of your vehicle’s status and even cooperate with it.

Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, VW and more have already given you a chance to do things like lock and open your vehicle’s doors and windows, blare the horn, check battery levels on electric autos, and even assistance you locate your vehicle from the parking area.

If you have an older vehicle, a secondary selling alternative from Viper incorporates an application to give you a chance to lock, open, and start your vehicle remotely.

Take a screenshot  

Yes, you have read it right. Now, you can easily take a screenshot by using your Apple Watch. New version of Apple Watch devices can take screenshots. To take a screenshot, you need to push the Digital Crown and action button at once.

The taken screenshots are then saved to the camera roll on your iPhone. Although this feature doesn’t come by default, you have to enable screenshots feature by navigating to the Watch companion app. In Watch companion app, you need to go to General, and there you will see a toggle button that enable/disable screenshots feature.

Measure Your Heartbeat Rate & Take an ECG

Measure Your Heartbeat Rate

This is one of the smartest health features that measure your heartbeat. The Apple Watch can count your heartbeat with the help of a pulse reading from your hand. It has another function called message function which allows users to share the heartbeat readings with others.

With the help of Apple Watch, you can set up a notification that would show your heart rate.  It will alarm you by notifying whenever your heartbeat rate drops low or rises too high.

Currently, this feature is only available in the US, because it has medical approval over there. You can set the heart rate level in the Watch and it will notify you if your heartbeat rate gets increased significantly.

With the arrival of Series 4 Apple Watch, the health department must be feeling lonely. Since Apple Watch has included a latest new feature in it with which you can take an electrocardiogram (ECG).

The feature is available in the US market and it will take a considerable amount of time to reach internationally. It helps you detect atrial fibrillation, so it is worth buying! If you own Apple Watch, consider taking ECG before heading to the doctor for check-ups.

Change Airpods volume  

Congrats to you on your new Airpods! But, have you ever thought of raising or reducing the volume of your Airpods without taking out your iPhone. It is obvious that if you want to use your iPhone, you need to take help from Siri, and it would become a complex process to ask Siri to change the volume, isn’t it?

Hence, if you have an Apple Watch, you can do this in a few seconds, you may consider yourself lucky if you have purchased Apple Watch.

While listening to music on Watch which. Runs on watchOS 4 or later, you can glance at your watch to see which song is playing. It doesn’t matter if you are hearing songs from iPhone or Watch. To change the volume, you need to rotate the Digital Crown. Don’t you think it is more convenient than taking out your iPhone?

Go, Swim, Go Run without your iPhone

You might be discussing your daily workouts, if you have an Apple Watch Series 3, you can at long last live the fantasy and abandon your iPhone when you go for a run. That is on the grounds that both Series 3 models of the Apple Watch have worked in GPS that can follow your exercise without requiring you to haul that overwhelming iPhone around.

In addition, bring along a couple of Bluetooth earphones for the ride and you can even tune in to music on your Apple Watch as well. Other than Apple’s very own Workout application, you can exploit this in a lot of outsider apps like Runkeeper and Nike+ Run Club.

Now, you can completely eliminate the risk of getting your electronics wet. You can ditch your phone while swimming since Apple Watch is water-resistant and you can look at it as an alternative for your iPhone.

Apple Watch is Waterproof

Apple Watch is Waterproof

The first version of the Apple Watch was water-resistant. Thereafter, Apple has added a feature that can easily submerge the watch up to 50 meters. And, after the successful launching of Apple Watch, Apple has included this feature in the Series 3 models. Therefore, this wristwatch turns out to be the most successful and satisfying electronic gadgets.

From Series 2 forward, the Apple Watch is waterproof and incorporates an eject mode to dispose of any water that is left hiding inside after you’ve gone swimming. If you want to manually utilize this element, swipe up from the home screen to navigate to the Apple Watch Control Centre. Search for the water droplet symbol and press it. You’ll at that point be provoked to bend/twist the digital crown to get rid of the water.

Check Data Usage  

Everyone wants to have an eye on your monthly data plan. With Apple Watch on your wrist, checking your data usage would become easy and quick.

If you own Series 3 or Series 4 Apple Watch with cellular, you can easily check your data usage, because you would not want that you have any miscalculation about your current data plan. On top of that, you can observe the amount of data which are being used by Apple Watch.

To check your data usage, you need to open companion app and then select the cellular menu option to see the information regarding your data plan. You can also determine the apps which are consuming more internet data for the current period and how much data you have used.

Transfer Call  

This is one of the most attractive features of Apple Watch. It allows users to transfer the call to their iOS devices or iPhones. We are sure that you will get amazed once you know how quickly you can transfer your call from Apple Watch to iPhone. The procedure is seemingly simple and accurate!

You must be wondering how to transfer calls rapidly to the iPhone. Let us say that you receive a call on your Apple Watch, but you are comfortable talking on your phone rather than on your Watch. No issue, all you need to do is to accept the call from the Apple smartwatch and swipe up in order to transfer your call to the iPhone.


There is a lot more you can do with your Apple Watch and fortunately, we have covered most of the significance of the gadget. We hope that this article will help you utilize the different features of your Apple Watch.

You can browse Apple’s website to know about the more exciting feature about this app. Do share your feedback about the article and let us know if we can help you solve your queries related to iOS and Android.

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