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How to Restore Network Configurations On iPhone?

Many of the iPhone’s capabilities and operations rely on an internet connection, such as sending an email and monitoring the weather. You may need to reconfigure the network of your iPhone configurations if it doesn’t connect to the internet, even if it seems to be using Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Is your iPhone displaying a connection to the internet, but no data is flowing? The network of your iPhone options determines how it links to Wi-Fi and mobile networks. In some instances, you might have to reconfigure the iPhone’s network configuration, but there are other ways to fix the problem.

What Changes When You Restore Your Network Configuration?

When you restore the network configuration, all web and network-related data on your device are erased, and the Wi-Fi and mobile network configurations return to the default configuration. Wi-Fi network addresses, passwords, Bluetooth devices you’ve already associated with, mobile network choices, and VPN configurations are included in this. You must restore Wi-Fi and Virtual private network configurations manually after a factory restores on an iPhone.

In contrast to a factory restore, which erases your data and personal information, a network configuration refresh only restores the network configurations. As part of the trade-in process for an iPhone, this is usually done. Your files and media, as well as your online browser history and mobile carrier information, are all safe after a network configurations restore.

You should attempt these fixes before restoring the network of your iPhone configurations if you’re experiencing network issues. If you don’t seem to have enough time and patience to restart your networks, these fixes may be the answer.

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Try some troubleshooting before restoring your network configuration.

You may Turn the Flight Mode on and then switch it off.

Once Flight Mode has been activated for a minute, you can turn it off.

Turn the Flight Mode on iPhone

  1. Select configurations. You may activate Flight Mode by pressing the Flight Mode toggle. Touch the slider again to shut it off after a few minutes.

When Flight Mode is on, the toggle is lit green.

  1. Scroll down from the top-right area of your display as an alternative. Turn on Flight Mode by pressing the Flight Mode icon. To turn it off, tap the symbol again.

When Flight Mode is enabled, the symbol turns orange.

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Restart the iPhone by switching it off and on once more.

As a last resort, try restarting your iPhone if Flight Mode doesn’t fix the problem after a few attempts.

  • Holding and Pressing the Power key or the Power tab and a volume tab until the power off slider shows.
  • Push the power-off toggle toward the right.
  • Holding and Pressing a key on your iPhone until you’ve seen the icon of the Apple. 

Forget your Wi-Fi network and Reconnect to it.

Remove and then rejoin your Wi-Fi network if you are still unable to connect.

Disabling Your Wifi on Your iPhone

  • After navigating to Configurations, hit Wi-Fi to see the network’s configurations page. The network’s name to which your device is connected is displayed under Wi-Fi, and the on/off toggle towards the top of the screen.
  • Tap the ‘I’ in the circle next to the existing network name.
  • You may find Wi-Fi options on the iPhone. Once you’ve clicked ‘Forget This Network’, press Forget again to verify.
  • On the Wi-Fi configurations screen – When you forget a network, your iPhone disconnects from the connected network and brings you back to the list of wireless networks that are accessible.
  • Click the network address to join a network, enter the network’s password, and hit the “Join ” button.
  • Make sure all of your links are correctly working before you proceed any further.

Do not give up just yet.

If the problem persists, Try Restarting your Network Configuration

To start over, use the Restore button. 

  1. Go to the Configurations menu of your mobile device. Take a look at General.
  2. Continue scrolling down the list until you reach the bottom. 
  3. Select Restore Network Configurations from the drop-down menu. Then hit Restore Network Configurations again to confirm your decision.

After some time, the iPhone will restart and have its network configurations restored. Enter your passcode when you’re able to use your phone again. For the most part, your mobile phone should instantly reconnect to your wireless service. Do not hesitate to contact Apple or your mobile network provider if your iPhone does not automatically connect even after trying this.

You must reconnect Wi-Fi networks as well. To join a Wi-Fi network, go to Configurations > Wi-Fi and hit the network address. Tap ‘Join’ once you’ve entered your network password if required.

If you use a VPN, get and follow the instructions provided by your VPN provider for reconfiguring the VPN’s software and configurations on your phone.

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