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How to Block Someone On iMessage on iPhone

iMessage is one of the popular platforms to send text or messages between iPhones, iPads, and Macs with your phone number or email address. iMessage feature is different because it is connected through Apple IDs that links all iOS devices together through the iMessage. If someone sends you a message with an Apple ID through the iMessage service, you can view it on all connected devices. If someone sends you a message through other than an iOS supported device, you can view it will as a traditional SMS message. But sometimes you want to block someone on iMessage. Here is the way to block someone on iMessage on iPhone:

imessage on iphone

Block someone on iMessages on iPhone:

Follow the given below steps:

  • You need to launch the Settings.
  • Then scroll down and click on Messages.
  • Then scroll down again and click on Blocked.
  • Then click on Add New to add a person to this list.
  • You need to select the contact that you want to block.
  • Then that contact gets added to your Blocked list.
  • This contact cannot call you, text you or send an iMessage to you. FaceTime also blocks for this person.

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Block unknown numbers from sending you iMessages

Sometimes you receive repeated messages from unknown numbers that hamper your busy schedule. If you do not want to receive such repeated messages, you have the option to block these unknown numbers from sending you iMessages. Follow the given below steps to block unknown numbers:

  • You need to open the main menu of your iPhone and then go to the Phone app.
  • Then click on Recents with clock symbol by scrolling at the bottom.
  • The list of all the recent phone numbers which you sent or received messages and calls appears.
  • Then find the unknown phone number that you want to block from sending you iMessages.
  • When you find the unknown number, click on the ‘i’ icon on the right side of the number.
  • Then scroll down and click on Block this Caller.
  • Then you need to click on the Block Contact option.
  • Now, you do not receive any iMessages, phone calls and also Face Time from this unknown number.

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Stop notification for Blocked Contacts

You can also stop notifications if someone unknown sends you an iMessage. Follow the given below steps to stop notifications without missing other message notifications:

  • You need to delete the contact from your phone or address book.
  • Then open the Settings app and then click on Notifications.
  • Then click on Messages. Then scroll down and choose Show Alerts from My Contacts.
  • Now, you do not receive any notifications for iMessages sent from numbers that are not in your contacts or unknown numbers.

Block iMessage Senders

You can use iMessage through the messaging app on an iPhone and iPad. You can also access iMessage from Mac running OS X Mountain Lion or later. Follow the given below steps to block iMessage senders in the Messages app:

block messagers

  • You need to go to the Messages in the menu bar on a Mac.
  • Then choose Preferences and then select the Accounts tab.
  • Then the list of currently blocked iMessage senders appears by tapping the Blocked button.
  • Then tap the plus (+) button and choose a contact you want to block.
  • Then that contact visibly added to a list of blocked senders and cannot contact you through iMessage.
  • The blocked contact does not get any kind of notification that you blocked them.

Block someone on iMessage on iPhone

You can block a number or contact from iMessage using your device in various ways such as:

  • Block from Phone App

    • You need to open your recent tab and click beside the phone number that you want to block.
    • Then scroll to the bottom from the pop-up menu to search the option Block this caller.
  • Block on FaceTime

    • You need to search the contact or phone number you want to block in FaceTime and then click beside it.
    • Then scroll to the bottom from the pop-up menu and select the Block this caller.
  • Block from Messages

    • You need to go the conversation with a contact that you want to block this way.
    • Then click on the phone number or contact name at the top and then choose the ‘i’ icon.
    • Then click the contact name again.
    • Then scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the option to block this number or contact.

Unblock Someone on iMessage from your iPhone

If you want to unblock someone on iMessage from your iPhone, follow the given below steps:

  • You need to go to the Settings menu on your iOS device.
  • Then select Messages and then Blocked.
  • Then click on the contact that you want to unblock.
  • Then slide to the left and then click to unblock this contact.

If someone blocked you on iPhone iMessage, you can check from the given below methods:

  • Color of sent iMessage:

    The color of the iMessages is basically blue.

    • When you send iMessage to your friend, it turns blue in color. Then after a few minutes if it turns green and does not send back a delivered response you may be blocked.
    • But you cannot know with a single message because iMessage may consistently fail to send due to network issues.
    • You can also check by sending various messages and if they all turn from blue to green, you are blocked by that contact.
  • Sent messages status:

    iPhones users turn read receipts in settings for their messages.

    • By default, this setting is already ON.
    • It is necessary to check if the read receipt setting is On or Off.
    • If you send the iMessage and the message remains blue means message is delivered but it is never read and that contact blocks you.
  • Message status on MacBook and iPhone:

    You can check on both iPhone and a MacBook that if someone blocks you.

    • You need to send a message either through iPhone or a MacBook.
    • You can view an icon indicating delivered just below the iMessage.
    • If you are blocked, the icon does not appear.
    • The MacBook also does not feature any delivered or read receipt. 
  • Check information of the message:

    • You need to go to the iMessage application on your iPhone.
    • Then go to your conversation with the person you suspect that blocked you.
    • Then confirm a notification below the sent message.
    • Then check for read receipt below it on the last sent message.
    • It is the default setting and if it is missing, the recipient may block you on iMessage.
    • You can also check below the last sent message for the delivered notification.
    • If previously sent messages to the individual receive delivered notification but now you do not receive, that contact blocks you.
  • Switch off your caller ID:

    • You need to open the settings app. Then click on the phone.
    • Then click on my caller ID and then you switch the settings off.
    • Then you need to call the recipient.
    • If the phone goes through, that contact blocks you.
  • FaceTime calls:

    If the calls go through normally but seem rejected by the recipient, that contact blocks you.

  • Locations sharing:

    • Some people share locations through Find my Friends.
    • If the friend is not sharing location any more in iMessage conversation, this means that you are blocked by that friend or contact.
    • But you cannot sure with this because it may happen due to the location unavailable or the friend or person may be far from the phone or else the phone is switched off.

This article guides you on how to block someone on iMessage on iPhone as well as on Mac. There are various methods as mentioned above that enable you to check if someone blocks you. You need to follow each step carefully.

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