How to Find a WiFi password on Mac

Nowadays, you should walk carrying a board in which you have mentioned your WiFi password. We are not kidding; you also have faced such a situation when someone asks your WiFi password two often. Whenever you invite your friends to your home, the first thing that they would ask is, ‘what’s the WiFi password”? The concept of using social media for sharing information has created hype in using the internet. And, this is the primary reason that everyone is looking for a WiFi connection whenever available so that surf a few things around on the internet.

You are more likely to remember the password which is regularly used by you. Sometimes, you tend to have so many passwords to remember, and it is not every time possible that you have all your password covered in your memory. There is one distinctive way to find out the password. You can always get the password with the help of a WiFi router; however, the process requires a lot of mental effort and time.

Methods to Find a Saved WiFi Password on Mac

If you have ever tried setting up your iOS device, but you could not do it because you didn’t remember the password. In such a case, you may look to solve this issue by checking the Network Preferences on your MacBook Pro. But, we are afraid to say that it is ultimately the wrong way to find out the WiFi password on Mac.

In this article, we have mentioned very unique techniques to find out the password on your Mac. With this method, you will not need your router alongside with you. There are two ways by which you can find a WiFi password on Mac. Note that, this article is for Mac users only if you are window users, you may need to look somewhere else.

Here are two methods mentioned below:

Method 1: Keychain Access on Mac

Keychain Access is one of the unique applications provided by Apple to Mac users. The prime benefit of having a Keychain Access is that you don’t have to remember your password. The reason being, the keychain access itself stores those passwords. To find out your WiFi password, you can use keychain access, but first, you should know your Mac’s administrator password. Without a system password, you will not get access to the Keychain Access.

Keychain Access likewise stores your applications, web, and web structure passwords, so you’re in luck if you overlook one of those as well. In the event that password administration is something you are not incredible at, consider investigating 1Password on the Mac App Store. It’s a practical application for monitoring passwords any place you use them, particularly in light of late occasions like the Heartbleed bug.

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Follow the steps mentioned below to find out WiFi password on your Mac.

Step 1: Open Keychain Access 

At first, you need to launch Keychain Access on your Mac. If you don’t know how to open Keychain Access, search through Spotlight, you will find there.

Open Keychain Access

Step 2: Navigate to the Password

Now here, you need to click on System. After that, click on Passwords;  provided under the categories.

Navigate to the Password

Next up, you need to find the network name that you want to access.

Next up, click on the network to open it.

Step 3: Click on the Show Password.

Click on the Show Password

Step 4: Authenticate the network & password.

Authenticate the network & password

If you happen to be a person who does not know the Username, you can always find your user name from the current screen itself. Just click on the Apple icon which is provided on the top left corner of your Mac’s screen.

apple icon

Step 5: You may  be asked to provide your administrative name and password.

administrative name and password

Step 5: View and Show Password. [WiFi password appears next to Show Password}

View and Show Password

Now, you can see your password in the box which is placed near to the “Show Password”: button.

Method 2: Terminal on Mac 

The terminal is an in-built app provided by Apple to Mac users. This app enables users to control their Mac via command prompts. This method is only helpful to those who know the name of the WiFi network. If you remember your WiFi name, then this process brings you a one-stop and direct solution. Follow the steps mentioned below to find out the WiFi password on your Mac using the Terminal app.

Step[ 1: Open Terminal

At first, open terminal on your Mac, those who don’t know how to find terminal can directly search it using Spotlight Search. 

Open Terminal

Step 2: Type Command.

Write down following command:

Security find-generic-password-ga WiFi Name I grep “password”

You need to write down WiFi name in place of “ WiFi Name”  for which you are looking for password.

Type Command

Step 3: Authenticate.

Ensure that you enter correct command. After you provide adequate command, you will be redirected to a pop-up window where you need to provide your Username and Password.

If you don’t remember your username, you can always click on the Apple icon to find out your exact username. Look at the top left corner of your screen to locate the Apple icon.

Step 4: Show Password

If you have accurately authenticated all the steps mentioned below, then your password should appear just below the command that you have entered earlier.

That’s all, now you don’t have to even touch your router to find out WiFi password. Simply, follow one of the methods above and your issue will be gone in a minute or so.

Additional tip: 

If you happen to be a person who usually forget the WiFi password, and you don’t find above mentioned methods useful, you can always choose our next recommendation.

Use a third-party password management app

The prime highlight of using a third-party app is that you don’t have to remember your WiFi password. The third-party app will remember the WiFi password on your behalf of you. It functions similarly as Keychain does. However, the third-party app comes with additional features, so it is better to have a third-party app to find out the WiFi password.  You can download 1password.

If you have 1password installed on your Mac, then you will only need one master password for that specific app. Your all other WiFi passwords can be stored within the 1Password app.

1Password has various highlights that are exceptionally valuable including Sidebar, 1Password smaller than normal, Vaults, and the sky’s the limit from there. Depictions for every one of these highlights are appeared in the pictures underneath.

That’s all from our side. If you have any other solution, do let us know in the comment section below.How to find a WiFi password on Mac.

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