Best Android boxes in 2024: for TV, Gaming, and Everything Else

If you are done with watching the regular TV content and need something new, you have come to the right place. There are lots of amazing content available out there on streaming services perfect for getting away from the boredom.

You can connect streaming services to your Android TV in many ways, but one of the best and most effective ways is to use Android TV boxes for that. These devices bring you endless streaming content, but some of them can be used for gaming as well as streaming PC content.

Have a Look at the Best Android TV Boxes 

It easily connects to the TV. There are plenty of options to choose for Android TV Boxes, and here in this article, we will bring you the best ones. Streaming services have thousands of worldwide content and not limited to an area.

With these massive content ranges, there is something for everyone, so forget about getting bored; you are not going to turn off the TV that soon. Let’s get started!

You will see two types of Android TV Boxes here. There are Android Boxes that streams content from a particular streaming app on your Android TV. The other kind of TV Boxes are more versatile and can stream from different streaming and music apps.

  1. Amazon Fire TV Stick
  2. Media Streaming Android TV Boxes

Amazon’s Fire Stick

Amazon's Fire Stick

Android powers all Amazon’s smart Fire TV devices; it’s the open-source OS that uses Amazon’s App store. Amazon Fire TV stick appears like a Flash drive with an HDMI connector. With OS5.0 and 802.11ac wi-fi, it guarantees fast downloads and speedy connections.

The best part here is it provides 8GB of RAM so you can enjoy your shows without any interruption or lagging. The stick comes with a remote that makes accessing content super easy. If you have Amazon smart speaker at your home, you can even access Amazon Alexa devices with the remote.

There are two versions of Amazon’s Fire Stick the regular one and the Firestick 4K. The basic one is very cost-effective, but if you want to have an ultra HD video streaming experience, you have to pay $49 extra for Fire TV 4K.

Recently Fire TV got a significant update that includes the YouTube apps. You can download huge streaming apps from Amazon’s Appstore, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Kodi, and Plex.

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast

Nexus was the last media streaming player of Google. After the Nexus, there were no media streaming players by google. Google Chromecast is not a streaming app, but you can use it as a streaming player, got confused? Don’t worry; we will help you understand.

Google Chromecast is a dongle like a device; you have to connect to your HDMI port of the TV. Google Chromecast is used for streaming apps and any kinds of video content from phone or computer to your Android TV.

There are a few models of google Chromecast in the market; the third generation Chromecast came in 2018. Chrome cast Ultra is the latest edition in the Chromecast family. The Google Chromecast Ultra is the only version that features 4K video quality content.

For the Ultra high definition video quality, you have to pay a little extra that is $69. The regular Chromecast will cost you $35, which is a pretty good option if you are ok with 720p to 1080p range of video content.

With Google chromecast attached to your TV, you can stream multiple video streaming apps from your phone. You can also any kind of video, images, audio as well as play games either by using your Android Phone or logging into chrome browser from your computer.

Google chromecast is also compatible with Google Home speaker, so you can even operate your TV with voice commands. With Google Chrome, you can manage your TV through your mobile phone, which makes the whole process so much more straightforward and easy to use. No need to find your TV remote you need your phone and a google Chromecast.

SkyStream TWO Streaming Media Player

SkyStream TWO Streaming Media Player

SkyStream brings smooth streaming thanks to 7.1.2 Nougat. You can download many videos and music streaming applications from Google play store and view countless TV shows and movies.

You can use the most popular and substantial streaming apps like Netflix and youtube here. The best part of the Skystream is that you can connect it to your TV very quickly, and you can access it real quick. You have to connect it with an HDMI cable.

After you establish the connection between your Android Tv and Skystream Media player, you can immediately stream popular channels like CBS, ABC, FOX. NBC and more. not only you can enjoy streaming content but also enjoy gaming with Skystream thanks to 3 GB RAM.

Another feature is the picture quality; you can stream content on 4K video quality without paying any extra amount.

Amazon Fire TV Streaming Media Player

Amazon Fire TV Streaming Media Player

Amazon has come up with many smart devices like a speaker, TV boxed, and electronic stuff, and it has never disappointed us. Like all Amazon devices, The Fire TV Streaming Media Player is an example of excellence.

The great thing about this streaming player is the delivery of high video quality. You can watch endless content, all in high definition and Ultra-high definition video quality.

Another best feature of Amazon’s media player is that it comes with Alexa voice control remote, which makes navigation effortless. Just say the wake words and give the command to Alexa on what you want to stream on your TV.

You can use the voice-enable remote controller for various other things apart from streaming video content on your TV. You can set reminders, Manage to-do lists, ask it to play your favorite songs, ask it about the weather or just crack jokes. The fun will double when Alexa provides a visual result on your big TV screen.

Fire TV Box features more than 10,000 apps, including gaming apps too. There are countless numbers of shows and movies you can watch using this TV Box.

You can also watch live channels without needing your local cable subscription; it means never getting close to boredom with this massive range of content.



This Android TV Box has everything to turn your TV to an entertainment powerhouse. You can stream video content HD and Ultra HD quality along with Dolby digital audio.

It is compatible with the Google ecosystem as well Alexa ecosystem, so you enjoy an effortless hands-free experience. One of the appealing things about the TV Box is its design; it is not like the traditional TV set.

It features a beautiful design with criss-cross lines; even the remote has a unique design and body texture.

NVIDIA Shield TV is the best option for game lovers; it features GeForce Now game streaming. The gaming system lets you play best Android games as well as computer games.

Nvidia shield brings a new gamepad with which they guarantee 60 hours of battery life. 3GB Ram and 7.9 Nougat OS are what make gaming and navigation incredibly smooth and effortless.

To play these superb games and have blasting gaming experience, you will have to subscribe to some plans and also buy some in-app purchases. This TV Box is a bit expensive, but the price of $179 is valuable compared to all the features it provides.

Also, to use this Nvidia with your TV, you will have a good Internet connection. You can set this TV Box with a few minutes. Just plug it in your TV first. Set the device with the help of your Google account using your Android phone to make the process even faster.

Roku Ultra TV Box

Roku Ultra TV Box

The one thing Roku Ultra TV Box is best known for is the numerous list of streaming apps. You can stream almost any kind of streaming app with these TV Boxes. The body of this device is made of shiny black plastic.

The small size TV Box has an HDMI port, USB port power, and Ethernet connector. Connect USB port to other devices and stream music, watch videos on external devices like computers and laptops.

Connect HDMI port to TV and enjoy the unlimited streaming experience. There is hardly any streaming app that you can’t watch with this TV box. Netflix, Vudu, Youtube, Spotify, Hulu Live TV can also search according to categories like News, sports, and health.

Roku ultra is the version that features Ultra HD video streaming. All high-quality videos are in HDR10 format. You have to compromise on the audio quality here as it doesn’t support Dolby sound for video streaming.

It has a straightforward interface through which you can operate all the apps very quickly. Download all the apps from the Apps store which you want to use.

Once all the apps are downloaded, arrange them as per your convenience. You can keep the apps however you wish, but you can’t keep them in a folder.

Roku ultra comes with a decent remote control with black and purple buttons. Along with usual control buttons, you have some special buttons for operating popular streaming applications like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO.

You will see buttons named A and B on the remote it is used for gaming. There is also a headphone jack on the remote, so you enjoy music by yourself without interrupting anyone.

Xiaomi Mi Android Box


MI Android TV Box brings an impressive list of specifications as it comes with 6.0 Marshmallow, Quadcore S905X chipsets. Along with the good processor, it features a 2 GB storage and 8GB of Ram.

All of these make it a popular TV Box. The design is very simple and minimalistic. It is a 100-millimeter square size but has plenty of space for ports and jacks. There is one HDMI port for TV connection, a USB port with which you can connect it to other devices like a flash drive, a keyboard, or a mouse.

Mi TV Box has a Full Value for Money

it comes for $59 and features 4K streaming content. You can download google apps as it is linked with the Google Play store and also Chromecast capabilities. This device even allows you to play videos in MP-10, HDR10 bt to feature you will need a strong internet connection; otherwise, you might experience lagging.

If you hold a subscription to a good streaming service like Netflix and youtube, you have good video quality experience. This TV Box allows the streaming of many videos format. One drawback here is that your Xiomi TV Box doesn’t allow you to stream Amazon Prime video.

You get a simple to use BlueTooth remote it is easy to operate as it not bundled with useless buttons. The voice command operates remote, so navigation becomes easy. When you first connect this device to your TV, you get a full step by step tutorial for set up.


Here you also have the option to rearrange the home screen and set it up however you prefer by putting.

This was our picks on the best Android TV Boxes in the year 2024. You don’t have to doubt the quality of these products. Just select the one with your preferred feature and budget.

Let us know which one of these you like the most in the comment section below. If you already use an Android device, you can share your reviews with us.

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