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How To Fix Apps Freezing And Crashing On Android?

Apps Freezing and Crashing: Using Android phones comes with many advantages like it’s very cost-effective, you have internal as well as extended storage space. You get many options in apps when it comes to Android devices.

But with these pros come cons too, one of them is the crashing of apps. Often when you are using an app on your Android device, the app suddenly stops working or gets froze. If you are experiencing the same problem you have in the right place. We have come with solutions that can fix this error.

Before we start with the fix, let’s have a highlight on the reasons for the sudden app crashing in your device.

Why Your Apps Freeze or Crash?

Apps Freezing And Crashing On Android

Wondering why apps on your phone get crashed?  We are here to tell you. It gets very irritating when you are using an app and it suddenly stops working. Not only its time consuming but also kills up your mood if your favorite application is frozen multiple times.

We have listed major reasons for that so that you can avoid these and save applications from getting crashed.

  • Your app is not updated for a long time.
  • Your internet connection is not working fine.
  • If you are using multiple applications at the same time chances are one of your running apps can be crashed.
  • Your internal storage occupies most of your phone data. It keeps up default files and apps. if you keep on installing apps on your phone’s memory instead of external storage you may full your internal storage which will lead to apps crashing.
  • Your phone’s Ram holds all sorts of cache data, if you don’t clear cache on a regular basis your ram would be full.
  • Fulled up external storage or have installed too many heavy apps on your phone.
  • Running heavy apps in a low memory phone.

Ways to Fix Freezing and Crashing of Apps

Now you know why your app is crashed or frozen at times. So besides further due let’s try to fix this problem.  Below are a few tips and tricks for you to try when your app stops working.

Check your Internet connection

If app you are using needs an internet connection to run then make sure you are connected to a good network. If you switch your connection between high-speed wi-fi to 3G cellular network your application might get crashed.

This can happen in some poorly coded app. So to avoid this circumstance close the app first before you switch your network.

If you are facing a problem with your internet connection try below tricks to get back your internet speed.

  • Toggle your mobile data or wifi tab
  • Restart your phone
  • Connect to another network.
  • Toggle airplane mode

If you are not able to regain your internet connection contact to the customer care of your network operator.

Restart or Reboot Your Phone

You can simply fix your frozen apps by restarting your device. This method will re-launches the operating system and programs of your device. So your apps will have a fresh start.

clear phone

To restart your device, follow the steps below:

Step1: Press the Power button until the reboot menu appears.

Step2: Choose Reboot’ or ‘Restart’ displayed on your phone screen.

Step3:  A pop-up message will be generated asking your confirmation to restart, choose to restart.

Step4: Wait for the phone to power up again and see if your sim card is detected or not.

Update Your Apps

Have you not updated the app for a long time, it’s time you do it now. A newer update can fixe up many bugs and issues prevailing in your application. So open you play store search for the app causing problem and check whether it has got a new update or not.
Update Apps
If yes update it as soon as you can, if the app is heavy make sure you’re connected to wifi connection before you start with the update

Try Clearing Cache Files

Clearing caches files from your Android device will not only save you some extra space but it also fixes troubleshoot problems. We all have one or more app in our device which we use it daily or most of the time.

Usage of these apps lead to cache storage in devices and if you don’t clean it over time it can slow your device and also crash your apps.
Clear Cache

Removing cache over a period of time is beneficial to your device, it boosts up the phone’s speed and makes your device smooth to use. To clear up cache data follow the steps below.C

Step 1: First go to setting, this can be done by clicking on the small setting icon displayed in your notification bar.

Step 2: Now the second thing to do is search for an app menu named Application or Installed apps it depends upon your device.

Step3: Once you find the app menu open it and start looking for apps you want to clear cache or data from.

Step 4: After you select the app, tap on storage, and select the remove cache button. Cache files of that application will be deleted.

There are different android apps available on google play store which clears cache data from your phone. But clearing off cache manually for individuals apps prevents storage hogs and saves your phone space.

Free Up Some Space

Filled up your device with unnecessary junk, try removing it. Even if your phone is not completely full but is about to it may disturb your apps. In this case, it is better if you create some free space on your phone. Remove unnecessary items and apps from your phone. Clear apps that are not required and to do so follow these steps.
storage Full

Head to Settings

Step2: Choose  Apps option

Step3: Click, on the Downloaded tab

Step4: Tap on the app you wish to eliminate and tap Uninstall.

Update the software

There are a few times when the problem is not with the app but in the software.  You get rid of these malfunctions by updating your software. Look for the new update if it is available or not. If a newer software version available you should go for the update as this may resolve your app issue too.

Step1: Go to Settings

Step2: Scroll down and tap About device (About phone, About tablet)

Step3: Now click on Software Update or System update.

Factory Reset Your Phone

Still, nothing worked, If you haven’t found your solution yet, it’s time to start fresh. Try this last step and remove all the content of your phone by applying the factory reset to your phone.

factory reset

Step1: Open Settings
Step2: Search for Backup & Reset option
Step3: Now do Factory data reset 
Step4: Choose Reset phone or Reset tablet.

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