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List of Rescue tools to evade Google Assistant

Google Assistant “Ok Google” a Boon turned to Bane, and here are some rescue tools to evade its existence.

Technology in the recent past has indeed been high end and comforting, the human beings really wished way back to have a robot to serve their basic needs and help them to sort out their daily activities.

Know About Rescue Tools To Avoid Google Assistant

However, a few decades back it was something illusionary or rather a far fetched dream but it became almost surreal with the latest innovations which are quickly picking up the pace with the passing time.

In this context, the brand’s name which comes across our minds certainly counts Google as one of the reliable company which never ceases to please its customers, then be it the invention of Gmail, Google Search Engine, YouTube, Android, etc.


When we touch upon Android, we certainly cannot miss mentioning our knight in the shining Armour that has been Google’s one of the most popular service which is referred to as “Google’s Assistant.”

At the inception, Google Assistant was Google Now’s extension which was fabricated to proffer personalized features with an intend to expand the “Ok Google” voice-based control.

Google Now’s primarily worked smartly in tracking the day in day out activities of the user which was respectively relevant to him/her that included aspects like travel and meeting related information, personal information which included the interests, search pattern, etc.

Eventually, Google Now faded out completely however Assistance took it’s place and worked on both textual and voice-based search.


What is Google Assistant?

Moving forward let’s highlight some details about Google Assistant which is similar to Siri present on Apple iOS. “Google Assistant” is a smart two-way voice assistant/virtual robot in a layman’s language, which has been a one-stop solution to make online activities smooth and easy to execute.

During the inception Google brought it’s messaging app Allow into the picture, it made itself present on various technological platforms viz desktop, tablet, smartphone, etc. The Android users welcomed this Google Service with open arms and made it a part of their daily lives.


Google had introduced this in the year 2016 and had consistently been on work to add new features to this service to make it more diverse, interactive, engaging and feasible to use. It can be operational only through either cellular data or wifi connection else it cannot show up.

It is interesting to note that in the year 2017 Google Assistant got its installation done on 400 million devices which clearly shows that it created a boom during its nascent presence.

However, all that glitters is not gold so did this virtual assistant proved to be, after a prolonged time it started showing some features which ruffled the feathers of its users. So, instead of going hand in hand with this new friend of users they rather wanted to bid it goodbye.

How does Google Assistant work?

Google Assistant work

In order to initiate the Google Assistant commands “Ok Google”, you need to press the Home Icon on the mobile for a considerable duration. As soon as you do this you can search/interact via text or speech and the Google Assistant will reply accordingly.

Works on the following Operating System:-

Chrome, Android, iOS, KaiOS (Jio & Nokia 8110 4G)

Works on the Following Languages

Hindi, English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Swedish, Chinese and many more

Google Assistant’s popular flagship cellphone brands range as the following
Google Assistant

1) The LG G6 Model

2) The Google Pixel Model

3) The Google Pixel XL Model

4) The HTC U11 Model

5) The HTC U Ultra Model

6) The Samsung Galaxy S8 Model &

7) The Samsung Galaxy Model, etc.

There are many more on the list but these are some of the prominent ones.

Google Assistant works on the following compatible products

1) The Nest Hello– It is an indoor Video Doorbell that is attached to speakers and informs the user when someone arrived.

2) The Ring Spotlight Cam– This tracks and controls your camera’s motion-based alerts.

3) The Generation II Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller– which on instructions switch on the sprinkler.

4) The iclever Smart Outdoor Outlet- It needs to pair up with the Google Home App in order to function.

5) The Washer (GE GTW685BSLWS)- this smartly informs the user about the laundry status.

6) The Philips Hue Wireless Dimming Kit- this hub can be turned on with the voice control.

7) The Belkin We Mo Light Switch- through the instructions given by Google Assistant it can turn the lights on and off.

Here are some premium Google Assistant partners, which are compatible gadgets for “Ok Google”

Google Assistant partners

The list goes on when it comes to making the daily activities much more feasible and mechanically operated. There is no rocket science involved when it comes to operating all these functions however not everyone is technology savvy or are pretty accustomed to their existing way of operating things physically.

Google’s Assistant Offered the Following Useful Features

1) Real-Time Searching via voice search, texting, etc.

2) Suggestions as per query

3) Calling from the phone directory

4) Booking a Ride

5) Google Image Search

6) Searches for nearby places for shopping, eating outlets/restaurants, etc.

7) Suggests vacation hotspots

8) Reads the news for the user

9) Informs sports scores

10) Informs about Weather Forecasting

11) Books movie tickets

12) Plays the favorite shows that the user has requested or scheduled

13) Email, Appointments track and draws real-time information

14) Sets alarm and important reminders

15) Plays games, tell jokes on request, entertains as per user query

16) Does Language Translations

17) Can control one’s smart home

18) Controls which music you would like to hear

19) Declares the notification

20) Gives customized responses as per the user’s preference to the context

21) One can play his/her desired content via chrome cast and other supported devices

22) It assists in making information accessible for the visually impaired people which makes it very useful

We are sure that you will count all this in the exhaustive list of wow some features however here goes a list of features that turned down this service.

The features that made user’s change their perspective towards this application were as the following

1) Works typically on a specific accent, doesn’t relate to a universal base of regional accent based speech

2) Untimely Pops up at various instances without being requested for

3) If the home screen gets pressed for a considerable duration without intention- this virtual assistance shows up

4) Not so user-friendly

5) In order to access Google Assistant, it requires the users to give access permission to a great deal of data

6) You are monitored every moment then be it your photographs, where you travel, your regular activities, etc. which is certainly annoying

Here’s how you can say goodbye to Google Assistant in different ways:-

1) Permanent Deactivation Process

If you intend to never use Google Assistant then here are the procedural steps to do it-

1.1) Reach out to Google App and now select the Menu Option

1.2) After this step reach out to the Settings option

1.3) You will find an option which states Google Assistant in its section which has its respective Settings

1.4) This will lead you to choose the Disable Assistant option

2) Support Button Deactivation

2.1) Reach out to the Settings option in the Menu

2.2) Select Default Applications

2.3) Now choose Device Assistant App

2.4) Here it is an open option for the user to make a choice of an app which one would like to open when one presses the start button, wherein to dodge the use of this app you can choose No Supporting App.

This is a solution which is reversible in case you would like to switch back to use the Google Assistant again. However, till the time you change your mind, it won’t get activated on its own.

Uninstalling the Updates

This is an extreme option where you can switch back to the older OS Version however this will also deprive you of accessing the other features of the advanced OS. Before settling down at this decision just make sure that you are going to see radical repercussions on your system.


We hope that Google Assistant had been very beneficial for many yet disappointed quite some too. So, with this exhaustive information, you can decide which method to opt in order to get rid of it.

It is very likely that people who have a hectic schedule and remain very organized would still choose to stick around or someone who is too inquisitive about new technology innovation. For the rest, it is just an extra unwanted burden.

In addition, it is important to note that technology always comes handy but as they say, everything has its pros and cons, and in this case, it is to each his/her own.

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