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Online video editor: With the world constantly evolving, updating and rebooting its drivers almost everyday now more and more innovations and ideas become popular and mainstream but the one idea thought process that has dawned humanity since long now is the increasingly thinning patience when it comes to becoming famous and well known. Here we mentioned the top 10 free online video editor without watermark.

What is the best way to do that in the current social media plagued world you might ask? Well, the answer is pretty simple. Videos. Be it short videos of 10 seconds to grasp the audience and have them subscribe to your channel or Instagram page or be it a 2-minute promotional video for your college festival.

You need to know how to edit videos in order to keep having that edge over everyone else around you.

List of Free online Video Editor no watermark

Here in this article, we talk about 10 best video editing software on the internet that let you edit your videos without adding any watermark of any kind.

1)  Video Crop: Crop Your Videos Online

We start with the simplest on the lot. If your video editing needs are extremely limited, this is should be your go to the editor. Video Crop lets you crop your video and along with it to even rotate, slice or stabilize your footage if you want to remove some pestering audience from the video of your friend giving a speech or from your child’s recitation. 


All you have to do is simply drag and drop your video file on the link provided above and start editing. Once you are finished, download the edited version for free and share your video with as many people as you want.

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2) Ezgif : Free Online Video Editor

Ezgif free online editor

Now, this is for all you meme and content creators on Instagram and elsewhere. While gif is the ongoing trend and if made right one of the funniest things the internet brought to us, creating them is an art and something I am sure everyone wished knew how.

Using the tools provided by this app you can convert your videos into gif files or vice-a-versa and even into mp4 format. The website lets you tinker with the videos in effect till things like cropping, slicing, rotating, adding subtitles and some other primitive features.

One of the best things about ezgif is its tolerance of an extremely wide array of video formats ranging from MP4, AVI, WebM, MOV, 3GP, MPEG, FLV and more. The only disadvantage apart from the limited features is the size restriction of the videos that can be uploaded which is just 120 MB.

Apart from which it is extremely useful and easy to use video editing software.

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3) Movie Maker Online: Free online movie maker Software

Movie Maker Online

Movie Maker Online video editing software is your best for video editing at a large scale. As the name suggests, it lets you make movies on the site itself with many advantages over the other such software s available elsewhere.

To begin with, it has no watermark which makes it an amazing tool for editing videos for your college fest and parties. Secondly, the site lets you preview your video while you are editing it so you always know what the smallest changes you make might actually look like on the big screen and in reality.

The site lets you make HD animated videos that you can cut, trim, edit and more at will. You are even allowed to choose from a range of royalty-free audio clips to add to the video.

There is also option like filters, transitions and crossfade which helps you give a professional look to your edited video. Having said all this, there are of course some disadvantages to this particular editor as well. The first and the foremost being the heavy ad laden UI. Secondly, the upload speed for the video is also a little slow. 

But rest assured the results are worth the toil.

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4) Clip Champ Create : Video Editor online free

Clip Champ Create

Clip Champ Create is probably the best free online video editing software s in the market currently. It has hordes of features ranging from cutting larger videos into smaller ones, adding an ungodly number of fade-ins and transitions and filters not to mention the basics like cropping, rotating, slicing and more.

You can also add still images and audio tracks to your video file in order to give it an even more professional look. 

The best part of this software is its intuitive guide for video editing online and its promisingly simple interface. The editor is extremely fast too and lets you tinker with the aspect ratio of the video as well.

While all the advantages are list, its only fair to mention some drawbacks of the editor like the fact that it only works on Google chrome. To add to it, the free version allows you to work only at maximum 480p and only supports three video types, MP4, MOV and WEBM.

5) Online Video Cutter:

online video cutter

Online Video Cutter editor is at best rudimentary but extremely essential when it comes to editing short videos with basic amenities. It runs smoothly with almost any browser and does not require any unnecessary sign in or installation much like many of the editors here. You can crop and rotate your video to your will but that is about it when it comes to what you can do with the video.

The editor is extremely fast-paced though and does not lag while performing. It supports almost any video format available and is also capable of hooking up videos directly from your Google drive as well. There is however one major drawback though regarding the size of the video which can’t exceed 500 MB.

Other than that it is the perfect editor for short videos.

6) Hippo Video: Free Video Editing Software

Hippo Video software

Yeah, I know. Hippo Video. Not kidding. 

Apart from the name, there is probably no drawback to this video editor software. It does require you to sign up for free to avail its services but I swear that is where it ends.

The video editor online lets you tinker with your video to no lengths with cropping, animation and more. You can also upload the video straight from your webcam as well.

Talk about ease of use. The software supports a range of video formats like MP4, MKV, FLV, 3GP, and MPG. You can also add music to your video from either your Google drive or directly your PC or Laptop.

The resolution of the video can be selected even before you being to edit your video which is an amazing advantage. The user interface of the website is unbelievably clean and smooth which makes the site extremely easy to use and navigate for even a beginner at video editing. 

With all the advantages listed here, it should be no surprise when I mention that many CEO’s and other top position holding personnel in different IT firms around the world have mentioned that they prefer hippo online video editor to other giants like clouds etc. . It also offers an AI bot to guide you through the entire video editing experience. 

7) Video Tool Box:

Video Tool Box

If professional had an app, this would be it. Video Tool Box changes the game when it comes to video editing with an extremely complicated set of options and tasks. Amongst all the other video editors mentioned here, this one has the most number of features.

For starters, it not just lets you edit video files of different formats but also convert from one to another all on the same platform. The maximum file size that can be uploaded is again a huge improvement of the normal 250-500 MB on other platforms to a whopping 1.5 GB.

That isn’t even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of this software. You can do all the general cut, crop, rotate along with adding special effects to your video.

Not only does this software not add any watermark of any kind, it actually lets you add your own watermark to it after editing, Needless to say, it gives the whole edited video an extremely professional look and can be used by rookie online video editors who are just establishing a name.

We are pretty sure you would not have known you can do things to a video that the website offers. All of which just goes on to show the technical supremacy of the editor. The UI of the site is however extremely terrible only compensated by its amazing technical specs. 

8) Kapwing: Free Video Editing website

Easy. If you wanted one word to describe this online video editor easy would be it. With an almost game like user interface, all this website does is help you with resizing your video for your social media posts with three simple clicks.


Kapwing has built in modes like Instagram feed, Twitter feed, Instagram story, IGTV, Facebook feed and more which already knows the aspect ratio that your video requires along with size that would fit perfectly on the social media site. 

Despite being so utterly simple to use, t still has a how to operate manual with pictures in case you are unable to get the hang of it. It also has a sample video for you to try out the trimming on.

9) Video Louder:  Online Video Editor free

All the video editor software given here do not play with audio which is sometimes all that you need to alter in your video. Imagine you took a video but have a very poor audio quality and you are unable to hear any word spoken clearly due to the low volume.

video louder

We have a free fix for you. The video louder quite aptly named this online video editor allows you to increase the volume of your video for free something you don’t generally find elsewhere. Just select the video file and then click the button “Upload Video”. It may take some time depending on the video length and on your bandwidth speed. 

10) Rotate My Video

rotate my video online

The name of the website is all that it does. So rest assured they are going to be GOOOOOD at it. Rotate My Video has a very easy to use interface and lets you upload the video and rotate it to whatever degree you see fit. What’s more, after you are done, it even offers to help you with posting the video on a various social media platform.

Rotate on the left? The right? Flip it? Then make it a 16:9 video? You choose. Rotating the video is very easy. They present you with the visual result instantly, no need to think “90° clockwise”.

So that was about all the free watermark less video editing software available in the market currently. Although using online video editing services means simple and straight forward tools, they are still in high demand due to the large impact they can have on video editing and potential output.


As mentioned before, video editing and publishing is the craze right now and having an edge over others by knowing what websites to target in case you need to do a last-minute impromptu adjustment is important information to possess. 

For more such topics and applications subscribe to our blog and remain updated with all the craze in the tech world currently. Till then, HAPPY EDITING.

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