Best Ways to Unlock iCloud Locked iPhone 6/7/8/X/XS/XR/XR

iCloud was introduced in 2011 by Apple. It is a cloud computing and storage service that lets you store your images,  files, notes and more- the method is safe and available wherever you are. It is synced with your iPhone so your images, files, etc are automatically uploaded on the iCloud storage.

Ways to Unlock iCloud Locked iPhone

iCloud locking or Activation Lock was a feature introduced by iOS 7 to prevent iPhone theft! You enable this feature by turning on FIND MY iPhone from the settings of your device. The feature is prevalent on all your Apple devices( iPhone/iPad)

Now setting up the Apple id is one of the first things you are required to do when you start your phone fresh! It is also your iCloud account and it is through this you enable FIND MY iPhone feature on the device, registering the details makes your iPhone an iCloud locked device as now your details have been registered on the Apple server. Everything you do will be connected to your iCloud and everything from your images to your music is officially iCloud locked. So if you forget you forget your password or Apple id details you might land yourself in trouble! You will simply be iCloud locked out of your iPhone.

Keep in mind that getting locked out of your iPhone has nothing to do with your Activation lock.

Quick Note- If you are purchasing your iPhone from a friend/relative or just another human instead of purchasing it online or from a store, ensure that you get the FIND MY iPhone feature turned off!

Some believe that jailbreak might work, But that is a foolhardy method! Jailbreak only manages to remove the restrictions from the iOS, this does not affect your iCloud activation lock in any way.

Let’s find out ways to unlock your locked iPhone! These methods will work for any model(6/7/8/X/XS/XR)

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METHOD 1- Unlocking your iCloud through the settings

Step 1- Open up the settings on your iPhone, you can access your settings by simply tapping on the settings in the app list.

Step 2- Scroll down until you find GENERAL and tap on it.

find general

Step 3- We now will work towards deleting your DN or Doman Name Settings. You will be able to delete all existing DNS records by following this. Deleting the DNS resets your device’s network settings and flushes out all the existing DNS settings.

How to delete DNS settings

Step 4- After opening-up GENERAL scroll down till you spot RESET and tap on it. Now tap on RESET NETWORK SETTINGS.


You may or may not be asked to type in the passcode. Hit confirm and the phone will return to factory defaults.

The method clears all the passwords, WiFi networks, Cellular data, etc you had previously been connected to will all be deleted.

Step 5- You will need to now manually enter a new DNS depending on your location.

You can do that by

  • Opening up settings
  • Tapping on WiFi, now click on the “I” icon you see next to WiFi

click on the “I” icon

  • Click on CONFIGURE DNS, On opening that you see 2 options. AUTOMATIC AND MANUAL.


  • Tap on MANUAL and you will see an ADD SERVER OPTION. Tap on the Plus sign with the green background.

add server

  • Depending on the area your location, fill out the DNS

USA/North America-



Other Areas-

  • A message that says You have successfully connected to my server will be displayed.

After this, you will have successfully unlocked your iPhone 6/7/8/X/XS

However, with the new iOS update, this method may not work!

METHOD 2- Unlock iCloud lock by using iPhone Unlock

This method is perfect for those who are locked out of their iCloud account because you either have forgotten the password or don’t know the password because you purchased the iPhone from a friend/relative or any other.

This method will help you fully unlock your iPhone without much trouble. It will quickly remove the iCloud activation from the previous owner’s account.

Follow the steps below

Step 1- Use this link and visit the website. Once on the website click on UNLOCK iPhone.

iPhone imei checker

Step 2-  Choose your iPhone from the list provided.

choose your iPhone category

Step 3- The next screen will ask you to fill out the details as shown in the image below. Hit UNLOCK NOW to finish the process.

Step 4- After that, you will need to wait for a confirmation message that tells you that your iCloud lock has been removed.

Step 5- All you have to do now after the confirmation is to create a new iCloud account and start using your device!

Note- If you can’t figure out your IMEI number then simply call on  *#06# and your IMEI number will be displayed on your screen. Long press to copy it and then paste it in the space provided on the website.

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METHOD 3- Unlock iCloud locked iPhone using iPhone IMEI online on

What is IMEI?

IMEI or international mobile station Equipment Identity. Every iPhone comes equipped with a unique identifier code that helps identify each phone as it is unique to your device.  It can be used to identify the make. Model and serial number! You must have seen it listed on the packaging of the phone.

How to unlock your iCloud locked iPhone using the IMEI number?

For this, you will first need to know your IMEI number,

  • check the packaging box your iPhone came in
  • SIM card tray
  • Or simply type *#06# on the dial pad and instantly your screen will show you your IMEI number on your screen.type number
  • The last method- open up settings on your phone, scroll down and tap on GENERALl, tap on ABOUT and you can spot your iPhones IMEI code now.

To unlock your iPhone’s iCloud you will need to head out to official iPhone Unlock, a company based out of the UK.

All you have to do is type out your IMEI when you visit the link

Now click on iCloud Unlock, you will be easily able to spot this on the menu panel on the left corner of your screen.

On the new screen fill out your code and hit UNLOCK NOW.

You will need to pay about 27 dollars to get your iCloud unlocked and the process should complete in about 24 hours or less.

icloud unchecked

These are by far the easiest methods to get your iCloud’s activation lock unlocked!

Easy and light on your time in the fast-paced life so do give them a try if you have somehow landed yourself in a similar situation of being locked out of your iCloud.

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