Live Wallpapers Not Working on iPhone- Here’s How You Fix It

Live wallpapers not working on your iPhone display screen is a common phenomenon for maximum iPhone users. A number of technical complexities are responsible for one such issue.

A number of times you must have seen that after downloading live wallpapers from Avengers: End game series the live features in the wallpaper are not working!

“Now that sounds quite embarrassing when your favorite characters from Avenger series are stuck in the midst of an action to seize Infinity stone from Thanos featured in live wallpaper soon after downloading it on iPhone.

But that’s no longer trouble anymore when you have a number of quick-fix available to make your best iPhone live wallpapers work on the display screen of your iPhone.

Some of The Common Reasons for the Errors

Switching on/off some technical features in iPhone settings might be one of the reasons for which live wallpapers may not work properly. Some of them are,

  • Reduced motion turned on
  • The low power mode is mistakenly disabled
  • Disabled 3D touch, etc.

So, whenever the live wallpapers are not working, these are few pivotal to-do things that a user must do to enjoy live wallpaper features on the iPhone.

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How To Fix The Issue With Easy Steps?

  • First of all, check the wallpaper photo that has download after selecting a ‘Live Photo’
  • Restart the phone after downloading the feature
  • A number of users might enable low power mode and if that happens live wallpaper features won’t work, so better check out the Power Mode. If it’s enabled, disable it.
  • Switching on the disabled motion sensor might now allow live features to work properly in iPhones. So it’s better to turn on the reduced motion feature from the phone settings

These are few primary things that an iPhone user must look out before downloading live wallpapers iPhone.

But that’s not all, there are few other things also that an iPhone user must look out before downloading live 3D wallpapers.

Before downloading live wallpapers it’s important to know whether the version of the iPhone that’s in use supports live 3D wallpapers or not! Make sure that the iPhone version that you’re using is not an iPhone XR/SE model. As they aren’t compatible with live wallpapers, due to lack of 3D touch.

Before buying an iPhone it’s better to minutely pay a look into its individual features particularly into the 3D touch specifications go to associate with it. If they are not up to your expectations. There’s no point in buying it, it’s better to add another grand to get an iPhone with a 3D touch sensor feature.

Once the 3D sensor touch system in the phone enables in the iPhone live 3D wallpapers will function accordingly!

Forgetting To Select Regular Static Wallpaper Images?


Selecting the ‘setback regular static wallpaper image’ always guarantees that the selected wallpaper in iPhone functions accordingly. Whenever it’s not being selected.

The functionality of the wallpaper image might face trouble to show up as it is on the phone display screen. Before downloading live features it’s better to check out static wallpaper image on your iPhone.

Try different live featured wallpaper if any of the live wallpapers downloaded are not working. A number of technical features need an iPhone for a specific live wallpaper to display on the screen. Those technical features vary from one model to another.

Who knows whether that specific technical feature lacks in the current version of your iPhone or not?

If it is, then it’s better to try out different live wallpaper and see how it looks when displaying on the phone screen. If everything is fine, it’s assumed that the phone is compatible with the 3D feature sensor touch.

Now that means you can download any other 3D live featured wallpaper. The phone display screen will support the live wallpaper without any technical issues.

Do You Have a Newer Version of iPhone?

newer version

The latest models of iPhones have an inbuilt 3D touch system and that’s why live wallpapers work effectively with the latest versions of iPhones.

Well, that’s not the case with the old iPhone versions. Most of the old iPhone versions are more comfortable with dynamic wallpapers having animated images that play in a loop.

Whenever you download any live wallpaper feature, those older versions might refuse live wallpapers to display on the phone screen. That’s when the live wallpaper features in iPhone stop working.

To avoid such inconvenience, it’s better to get an updated version where both dynamic and 3D live wallpaper features are compatible with the phone display.

After upgrading to iPhone XR from iPhone 7, a number of users have complained that live wallpapers were working previously but now they have stopped working properly. Though there isn’t any direct way to set live wallpaper on Apple iOS 13 and its associated versions. There is a way to set live wallpapers in those versions also, i.e.

  • Select settings, then go to the wallpaper.
  • Choose and select a new wallpaper.
  • Go to live photos album instead of regular photos.
  • Select the live photo and set it up as wallpaper.


It’s not a very reliable suggestion to see how to live wallpaper response on an iPhone. But using captured photos as live wallpaper on the iPhone display screen does allow live wallpapers to run in your iPhone if it works then only!

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