iMessage Waiting for Activation: How to Fix the Issue on iPhone or iPad

iMessage Waiting for Activation

If you are an iPhone user then you will be no stranger to the waiting for the activation message. It is an annoying message to get and it is more common to ios 12 and the after ios updates waiting for activation problem can become more frequent. To help you resolve this problem, we have made the perfect guide. This problem can also happen with face time and to make your life a little easier we will resolve that issue as well. 

How to Fix iMessage “Waiting for Activation” Error on iPhone

How to Fix iMessage "Waiting for Activation" Error on iPhone

Below you will find the guide on how to fix your iPhone, iMessage waiting for activation issue.

This is a common problem but this issue can have several causes and no one solution is perfect to resolve the problem. So we are going to cover all the possible solutions to help you solve the issue. The problem can be the result of a poor network connection of your cellular service or it can be a much serious bug problem. 

But you must remember that at times iPhone activation does take some time but too long is certainly not normal. The maximum allotted time for activation as Apple itself states is 24 hours. Longer than that would thus clearly indicate a problem. 

You can try the following solutions but if none of them work, the most likely issue can be with the network connection of your cellular company. Call their customer care and they can help you resolve the problem. Generally, once the problem gets reported to the cellular company, it gets resolved within 24 hours of time. 

Some common solution hacks include signing out and in of cloud. Others include changes in the settings.

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Take a look at some associated common error messages below:

  • Waiting for activation
  • Activation unsuccessful
  • An error occurred during activation
  • Could not sign in, please check your network connection.imessages Activation

Before you start the process, follow these steps for smooth operation.

  1. Update your ios, you can go to the settings and select the General tab followed by software update.
  2. Take a note of your wi-fi connection if not available then get a mobile data connection.
  3. From the General and settings tab there is a date and time option. Make sure it is updated. The best setting is to set it as update automatically. 
  4. Check if your carrier supports iMessages. The popular ones like Verizon and AT&T very well support the iMessage services. Ask your service provider if they support it or not.

Now that the basics are set, let us get on to the actual steps of resolving the issue of waiting for activation in iMessages. 

  • Launch settings.
  • Scroll to messages and then click iMessages.
  • For face time, select Face time.
  • Now you will have to switch on the airplane mode. This helps to switch off the wi-fi access. 
  • Now you will have to manually turn the wi-fi On by clicking on the button next to it.
  • Select messages followed by iMessages.
  • or for Face time, select Face time 
  • Visit the settings and switch off the airplane mode off. 
  • You will see a message getting displayed saying you can be charged for SMS. Select OK. 

If the above steps do not work, repeat switching on and off iMessage or Face time, whichever one you are trying to fix. Wait for some time and the problem should get resolved. Many users have found this solution as the best one, however, it is a little confusing. If you want a simpler solution, try the next one.

  • Tap the settings tab.
  • Now select the Messages tab. Followed by tapping on Send and receive option.
  • Click on your Apple ID, now sign out from it.
  • Tap iMessages or Face Time whichever one is not working.
  • Switch the wi-fi on if it is off, then off, followed by on again.
  • After a few minutes, tap on iMessages or Face time.
  • Now you will see the option of Tap your Apple ID for iMessages.
  • Click on it and sign in by using your information.
  • This step will lead to activation of iMessages. 

If this also does not resolve the issue, we have another solution you can try. 

  • From settings click on messages followed by iMessages or Face time whichever one is applicable.
  • You will have to restart your phone. You can do so by clicking on the long-pressing the sleep/wake button.
  • Once the phone restarts, visit the settings app again. 
  • Go to messages then iMessages or Face time

This should immediately resolve the issue. Another final method that you can try your hands out is the following. If nothing works or even the cellular company also can not help you out, then try this method.

  • Visit the settings tab.
  • Find the General heading and tap on it.
  • Go to the bottom, there you will find the Reset button. 
  • Once you tap on it, you will find Reset Network Settings, tap on it and
  •  You will be asked for your passcode which you will have to enter.
  • Make sure you give the correct passcode otherwise the process will not work and you will have to start afresh. 

This method will not erase any data or any relevant information except the ones with the WI-fi passcode. So you will have to sign in again to the wi-fi network to access the internet. After re-entering the password, visit the messages tab followed by iMessages. This should resolve the issue. Often an automatic change in the passcode can create this type of problem. Resetting the correct passcode thus should resolve the issue. 

The problem with iMessages activation can get resolved specially if it is caused by a problem with a cellular network connection. All the methods discussed above can take up to 24 hours for working. If none of them work, get in touch with your service provider and they will surely help as in most likelihood they are the ones with the problem. It can take another 24 hours to get resolved. 

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