Best iPhone 6 Wallet Cases

iPhone 6 Wallet Cases

An iPhone 6 wallet case holds credit cards, cash, and ID. Most people need to carry a driver’s license, credit cards, and membership cards around in their wallets. There are numerous iPhone cases with inbuilt wallet functionality.

Below are the Best iPhone 6 wallet Cases:

    LAMEEKU wallet case

LAMEEKU wallet case takes care of all the basic needs. It is shockproof and gives full-frame protection for your iPhone. It has a soft leather texture with a neat design that provides it a fashionable look. This wallet case has three hidden card slots on the back. This stylish wallet case comes in four colors such as black, blue, brown and light brown.

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  1. CandyShell Card by Speck:
    CandyShell Card by Speck

If you look for something a little bit more rugged, you can check out this dual-layer hard case from Speck. This CandyShell case protects your iPhone 6 from typical bumps and drops. It carries your cards as well you can leave your wallet at home. It provides three card slots on the back but lacks the folio design. You can carry everything you need in one sturdy package with a case like this.

  1. Vofolen:
    Vofolen wallet case

If you need a case that can allow you to carry multiple cards, Vofolen is the best iPhone 6 wallet case. It allows you to store as many as nine cards and some cash. It is created with quality PU leather. The case has a beautiful design. It has six magnets that help it resist the impact of the shock. There are six color options that enable you to pick the right choice for your smartphone.

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  1. Case-Mate Wallet Folio:

    Case-Mate Wallet Folio wallet case

The Case-Mate Wallet Folio is a folded open premium leather case with three credit card slots and a separate clear slot for a driver’s license or ID card. The iPhone 6 snaps into a polycarbonate interior case to become part of the folio wallet. A rear cutout allows you to use the camera when the case is open. Case-Mate Stand Folio has slots for two cards.

  1. OtterBox Commuter Series Wallet:

    OtterBox Commuter Series Wallet

The OtterBox Commuter Series Wallet case uses a hidden drawer for up to three cards and one bill. The case wraps the iPhone 6 in a layer of rubber covered by a hard polycarbonate shell. It also includes a stick-on screen protector.

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  1. ZVEdeng:


This wallet case is bulky but very useful. This case has a dedicated pouch attached to it with a zipper. All your cards and cash are protected in that small leather bag. The best thing about this case is that the pouch is detachable. When you do not need to carry your cards, detach it and keep the case. You can put your iPhone on your car’s magnetic mount with metal sheets inside the case.

  1. CM4 Q Card Protective Carrying Case:

CM4 Q Card Protective Carrying Case

CM4’s Q Card Case is a very thin wallet case that conveniently allows you to hold three cards, IDs, and cash. It consists of a proprietary premium, delicate rubber, and fabric case that is highly durable. It is the combination of sleek design and light material that makes this case effortless to use. This wallet case ideally secures your phone from drops. The screen protector incorporates with it guards against scratches.

  1. Silk Vault Slim Wallet Case:

    Silk Vault Slim Wallet Case

This wallet case easily holds three cards plus cash in its slots. This wallet case is a highly slim case that precisely fits and protects your iPhone 6. It is designed as a single piece build that provides your phone ultimate full-frame protection. The ergonomics of the case has a specially reinforced rigid substructure that dissolves shocks. The case has a soft touch finishing and it effortlessly slides in and out of your pocket. This wallet case comes with a high-end scratchproof screen protector that is Lay-Flat and guards the screen against damages.

  1. Spigen Slim Armor Wallet Case:
    Spigen Slim Armor Wallet Case

This ultra-slim case by Spigen incorporates a vertically sliding rear section that can hold two IDs or credit cards. It is a very thin case but still, it provides the necessary protection to your phone. The case is designed with PU and Polycarbonate, contribute to Dual fortification. This case features Advanced Shock Absorption Technology and Air Cushion Technology that gives it extreme shock absorbing ability. The air cushion edges guard your phone against inadvertent drops.

    MOLLYCOOCLE wallet case

MOLLYCOOCLE provides a wallet case with a unique design. The case sets itself apart from other accessories with its dynamic shimmer and elegant looks. PU leather of this case provides a better grip and prevents accidental drops. The case fully covers your iPhone and protects it from all corners and sides. The exact cutouts enable you to operate your iPhone easily.

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  1. ULAK:

You can carry this case to keep your iPhone protected. The floral design on PU leather makes this wallet case extraordinary. This soft TPU case allows you to stores three credit or debit cards and some cash. It provides you convenient hands-free viewing experience.

  1. Taken:
    Taken wallet case

Taken wallet case for iPhone 6made with PU leather. The handmade design makes it look classic. This iPhone 6 wallet case has dustproof, scratchproof, and temperature resistant. This wallet case features a magnetic buckle that firmly attaches to the cover that keeps your iPhone 6 securely inside. There are three slots inside the case. While two slots are for cards, one is for cash. There is an additional slot in the back that can allow you to a small change or a transportation card.

  1. Versus Wallet Case:
    Versus Wallet Case

    The Versus Wallet Case features smooth vintage style PU leather with two-tone accent colors. The round cutout displays off the Apple logo on the rear of the iPhone. There are three card slots and a larger cash slot. It provides solid protection all around.

  1. BUDDIBOX Folio Leather Flip Wallet Case:

    BUDDIBOX Folio Leather Flip Wallet Case

    The BUDDIBOX Folio Leather Flip Wallet Case is the standard leather folio design. It has two card slots, one ID slot, and a larger cash slot. It also folds into a stand.

You can go for both relatively affordable and highly user-friendly wallet cases for your iPhone. The above-mentioned wallet cases are the best iPhone 6 wallet cases. You can buy any of the above as per your preference.

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