iOS: Can a Blocked Number Leave a Voicemail?

Sometimes an unwanted call or message in between some important work spoils your mood and you want to avoid any contact from these tele-callers or any other person. Well, if you are using an IOS device and looking for looking these callers it isn’t that tough.

For all the customers using IOS 7 or above, you can block any calls or messages from unwanted numbers and avoid all the hustle.

Can I Listen To a Voicemail From a Blocked Number?


For blocking any number all you have to do is go to the recent calls tab on your iPhone and tap on the ‘i’ icon which is present at the right of whichever you wish to block.

You can also browse the number in your contact list if you have the number saved. In either case, you just have to click the I’ and scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap on Block This caller tab.


This method though efficient requires the person to either call you or you must have the number of the person saved. After blocking you will not receive any calls or messages from that number, however, the person can still send you voicemail without you receiving any notification.

So while you can block a number on iPhone, you can still receive voicemails from that number. Though you do not receive any notification for the voicemail, you can access the voicemail through your iPhone.

Whenever an IOS blocked number calls you, your device goes into silent mode and your iPhone will automatically route the call to a voicemail. That is Apple’s way of handling the blocked numbers on IOS.

If you want to completely block the number then only your mobile and the cellular carrier will be able to provide you with true cal blocking.

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Finding out Voicemail From Blocked Number

blocked numbers

For this make sure that the blocked number’s information is already on your phone so that you can identify from whom the voicemail is and avoid listening to each.

Whenever you block any number, the IOS automatically creates a Blocked number tab on your voicemail which stores all the voicemails from blocked numbers.

The step to step procedure for finding any voicemail from blocked number is :

Step1: On your iPhone, open the Phone app.

Step2: At the bottom right of the page click on the voicemail button. It can also be present at the top of the page. You can scroll down the screen until you see the Blocked Messages at the bottom.

Tap the button. If you do not see any such tab of Blocked Messages, you have not received any voicemail from the blocked numbers.

Step3: On your screen, you will see all the voicemails that have been left on your iPhone by any blocked callers.

Step4: Tap on the message to see a transcription, though this may not work with all the messages.

Step5: You can also listen to the message or delete it.

How To Block Number Permanently?

T-mobile,AT&T,sprint & verizone

Other than simple blocking, you can also block a number from sending you any voicemail, this, however, depends on the carrier.

The different blocking services that are provided by carriers are:

1. AT&T: This carrier offers smart limits which are a set up parental control feature. This helps you block calls and texts.

2. Sprint: This carrier provides the option of call blocking through its own system of My Sprint.

3. Verizon: This carrier offers 5 free blockages of numbers, however, if you want to further block a number you have to pay an additional monthly fee.

4. T-mobile: This carrier provides free text blocking of all calls. However, they have a Family allowance option that permits blocking up to 10 numbers.

So if you are facing any issues with unknown numbers and you want to block the, contact your carrier for the blocking services that they provide.

With the blocking feature of the carrier, any blocked number if tries to call you hears a message saying that the number they are trying to reach has blocked on.

Apart from carriers, you can also take help from a third party for permanently blocking a number.

These third parties will easily be available on your AppStore. This app actually maintains and regularly keep updating their databases with numbers of telemarketers, robocalls, and spam calls. Thus, their software automatically blocks any such calls.

How To Check Blocked Numbers?

blocked numbers

If you have by mistake added some number on the blocked list then you can also check your blocked numbers.

Step1: Go to Settings on your iPhone.

Step2: click on the phone tab, and further on the call Blocking and identification. This will enlist all your blocked numbers.


Step2: In the settings go to FaceTime or messages and further on the blocked tab. This will show you the blocked numbers on FaceTime and messages.


So blocking someone on the iPhone is easy and the person whose number you have blocked does not get to know that you have blocked the number. While the iPhone software does not allow permanent blocking and the number can still send you a voicemail. You can take help from your carrier or any third party for permanent blocking of any number.

We hope this article has helped clear all your doubts.

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