How to Change Screen Rotation Orientation on iPhone or iPad?

Change Screen Rotation on iPhone: There is a mixed reaction of the users about iOS and Android. For some, the iPhone is unbeatable and for some android has better usability. The battle is a never-ending one. The basic thing is that both are electronic gadgets and problems can take place with any of it. The wit lies in addressing the problem and find out the right way for it, be it android or iOS.

In this blog, we will discuss a common problem that the iOS users often face with their iPhones; it is on the screen of it. Many users have lodged a complaint that the screen is unable to rotate and despite trying it again and again, the screen rotation doesn’t work.

Change Screen Rotation on iPhone or iPad

Change Screen Rotation on iPhone or iPad

It is quite annoying especially when you are watching a video on your iPhone and you can’t rotate the screen for the full-screen view. Similarly, when you don’t require the full screen and just want to scroll through your WhatsApp. The full-screen rotation and the incapability of changing the same is frustrating.

Be it your iPhone or iPad, the problem can take place at any point in time with it. Generally, Apple products perform seamlessly upon your way of handling the device but in case of such unusual incidents. You must follow some alternative ways other than trying the same method repeatedly.

Turning off The Orientation Lock for iPhone

Turning off the Orientation Lock for iPhone

It is the most common complaint about the iPhone users that their iPhone display is stuck in the portrait mode and it doesn’t get rotated to landscape. Just by holding the phone sideways, the phone screen is supposed to rotate to landscape, but it is not happening. In this case, the problem may be with the orientation lock.

If your phone is locked with the portrait orientation, the feature of holding your phone sideways for the change of phone screen will not work. However, there is way you can disable this feature. You have to change the control from the iOS control centre.

In case you are using iPhone X-style, you can swipe down the right corner drop down and reveal the control centre from there. iPhone 8 or the earlier versions. You will get the physical home button, tapping which you can go swipe up from the bottom and get the iOS control centre from there.

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In the control centre you have to spot the ‘lock’ icon around which there must be a circle. You find that the portrait orientation lock is enabled, the icon will appear with a white background. For disabling this feature, you have to tap on the ‘portrait orientation lock’ and tap on ‘disable’ or uncheck it. After performing this action, you will get a message saying ‘portrait orientation lock: Off’ and it will appear at the top of the iOS control centre.

Tap on the home button or press back button to come to the home screen and then move the phone sideways and enjoy the auto-rotation feature.

Change Screen Rotation lock for iPad


Screen Rotation lock for iPad

The problem is not unique for iPhone; it can take place with iPad as well. However, there is a difference. iPad can be locked both in the portrait and landscape screen orientation and that is pretty annoying for the users. The feature name in iPad is Rotation lock. The process is the same for Change the Screen Rotation feature for iPad.

Here also you can do it from the iOS control centre. Accessing the iOS Control Centre differs from version to version for iPad whereas for iPhone, the method is all same, be it the latest version or the earlier ones.

In case you are using iOS 12, Apple iOS 13 or later versions, you have to swipe down from the right corner at the top of the screen. For the iOS 11 version, double-tapping on the home button will directly land you in App Switcher and Control Centre. For iOS 10, swiping from the bottom of the screen will work to reveal the Control Centre.

After that, you have to tap on the ‘rotation lock’ button. Here, the icon is circled. Tapping this button, you will get the option to toggle between the rotation lock. The background of the icon will appear as white when you click on rotation lock off and the message by confirming your action will appear on your screen.

For iPad, after performing this activity, it is recommended to do a restart. Many people face the issue repeatedly even after changing the orientation and restart of the device works perfectly for them.

To quit the entire window and restart, you must access App switcher first. In case you are using an iPhone or iPad without the physical home button. You will have to hold the button for a while so that the App Switcher will get revealed. If the home button exists, tap it twice.

Once you access the App Switcher, you have to locate the app and quit it. To double-check, make sure you swipe up and get the preview. After that locate the app on the home screen and open it again. If the root of the problem is the app, you can rotate the screen after performing this.

Restarting the Device

Restarting the Device

In case of the issue’s persistence even after this, you must restart your device. The existence of the bug can make it happen. For fixing the bug, often a simple reboot works the best. No matter if the device is iPhone or iPad, there is generally a home bar. You need to press and hold the volume up and down button simultaneously along with side button to get the slide to power off menu on the screen.

And if there is already a physical home button on your phone, you can get to view the power menu by press and hold of sleep and wake button together. Swipe upwards on screen and tap on ‘slide to power off the device. Tap on sleep or wake button or the slide button to restart the device. Rather than using the reboot option directly, it is better to power off and restart.

Resetting Your iPhone

This is the last way out for the screen orientation problem you are facing for iPhone or iPad and that is resetting all the settings to default mode. Needless to say, with the reset option you will end up changing everything in the device right from the wi-fi connection to the ringtone. To reset, open the setting app and go to the general setting.

You will find ‘reset’ and tapping on which your device will start to reset everything. On completion, don’t forget to restart the device again.


Hope this guide has helped you to understand the way out from the Change the Screen Rotation issue on apple devices.

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