Error Connecting Apple ID, Verification Failed. How-To Fix

How To Fix Apple ID Verification Failed?

An Apple ID verification failed error mostly arises if you are login your account into iTunes or App Store.

Causes of Apple ID verification failed

  • You need to check all the cables and ports to ensure if it is working or not because there can be a problem with the internet connection of your Apple device.
  • When you try to login to your account by using an outdated version of the App Store and outdated version of the iTunes.
  • If you have installed a third-party antivirus in your system then it may block some of the key software of your device. It may be App Store or iTunes also
  • If you enter the wrong username or password then it can also affect the access of that App. Therefore, it is necessary to enter the right password and username.
  • Sometimes, you might get the error code “Verification failed there was an error connecting to the Apple Id server”. That means your device needs a system update and by updating the OS, it may resolve the issue. 

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Following are the ways to fix the errors while you are connecting to the Apple ID but the verification failed:

  1. A quick reset of your device:


Performing a quick reset of your device is one of the easiest methods as you need to hold the power and the home buttons at the same time until you find the Apple logo. Then turn on your device one more time and check whether you can log in without any issue or error.

  1. Sign out and back in again:

This method is very effective to solve the temporary issues on Apple’s services. Follow the below steps if you are trying to sign in to iCloud:
icloud signout

  • You need to open Settings on your device and tap iCloud.
  • Then press the sign out button and click sign out again to confirm.
  • There will be a message Choose Delete from My iPhone.
  • You need to type in your password in the provided field and tap Turn Off to proceed. Then you will be signed out of your iCloud account.
  • Then press iCloud to sign in again and enter your Apple ID and Sign in.

If you are facing the issue while signing in to iTunes and App Store then you need to go to Settings then App and iTunes Stores Preference then Apple ID and then Sign Out. Sign in again by tapping Sign in.

  1. Update your iOS:

    update iOS

If your device is running on the outdated version of iOS then it has a lot to do to solve the issue of getting the error message. You need to update your device that will address bugs and glitches in the system and check for the available updates by going to Settings and tap Software Update. You make sure to save any changes on your files before you proceed with the update and then your device will restart to complete the update.

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  1. Reset network settings:

To solve the issue of verification failed error message, try to reset iPhone network settings. This method will not delete any data from your phone memory as it will only delete your Wi-Fi passwords and network settings. Follow the below steps to reset iPhone network settings.


  • You need to go to Settings and then General.
  • Then scroll down to the bottom and select the Reset section.
  • You need to choose Reset Network Settings and enter your password if required.
  • Then confirm your action by tapping Reset Network Settings on the pop-up dialog box
  1. Disable iCloud Backup:

This method is beneficial when you face problems while signing into iCloud. It may be difficult while signing in iCloud on other iOS devices. Follow the below steps to fix this problem:

icloud backup off

  • Firstly, you must turn off the iCloud backup.
  • For that, you need to go to Settings then iCloud then Backup and then Toggle of iCloud Backup.

If you are using a Mac then restarting might help to fix this problem. Moreover, you must also verify that the date and time are set properly. However, if this will not work to fix the issue, you need to check your Mac’s Keychain Access Settings.

The above-mentioned methods or ways will be very beneficial to fix this typical verification failed and showing error message while you are connecting Apple ID.

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