How To Reset Forgotten iPhone Passcode (Without Losing ANY Data)

Reset iPhone Passcode: Forgetting the passcode of your iPhone often turns up as foul-play for maximum Apple smartphone users. Once the passcode is lost, the next moment you’re completely detached from your phone.

Be it a valuable document or anything which you need instant access is completely out of your reach unless the passcode is recovered back! Maximum users either start panicking or some of them literally compromise with the data loss which can’t be recovered back later just to access their phone.

If you have already been one of those unfortunate iPhone users who suffered lost of data after restoring iPhone, then it’s high time for you to know how to restore iPhone without any data-loss in few simple steps.

Reset iPhone Passcode without Losing Any Data

Restore iPhone

Now that sounds weird to believe that how on earth is it possible to restore an iPhone without any data loss once the passcode is forgotten.

Simple, after buying the smartphone at least the user must sync the smartphone with any computer and added MAC in the list of its trusted devices. If that’s done, it’s easy to restore the data and access it in the iPhone again.

Reset iPhone Passcode without any single data loss in easy steps

  • Step1: Connect the iPhone to a computer with a lightning cable or 30 pin cable. Open iTunes after that.
  • Step2: If the iPhone is connected for the first time then the display screen of the PC may pop up to “Trust the computer” before putting the passcode. Click the option and reboot the iPhone while it’s connected with Mac or PC.
  • Step3: Once the phone is rebooted a touch option shows up in iTunes. Select it.
  • Step4: Tap “Restore Backup” in iTunes and look at the date and size of the backup. It’s wise to choose the recent back up as that may have the recent data or records stored in the iPhone. Click ‘restore’ after choosing the data and records you want to restore in iPhone from the iTunes.
  • Step5: Put the device in ‘recovery mode’ once switch off ‘Find my iPhone’ notification pops up on the display screen.iTunes will restore and update notification on your PC or Mac once the iPhone goes into recovery mode.
  • Step6: Consider clicking the ‘Restore and Update’ button and wait for the restoration process to complete successfully. Enter the password only if it asks for the encrypted backup. Don’t disconnect the iPhone from the PC or Mac or computer until your Apple phone restarts and synchronizes with the computer. Disconnect the phone only when the syncing process is over, or else the entire effort will be futile if it’s disconnected in between and you have to begin the process once again from first.

Once the entire process is done, remove the iPhone passcode, but the data will remain as it is. And you can access your phone data without even losing a single bit of it.

Reset iPhone Passcode with these Easy Steps

Reset The Forgotten Passcode

Well, the answer to it is simple and yes!

Because it’s easy to access forgotten passcode if the entire phone data has an iCloud back up.

Time to Find Out How?

Before Reset iPhone Passcode, here are few things to check in your iPhone. They are,

  • Firstly, whether the ‘Find my device’ option is turned on or off. If it’s turned off, enable it.
  • Secondly, whether the iCloud backup service is already set up in the phone or not? If it’s there fine or else it’s better to set and backup service in iCloud account and then move ahead further.

Once you’re done checking with these two factors first, check out the prime materials needed to carry out a DIY to Reset iPhone Passcode.

  • Do you have a lightning or a30 pin cable with you or not? If not, then try to grab it first.
  • Whether a computer with iTunes installed in your system or not?
  • Do your Wifi have sufficiently good signal strength, because if its connectivity is poor, the process might stop in the middle? You have to start the entire process right from the beginning itself.

Connect the Device to a Computer using Lightning Cable

Connect the Device to a Computer using Lightning Cable

Connect the iPhone with computer/PC. Mac is preferable as the version comes with iTunes itself. Once that’s done follow the display screen of the computer and the instructions will be coming up one after the other.

Follow the instructions and click, if necessary as you’re directed.

Use any Computer/PC That Has iTunes on it

Once the device is connected, a popup/notification shows up in iTunes. Choose the restore option.  Download the latest version of iOS operating system to the device. Follow the onscreen instructions and agree the latest terms and conditions.

Once the Operating System is downloaded, it may take some time. In the meantime, the phone must remain connected to the computer/PC or Mac Pro.

Recover the Data from Data Recovery Mode

Recover the Data from Data Recovery Mode

Once the download is complete, the Operating System may take another few minutes to install on the PC. The technical verification process is done by the PC before asking you to insert Apple passcode and ID, the process continues.

Once the process is complete the iPhone needs to be rebooted. Once the iOS is installed in your Apple phone ‘Hello’notification shows up.

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