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How To Download Twitter Video To iPhone, iPad, or Mac?

Download Twitter Video to iPhone: We all know how popular Twitter is among the all other social media. Its established reputation speaks the creativity of information and thus, similar kind of people, who want to aware themselves with every possible detail; joins the Twitter.

We usually see many tweets, along with that, you may observe many videos which are trending on Twitter. Needless to say, there are also trending videos which are creative, funny, animal-friendly that entertain us. So, you might want to save such videos in our devices.

As we live in an era where we can easily store those videos or any content in our pocket-sized hard-disk. But, think? How frustrating it would be when we cannot download videos from Twitter or any other social media platform.

How to Save videos from Twitter to your iPhone?

How to Save videos from Twitter to your iPhone

If you are willing to download these videos in your iPhone, Mac, iPod, then you may have to face a few problems. Because the procedure for downloading videos from Twitter is not an easy one; I.e. Not that straightforward. Twitter does not allow user to download videos directly.

But, this can be solved, and I am here to help! There is a certain process to download these videos; you may be thinking it’s going to be lengthy. But, it is effective. Follow the mentioned steps to download your favourite videos from Twitter.

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When You Download Twitter video to iPhone

It is necessary to have a particular file manager app that saves these videos. You could download “MyMedia” or “Documents” apps that allow you to download your favourite videos from Twitter. These both the apps are free, and their working functions are the same as well.

So, Following are the steps to download videos from Twitter.

You Need to Download “MyMedia” or “Documents”

You need to download “MyMedia” or “Documents” named file manager apps to your iOS devices; its downloading also depends on your device model. There might not be any requirement of iOS 9 or later versions to run this application. Your only way to download videos from Twitter is to download one of these apps.

Launch Twitter App on your iPhone

After downloading the file manager which would appear on your home screen. Then, you need to launch Twitter app on your iPhone and scroll to that tweet that has the video in it.

select “Share tweet Via”
Twitter Screen

Once you find the video that you want to download, tap the “share” button, and select “Share tweet Via”. However, you may also find download arrow; select it and hit the “Share Tweet Via” button. These both ways would work properly, so no need to specifically choose any specific one, both are fine.

Choose the “Copy Link to Tweet” Button

When you tap on the “Share Tweet via” button, you will find your share sheet. From there, you can easily choose the “Copy Link to Tweet” button.
Share via twitter

Launch the File Manager App

Now, you need to launch the file manager app; it could be MyMedia or Documents app. When you in action, it would require compulsory for you to select the browser tab for this particular downloading procedure, you need to follow After that, you need to paste the video link into the text field.
my media

Download That Video With Different Sizes

So now, you would have a few options to store these video files. It is also an essential aspect that needs to be considered. While you try to save video, you can download that video with different sizes. It totally depends up on you that of what size of video you would like to download because it also depends on your device internal space.


If you don’t worry about your device storage then just tap “Download video”, then you need to hit the “Download the File” options which will start the downloading of video. Rename your favourite video, and you will see a pop up shows up indicating to save the file. Now, tap the “Save Button”. Your download will begin shortly.


Menu Showing “Save to Camera Roll” Option

At last, you need to hit the “Back” button which is provided in the upper right-hand corner. Select “Media tab” down below, and you will find your download. Now, hold your download until you see a pop up for menu showing “Save to Camera Roll” option, you need to select it.

This Process of downloading video from Twitter may appear a little lengthy, but it’s very simple once you follow every step properly. This way you can easily download and store video in your iPhone.

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Download Twitter Videos to your Mac or PC

Downloading your favourite videos from Twitter to your Mac is simpler than the earlier mentioned method for iPhone. The process is simple and has seven small steps of the procedure.

Launch Your Twitter Feed Page

In your Pc or Mac, launch your Twitter feed page.

Select the Video that you Wish to Download

Now, search for the video and select the video that you wish to download.

Find an Arrow Pointing Down

You will find an arrow pointing down at the top right corner of your tweet. Tap it, you will see a few options will appear in the dropdown menu.

“Copy link to Tweet” Option

In the Dropdown Menu, you would find a specific option that is “Copy link to Tweet”. Tap it and copy the link. If you do not know how to copy this way, you can simply right click and hit the “copy” or can press Ctrl and C.

Go to

Now, you should find a slightly different link than what it was earlier. To proceed with the download, go to


Message “Paste Tweet URL Here”

You should see a text box displaying a message “Paste Tweet URL Here” once the page opens up. Now, paste your copied link there, and then tap on download.

“Download Video” button

From here on, it is a very simple process; you need to simply Right-click on the “Download Video” button. Once you do that, you will find another dropdown menu. From that menu, you need to select “Save Link As” then only you will able to name the file and can download on your computer.


Finally, that’s all from the article. Downloading video on the computer is a very easy process compare to its other variant “iPhone”. And, it is understandable that everyone nowadays wants to have maximum storage in the pocket device.

Therefore, as long as you follow the mentioned instruction, you can easily download myriad of videos from Twitter to your iPhone, Mac, or iPad.

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