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Root Android without Computer or PC { Update 2024 }

Root Android without Computer or PC

How many of you really want to root an android phone without a computer or PC manually? Sounds very interesting, isn’t it? Many Android users want to jailbreak Android mobile devices in order to find access whenever they want to install custom ROMs and mods in their mobile devices. Before, if users wanted to jailbreak their devices, they needed to have outdated rooting devices in order to root access to their Android device manually. But, nowadays, you don’t require such rooting apps as we will be presenting excellent methods that are being used to get permanent access to the device without using rooting applications or software.

How to Root Android

Are you still using these outdated methods for rooting Android devices? You need to advance yourself! We bring you the most convenient methods by which you can root access to your mobile device, and more importantly, in the process, you won’t need any rooting devices or Android Root software. Keep reading the following article where we have mentioned 5 different methods that will help you to get root access to your Android device.

By default, all the Android devices whether mobile or tablets, all can be rooted. At present, Android phones come with better security features, so it creates more difficulties for developers to hack and get the rooting exploit. In such a case, we suggest you find a specific rooting method according to the device type. If you have a phone with all the latest features which are still not understood by many, then developers and hackers may not have the same interest or the motivation which they have for rooting other mobile devices.

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How to Root Android Phone Without PC / Computer 2024

You will find some tips as in methods to root android devices without using a computer. These methods will surely run on Android phones which runs on Android 5,6,7,8 and 9 along with Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo, and Pie.

Before you start rooting your device, you need to carry out the following mentioned points.
  • You need to verify the model number of your device
  • These methods will break your device’s warranty, so use these methods on your own risk
  • Get a full backup of your device
  • You need to grant permission to your device in order to download the third-party application from an unknown source
  • Since rooting process takes time, you have to have your phone charged
  • Enable USB debugging.

Once you are done with all the mentioned steps, now choose one of these mentioned methods below to perform root access to your mobile device without using a computer.

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How to Root your Phone

Method 1: Framaroot – Root without PC

Estimated time: 5-10 mins 

Framaroot is one of the most effective and popular rooting apps for Android devices. We have witnessed many success stories from the people who have used this application in order to root the android device. This application is acknowledged all across the one. Additionally, many Android devices have been verified and tested by the manufacturers themselves. This app allows users to grant root access directly without using a PC. And, since it is tested successfully by many popular companies, it implies that this app works perfectly fine with almost every Android device.

One more interesting fact about this app is that it can also unroot your device if ever in the future you change your mind. So basically, this app not help you root your device but also unroot your device. Follow the mentioned steps one by one to root your android device.

Download Framaroot APK – Root Android without PC

You need to download Framaroot app on your mobile device. There is a little problem when you try to download this application. Unfortunately, you will not find this app on the Google play store because of Google’s policy. This app would be found on the internet.

Find File – Rooting without Computer

Now, open file manager from your Android device. Now you need to go to the directory where all apk. files tend to store. If you don’t have a file manager on your device, you can download from the Google Play Store. For example, you can download ES File Explorer from the Google Play Store.

Install Application

Once you launch apk file, tap the install button to get the Framaroot application installed on your application.

Launch Framaroot

Once you are done with the installation process, tap on the Open button to launch the application. 

Install SuperSU

Open drop down menu from the top at select install SuperSU

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Select Exploit

Tap on the Lord of the Rings character that utilizes the exploit for your mobile device. View these links to discover which exploit deals with your device. You can likewise evaluate various alternatives to perceive what works with your device. If you get a pop-up message, showing the process failed, select another choice.


Once you made a choice which supports your android device, you will notify with a Success message in the exploit result popup. That’s all, you will find your mobile device gets a successful root. Ensure that you reboot your phone after you receive a Success message.

Method 2: Kingroot – How to Root Android Phone

Estimated time: 5-10 mins 

Do you want to know the process of rooting your Android device without a computer and by using Kingroot App?

You just need to maintain a strong internet connection throughout the whole process. Kingroot is a Chinese app. Though you may find a lot of English version of this apk file. If you want to install only Chinese version, we suggest downloading APK file that can easily and directly be downloaded on your phone.

Download Kingroot – Root my phone without PC

You need to download and install Kingroot application on your mobile device. This app also verify whether your phone have root access or not.

Open Kingroot – root phone no pc

Once you complete the installation of this application, you need to launch Kingroot app. You can find this app from app drawer on your mobile.

Check for Button

Make sure you discover Start Button at the bottom of the screen. This implies that your mobile devices is supported to the app.

Initiate Rooting

In order to root your device, tap the start button. Rooting will take a few minutes. Once the rooting process gets completed, you will find a message which shows “Success” on your mobile screen. In addition to that, you will also see an icon of Kingroot on your phone.

Reboot your Mobile device

You may find that your device is not supported to the rooting software, in such cases you will be redirected to try the desktop version of Kingroot. This version would work perfectly on your device. However, desktop version of Kingroot is not interfaced by any of the English user.

Method 3: Universal Androot – How to Root Android Phone Manually

Estimated time: 2-5 minutes 

Universal Androot is another application that enables users to root their android device without using a computer. However, this app is not as popular as Kingroot and Framaroot. In addition to that, this app also might not work on some android device just like the other two. That is being observed, if your device doesn’t support previously mentioned methods, then this method would work, not sure but perhaps!

As the app is not recently launched, this is very old app. Hence, this app is compatible with older Android devices and firmware. Just like previously mentioned app Kingroot, this app also allows users to unroot mobile if ever they would want. This app generally takes five to eight seconds to root supported android device.

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Install Universal Android Root – Rooting Phone without Computer

You need to download Universal Androot apk on your mobile device. You can download apk file from this following link

If it is difficult to find this application even after downloading, you can try the file manager to find it. B1 Archiver file manager can be downloaded by following link.

Launch application – Rooting Android Phones without PC

Once you install the application, tap on Open button to open this application.

Install SuperSU

Choose install SuperSU from the menu at the top of the screen.

Identify Firmware

From dropdown menu, select the Android firmware version by tapping!

Temporary Root

If you want to check the functionality of the phone that how it would perform after the root, you can root your device temporarily. To do this, make sure you have checked Root temporary from the menu. Hence, once you reboot your device, your phone will be automatically unrooted.


Now, you need to tap on the Root option. Once you tap on root button, the rooting process will start and it will take a few seconds to complete.


Once the process of rooting is completed, you happen to see a message that says “Your device is rooted” that’s all from this app. Now, you have rooted your android mobile device successfully. Now you need to restart your mobile device once you have completed the root process.

Method 4: iRoot — How to Root Android without Computer

Estimated time: 5 minutes

This is very successful rooting methods. It supports Android devices that runs Android 4.0 to 4.4. It also enables user to choose an option where you can download APK directly to your mobile device.

Download iRoot

This another rooting app which is developed by Chinese developers. Once you download this app, it is necessary that iRoot recognises your mobile device and the Root button must appear.

Tap Root Now

Once you tap root button, the software will automatically complete the rooting process.

Reboot Your Mobile Device

Generally, once the rooting process completed, your device will restart automatically. If not, then you can manually reboot your mobile device.

How to Root an Android Phone

Method 5: WeakSauce [Also Known as Rooting ToolKit] 

Estimated time: 5-10 minutes

WeakSauce is another application originating from the XDA discussions that gives you a chance to root your Android device legitimately without utilizing your PC. Framaroot and Universal Androot are better, increasingly dependable, and powerful general pulling strategies for different Android devices. WeakSauce, then again, will just work with HTC devices and this is conceivably the best alternative on the off chance that you need to root HTC One M8.

While the application was explicitly intended for HTC One M8, it should take a shot at a few other HTC devices as the application was effectively tried on the more established HTC One M7. WeakSauce doesn’t root your device forever, as the root access is lost once you turn off your device. The application consequently roots your device again after around 30 seconds of a reboot. The application doesn’t accompany an unroot choice, yet you can without much of a stretch incapacitate programmed establishing by uninstalling the application.

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Download and install WeakSauce

You need to download and install WeakSauce on your mobile device.

Find File

Now you need to go to the file manager on your device and navigate to the directory. Directory is the place where you save your APK file. Find APK file and tap on it. If you don’t have any file manager installed on your device, you can get Amaze File Manager from the Google play store

Open Weaksauce

Launch new Weaksauce app on your device

Initiate Rooting

Once you launch the app, you will be notified by a disclaimer popup, telling you to accept the terms and conditions. Select Yes in order to start the rooting process. Now, you have to wait for 60 seconds before closing the app.

Download SuperSU

Open Google Play Store from where you can download and install SuperSU on your mobile device. You can download this from Google Play Button. That’s all you needed to do. Now, you have successfully rooted your Android device.

Restart your mobile device

Once you reboot your device, your mobile will automatically be rooted after a few seconds, 30 to be precise!


Is the root still not dealing with your mobile device? Check whether you can discover attaching article explicit to your mobile. Rooting depends on powerlessness inside the working framework. In some cases, just like the case with establishing strategy Towelroot, for instance, these open doors inside the code get fixed by the maker.

The producer is more intrigued by security than the opportunity that establishing bears. This can be justifiable, given the harm an outsider with a malignant plan can unleash on your mobile device with root get to. In any case, we accept that you ought to have that sort of opportunity with regards to your cell phone.

When your mobile device is rooted, you can start getting a charge out of access to more applications, even those that may some way or another be limited. Some attached applications enable you to improve battery life and execution. For some direction on new applications to give it a shot, investigate this article on established applications. With more power comes greater obligation, so be cautious out there and just download from confided in sources.

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