Web Security: Roadmap to Your Company’s SEO Success

Web Security

The Covid Pandemic has made each of us, as a consumer and a business owner realize how indispensable the internet is for buying and selling products and services while maintaining the new norm of social distancing. Consumers find it most convenient to carry out their daily activities using the internet, from virtually working from home or taking online classes to substitute education to shopping and availing online services. This brings all the available online businesses to the same table as they try hard to catch up with the new boom in the online space.

With such stiff competition among online businesses, to help your website achieve the top slot on the Search Engine Result Page and take its business along a path to success, it is crucial to understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To achieve this, many useful hacks need to be incorporated when running an online portal. Among them, website security is one of the topmost requirements to achieve top ranking on the Search Engine Research Page. According to Hubspot’s research, 82% of consumers believed that they would leave a website if it is not secure.

Search Engine Research Page

How is Web Security Related to SEO?

It needs to be clearly understood that creating good content for your website and getting useful links are excellent for your website’s SEO. But, if you are not paying much attention to your website’s security, you are sure to lose a good ranking on Google Search Engine Result Page. Google itself admits that one of the essential key factors for deciding your website’s ranking is web security. So, much so that if a user visits a website that is not secure, a warning message pops up with the information that the website is not safe. Any internet user is forced to believe that your website has been compromised and causes him/her to leave the website immediately. This definitely can have a very adverse effect on the reputation of the website. If more and more visitors visit and leave your website directly, this increases your bounce rate. This might lead to Google, believing that your website is not useful for your users, lowering your ranking on the Google Search Engine Result Page.

Let us now explore some most essential and valuable web security hacks to improve SEO for your website.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a protocol that provides authentication and encryption of crucial user data exchanged over the internet between the web servers and the user web browser. SSL Certificate Security provides a safe and secure online platform for the user’s data, improves their user experience, and protects data theft. When an SSL Certificate secures a website, a lock is displayed next to the website address, giving users a visual indication to trust the website. Once SSL Security is installed, the protocol changes from HTTP to HTTPS with ‘S’ standing for secure.

When a customer visits an SSL secured website, the web browser checks for the SSL Certificate’s validity and the server’s authentication. Suppose the validity of the SSL Certificate and authentication of the website is confirmed by the browser. In that case, it establishes a safe and encrypted path for the exchange of information between the web server and the web browser. If not, the user will see an error message stating that “Your connection is not private,” resulting in an immediate exit of your client. So, it becomes essential to keep your website secure with an SSL Certificate.

Many reputed SSL Certificate Providers have an array of choices to suit different security needs and budgets. One very cost-effective way of securing a website with its root domain and all the unlimited domains built one level below the main domain is with just one cheap Wildcard SSL certificate. This investment will go a long way to improve your SEO as well as reputation with your customers and clients.

Keep the Bugs Away 

Malware and Spyware are bugs or software viruses that are designed to infect only your personal computers and to carry out spying activity or data theft. But there are many instances of websites being infected by malware, which is used to carry out crucial user data theft. So, it becomes imperative to keep your website protected at all times from such malware infections to safeguard user data and win user trust and avoid being labeled as a blacklisted website distributing malware to its visitors.

Web Application Firewall 

A Web Application Firewall monitors and analyses the traffic between a web application and the internet and filters out malicious hackers from regular traffic. It protects web applications from data breaches and attacks such as SQL Injection, cookie poisoning. It is also instrumental in countering a wide variety of attacks, including Distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks to widespread phishing attacks. Thus, it effectively takes care of harmful and malicious malware downloads through protection from seemingly attractive phishing attempts. So, protecting your website from hackers will improve your SEO and your reputation with your clients.

In Conclusion

In Conclusion, we can say that improving your website SEO is of prime importance for attracting web traffic and increasing your chance of sales conversions. Paying attention to the hacks discussed and achieving the highest degree of web security will undoubtedly build trust with your customers and improve your reputation. Go on and pave the way to success for your business!

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