What Channels are in Spectrum’s Basic Package?

Spectrum's Basic Package

Spectrum is an Internet, Cable TV, and phone service provider that offers services through its vast coax cable connection. It enables customers to get individual services or bundle deals instead of getting multiple providers and paying separate bills every month. Spectrum TV services are one of the best that offer extensive channel line ups and many other benefits that are not offered by everyone.

Spectrum offers three plans to its TV customers; Spectrum Select, Silver, and Gold. These plans offer channels from various categories and keep the needs of all family members in mind. One thing that makes customers curious is the number of channels that come with Spectrum TV plans.

The whole decision of which plans to go for depends upon the channel line-up offered by that plan. If that line-up is as per your requirements, you can go for that plan. If you need premium channels, you can get the Spectrum Gold plan. If you feel like you are good with just one or two premium channels, you can get Spectrum Silver. Or if you are not interested in any premium channels, Spectrum Select should be your choice.

Spectrum Channel Lineup & Channel Guide

Spectrum Channel Lineup

Spectrum TV Select which is also known as Spectrum’s basic TV plan is the most sought out plan. Many people confuse the word basic with just local channels and some news channels but with Spectrum, that is not true. Spectrum offers 125+ channels with free HD with its basic plan. Moreover, there are options for on-demand content and free TV apps that allow customers to watch their favorite shows anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection and Spectrum TV subscription.

If you are interested in Spectrum’s basic plan and would like to know what channels would be coming with your plan, here is a list of some of the most favorite channels.

CBS HGTV MTV FX Movies Channel
FOX Hallmark Movies & Mystery Investigation Discovery GEM Shopping Network
NBC Lifetime Music Choice Food Network
ABC CNBC Nickelodeon ESPN
Animal Planet BET LMN Cartoon Network
AMC Bravo Paramount Network Disney

Other than these channels, there is much more than Spectrum’s basic TV plan offered to you. There are channels for travel fans such as Travel and Discovery channels. Then there are options such as USA Network and ME-TV. For Spanish customers, there is their favorite channel Telemundo which is one of the most-watched channels among Latinos.

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Other Spectrum TV Plans & Pricing

If you would like to look beyond the basics and get more channels, go for Spectrum Silver or Gold plan. These channels would offer you more channels, which means more value for your money. 

  • Spectrum Silver

Spectrum TV silver offers more than 175 channels with free High-Definition. The major benefit of getting a silver plan is that you will have access to premium channels such as HBO and Showtime. Moreover, some of the good sports channels like NFL are also included in this plan, which makes it a great choice for sports fans and movie freaks who do not miss any shows.

Moreover, additional benefits such as a free Spectrum TV app would be available for you as well because that is a standard feature with Spectrum TV services. This plan costs $69.99 per month which is $25 more than the basic Spectrum TV package. One thing to keep in mind is that this is the base price of the plan. Other charges such as network broadcast fee and monthly equipment charges would be added on top. For instance, if you are getting one cable box, you will be paying $7.99 per month. In case you get more than one, the price will be more and the total will be affected accordingly.

  • Spectrum TV Gold Plan

If you are someone who is a huge movie fan or someone who likes to have everything in their pla, Spectrum Gold is a TV plan that would be a perfect fit for you. With Spectrum Gold plan, you would get access to more than 200 channels that include some of the local channels as per your location, entertainment channels like TMC, Starz, Starz Encore, HBO, and much more, and kids channels such as Cartoon Network. Moreover, other channels such as FOX News and Business would also be available.

Although the Gold plan costs higher than both other plans, it also offers more channels than any of those plans. On top of that, there is a bundling opportunity to get internet and TV. You can match any Spectrum internet plan with your TV gold and avail the benefits of a complete entertainment pack.

Final Verdict

Spectrum’s basic TV offers enough channels that cater to the needs of the whole household, despite the age difference. Also, there are numerous channels to watch from as per your mood. However, if the basic cable plan is not sufficient or you are more of a premium channels fan, then Silver and Gold are good options to consider.

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