iPhone Won’t Go into Sleep Mode

Apple users put their device into sleep mode to save power. When your iPhone goes into sleep mode, your iPhone can still connect to the Internet, can get calls as well as receive messages, run apps, and do much more. You can receive all the notifications on your device. You need to press the Power button once and release it instantly to get your phone into this mode. This article guides you to fix this issue. It is necessary that your iPhone is completely charged before fixing this issue. So, here are the methods to fix the issue of the iPhone won’t go into sleep mode:

Best Methods To Fix iPhone Won’t Go Into Sleep Mode

If you want to wake up the iPhone again, you need to click the Power button or Home button. By default, iDevice enters into Sleep Mode if you do not input for two minutes. But many users face the problem that their iPhone does not go into sleep mode.

  1. Set auto-lock time:

    When you set your iPhone for the first time, you may forget to fix the auto-lock time. Sometimes, you choose Never in the auto-lock options that cause your iPhone does not go into sleep mode. Follow the given below steps to set auto-lock time:
    click Auto-lock

  • You need to open the Settings app and then click on General.
  • Then scroll down to Auto-Lock and click on it.
  • Then click on any option other than Never.
  1. Turn AssistiveTouch Off:

    This effective method enables you to fix this issue by disabling AssistiveTouch. Follow the given below steps to turn off AssistiveTouch:

  • You need to open the Settings app and then click on the General tab.
  • Then search Accessibility and tap on it.
  • Then scroll down until you find AssistiveTouch.
  • You ensure that the toggle button is set to off.
  1. Reboot Your iPhone:

    It is a very easy method. Follow the given below steps to reboot your iPhone:

    reboot iPhone

  • You need to press and hold the home button and sleep/wake button simultaneously at least for 15 seconds.
  • Then the screen turns blank but still, you need to hold the two buttons.
  • Then you can view an Apple logo on your iPhone.
  • Then release the buttons and your iPhone reset.Read More: How to Put iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and XR into Recovery Mode
  1. Reset All Settings:

    You can also fix this issue by resetting all settings by following the given below steps:

  • You need to open the Settings app and then click on General.
  • Then scroll down to Reset.
  • Then click on Reset and then click on Reset All Settings.
    reset All settings
  1. Update the iOS:

    If you update the iOS, there are new features, bug fixes, and changes on your iPhone. But at the time of updating iOS, it is necessary to keep a back up of all your data to iCloud or iTunes. You can update the iOS with the following two methods:

  • Update the iOS Wirelessly on the iPhone by following the given below steps:
    • You need to click on the Settings app on the iPhone Home screen.
    • Then scroll down and click on the General.
    • If there is any update available, click on Software Update.
    • Then click Download and Install to start installing the iPhone software update.
  • Update iOS using iTunes by following the given below steps:
    • You need to plug the iOS device to the computer and then click on iTunes.
    • Then choose the icon for the device to open the device management screen.
    • Then choose Sync to sync the device with the computer.
    • You can also choose Back Up Now to keep a backup of all data on your iPhone.
    • When the sync finishes, you can view the new version of iOS and the information about a newer version on the iPhone management screen.
    • Then choose Update to start the process.
    • And then you need to choose Download and Install to update now or you can also choose Download Only to download the software for a later update.
    • Then choose to Agree to acknowledge the user agreement.
    • Then the update downloads and automatically installs on your device. Then you may need to follow the on-screen instructions if prompts.
    • When the installation finishes, your device automatically restarts.

Change the sleep mode on the iPhone

The sleep mode on the iPhone modifies by changing the Auto-Lock period. It enables you to set a period of time that lasts before sleep mode activates or switches off the sleep mode fully. You can set the sleep mode option for up to 5 minutes. You can keep the iPhone from sleep by clicking Never. Follow the given below steps:

  • You need to open the Settings on your iPhone.
  • Then scroll down and search Display & Brightness.
  • Then click on Auto-Lock and set the period of time accordingly.
  • Then you need to set the Auto-Lock to Never if you want to keep your iPhone from sleeping.

Types of timers on the iPhone

There are two types of timers on the iPhone that allows you to put your iPhone to sleep after an assigned period of time. You can set a timer using the built-in Clock app to stop your phone from overplaying your music or podcasts. You can use the Settings app to change the period of time before your iPhone enters sleep mode.

  • Playback Sleep Timer:

    Follow the given below steps if you want your iPhone to automatically stop playing music after a specific period of time:

  • You need to click on the Clock app.
  • Then click on Timer and choose a length of time using the wheel.
  • And then press When Timer Ends.
  • Then scroll down to select Stop Playing and click Set.
  • Then press Start to begin the countdown.
  • When the timer starts, you can quit the app and return to the Music, Podcasts or Videos app.
  • The timer works with some media player apps downloaded from the App Store.
  • Automatic Screen Locking:

    If you keep your iPhone for a few minutes without input then your iPhone automatically turns its screen off equivalent to pressing the Sleep/Wake button on the top of the phone. You can modify the length of time before sleep by following the given below steps:

  • You need to open the Settings and then click on the General tab.
  • Then click Auto-Lock and select time from one minute to five minutes.
  • Then you need to choose Never.

The screen of your iPhone turns off if you do not input anything on your iPhone for about 3 to 5 minutes which is also known as the iPhone is in the sleep mode now. Sometimes if you do not want to turn off your iPhone screen, you can change the sleep mode on the iPhone. You can fix the issue of the iPhone won’t go into sleep mode from the above-mentioned methods.

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