How to Fix iPhone Screen Is Black And Won’t Turn on?

How to Fix iPhone Screen Is Black: Facing such troubles with the iPhone looks quite irritating for iPhone users. Often the iPhone display screen shows 4005 error code after trying to reset it in iPhone recovery mode. Now, that’s one real trouble for maximum iPhone users.

“My iPhone is dead from the last few days. After switching it on, the screen cascades in multiple series of colors and instantly the official Apple logo fades away. My relentless trial to reset the phone via iTunes by choosing recovery mode was useless.  In short, the phone sounds too cold to switch on.”

After all, nobody is ready to compromise with such technical issues after buying a smartphone that costs more than a grand!

How to Overcome Black Screen Error on iPhone?

Fix Apple iPhone Screen Is Black

One of the reasons why maximum iPhone users often come up with usual problems like iPhone screen turning pitch black after repeatedly trying to switch it on. Most of them prefer hitting online forums to fix every technical issue associated with their iPhones like these,

“From the last few weeks, whenever I’m randomly tapping my smartphone automatically the apps are getting selected or letters, numbers, etc. are getting typed and it’s swiping from right to left. On trying to select any specific button, the phone seems reluctant to register the tapped applications on the phone.

I switched off the phone and restarted it, the issue was fixed for some time, but then again it started. It took me for another few days that the strategy I took was only a temporary fix.”

Trying the ‘reset factory settings’ option was not a quite helpful remedy for at all.

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How Do I Fix iPhone Screen Is Black Issue on my iPhone?


Fix Technical Issue on my iPhone

One of the most important reasons for maximum iPhone users to shoot their queries associated technical issues popped up in their iPhone models is,

  • It’s easy to come across multiple iPhone users facing similar issues
  • Remaining in touch with those iPhone users who faced such troubles earlier might help them to find a fix for their iPhones too
  • It’s easy for iPhone experts to start a discussion on how to fix such issues and find the root cause of such troubles and further those solutions can be shared with various other technical sites where hundreds of other users are looking ahead for similar queries.

Let’s browse through some of the remedies shared by experts to fix black screen issues on the iPhone. Followed by its denial to turn on once it’s turned off.

Fixing the black screen issue in iPhone followed by its frequent denial to turn on

Well, first of all, it’s important to know that there’s a basic difference between ‘No Power’ and the ‘Black Screen’ issue.

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Let’s Sort Them out First!

With the black screen issue in iPhone, the user might frequently encounter with an unresponsive screen, but that doesn’t mean precisely that it’s powered off, it’s powered on.  Here are a few common symptoms of black screen issues on the iPhone.

  • Calling yourself in your number and you might see the phone’s still ringing
  • Sound notifications are popped up in your phone whenever there are incoming alerts or messages

Whereas, if there’s a No Power issue in an iPhone that maximum users place as ‘even after the repeated trial the phone denied restarting after switching it off’ then the user has to accept the fact that none of the LED’s or internal lights are on and the phone is totally dead. In short, there’s no life in it!

That’s why before placing a complaint about your malfunctioning iPhone. Try to evaluate the exact issue that your phone is facing right now to fetch an instant solution for your smart iPhone.

After facing a black screen issue on your iPhone, instead of panicking it’s better to calm down.

Because, panicking in that situation won’t be of much help, instead you can try out some of these remedies shared by the technical experts to troubleshoot the black screen issue on the iPhone.

Let’s Browse Through Some of Those

By now you must have realized that the factory settings of your phone require a hard reset. Without hard resetting factory settings, it’s impossible to fix the issue.

But before moving ahead to reset hard factory settings, make sure that the phone is charged and it’s not powered off compulsorily. Leave the phone to get charged up for at least half an hour (approx) and then straightaway

Step1: Hard reset the iPhone 

Hard reset the iPhone 

Be careful about pressing the Home and Power/Sleep buttons, as you have to press it together. Once that’s done wait for the Apple Logo to show up on the display screen. As soon as the Apple Logo appears, release the buttons instantly. The phone will restart automatically.

Step2: Reset Factory setting via iTunes 

Hard resetting Factory settings by connecting an iPhone to a computer/laptop and then restoring it via iTunes is a wise strategy to fix the black screen issue in Apple phones.

Reset Factory setting via iTunes 

Worried About Doing it All Yourself No Way!

Here’s the easy DIY plan to reset an Apple iPhone via iTunes, check it out:

  • Make sure that the iTunes installed on desktop/laptop is up to date.
  • Connect the iPhone to the computer with a lightning cable that comes with the device.
  • Follow the onscreen steps displayed on your display screen once you put the device. .passcode against a message that expects your permission to ‘Trust the computer’.
  • Select the iPhone icon that appears in iTunes after connecting it.
  • After detecting the Apple phone in your iTunes, select the summary tab and click on restore your iPhone …. option.
  • Confirm the action by clicking on restore button.


Give some time to your iPhone to restore and wait for it to restart itself. Once the phone restarts, it looks perfectly new as it was before. If there was any problem before due to an unknown software glitch causing black screen that’s completely neutralized by now.

If the phone doesn’t work even after hard resetting and resetting factory settings via iTunes. It’s better to consult an Apple repair center or contact Apple Support nearby.

However those are extreme cases, maximum iPhone users have been benefitted with the above-mentioned procedure and most of them barely faced any such iPhone screen is black issue in their Apple Phones. If you’re facing similar trouble with your iPhone also, it’s time to fix it with an expert Apple Phone DIY repair strategy like this.

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