How Find Lost or Stolen Android Phone Back Fast?

Stolen Android Phone: Nowadays we rely on our phone for many things, whether it’s entertainment, transaction-payments, conversation or to gain information and knowledge.

There is so much you can do with your phone, and it’s tough to spend a single day without a mobile phone. Losing a mobile phone is just the worst nightmare for anyone.

It takes no time for anyone to pick up your phone when you mistakenly leave or drop for Losing your phone means losing all your relevant data, photos, contacts, and even access to several essential apps possessing your bank and card details.

The most dangerous part is that the person possessing your phone has access to your phone number.

We understand the losing your phone can be terrifying and stressful, but don’t panic. Here you will find ways to track your Stolen Android Phone and also lock it remotely.

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How do you track Stolen Android Phone?

track Stolen Android Phone

Every Android phone had built-in features that help you track Stolen Android Phone. Also, when you lose your phone, the first thing to do is to lock your phone, so the person who has your phone cannot access it.

Follow the instructions below to use these features in your Android phone:

Precautions Steps You Should Take

This method is very useful; however, you should take some necessary steps before, so your device remains protected even after it’s lost or stolen, and what are the essential steps? And how it works? You will find out below:

Create a Secure Lock Screen

Secure Lock Screen

If you are a lazy person and haven’t locked your phone with a passcode or fingerprint, you must now. Locking your phone is the first and vital step towards phone protection, which you never miss.

The new generation Android phone features face locking, so if your phone has this feature, enable it. However, these steps are not most secured.

Many times Facial recognition tool is bluffed and photo or similar stuff. The facial recognition feature is more secure with additional support like Android Q.

Enabling all the three locking feature on your phone is the best thing to do. Create a passcode, set your fingerprint, and face recognition as well.

I sometimes know the process of scanning and entering passcode each time you unlock the phone get tiresome, but it’s much better than losing your relevant phone data to an unknown person.

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Google’s Find My Device

Find My Device

When you sign in your Android Phone with a Google account, Find My Device feature will enable automatically.

This feature is designed by Google to track your Stolen Android Phone; it will also help you erase your phone content from another device remotely.

To check and enable Find My Device Go through the following steps:

  • Open setting
  • Select Security and location
  • Select Find My Device
  • Also, check for Security and location option if your device has it.
  • Click on Google, then setting and select Find My Device Tab. In most cases, this option is enabled automatically if it doesn’t make sure you manually turn it on.

Samsung’s Find My Mobile

Samsung’s Find My Mobile

If you use Samsung mobile phones, you will get Samsung’s Fing My Mobile feature in addition to Google’s Find My Phone.

This feature will give you backup service for tracking your phone and several other tools and features that Google’s Find My Phone lacks.

Samsung services give you the reliability to force remote backups and also check if anyone has swapped your sim card.

Samsung Find My Mobile is only found in Samsung mobile phones add tablets and not on other devices.

To enable this option go through the following steps:

  • Open Setting App
  • Tap on Biometrics
  • Select Security
  • Find My Mobile

Find My mobile will be on if you have signed in to Samsung Account at the time of phone set up. If you have skipped the process, you will have first to make your Samsung account and then activate the feature.

Signing in to the Samsung account will only take a few seconds, so don’t procrastinate and do it soon.

Steps To Follow For Stolen Android Phone

If you couldn’t find your phone anywhere here are some solutions for you to execute.

Don’t Panic and Call on Your Phone Number

Don’t Panic

Many times we think of the worst-case or overthink. Sometimes the device is just misplaced, and we don’t go check it properly.

So when you are unable to find your phone, stop the panic, and look at your phone thoroughly, Borrow your Friend’s Phone and call on your mobile phone.

Now, if your phone is silent, it becomes more challenging to look into vibration noise; your phone will vibrate if it’s on a hard surface.

There’s another excellent option you can try, open your carrier’s mobile app and override ringer settings for a sound alert.

Use Find my Phone Feature To Track Stolen Android Phone

Track a Lost Phone Remotely

When you are sure that you have left your phone somewhere or misplaced it, you have to take immediately lock your phone and also track its location.

To use Android’s baked in service, you only have to remember one thing and click on this link “Find My Device” This web page is an essential thing when you lose your phone.

To sign on this page, you have to use the same Google account that is linked with your Stolen Android Phone.

Find My Device App

Find My Device App

It is not compulsory to use a computer to open this page; when not near a computer, you can try other devices like mobile phones or tablets.

When using another mobile phone download: Find My Device App’ from the Play store, as soon as you login into the linked Google account, Google will start to track and locate your Stolen Android Phone.

An alert message will be sent on your lost phone, stating the device has been tracked. On Find My Device App, go through the left side menu for sound, so if your phone is near, you will be able to hear audio on it.

Select the lock your device option, or you can also choose to erase all the data on your phone from the app.

Erasing your phone completely is a secure way to protect your phone, but it has a significant drawback.

After you wipe out your phone content, you will not be able to track your Stolen Android Phone. This feature should be your last option when you are not able to find your phone.


Check that Google can only track your phone if it’s on, ai should also be connected to the internet either by cellular data or wifi network.

When you get back your phone, you will have to gain phone access by entering your passcode or PIN. You will also have to log in to your registered Google network to authenticate yourself and tell google that it’s you.

Samsung Phones

Samsung Phones

As mentioned earlier, Samsung users have more options to keep their phone protect and to track their phones. For a Samsung mobile phone, you can use the Samsung service and open this link on your computer browser.

If not computer opens this link on the browser of another mobile phone, you don’t have a companion app; you can only download ‘Find My Mobile’ on your Samsung device.

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Once you open the link, sign in with your Samsung account and then select your lost device on the left side of the screen.

A map action your phone will be on your display, you will also see several options on the right of your screen.

After you locate your phone, it’s time for you to lock your phone. This message appears on your phone’s screen; now suspending Samsung Pay cards, you can prevent your phone from being powered off.

Google Tracking

Google Tracking

If you are phone is moving to a different location, select track my phone feature on the website. This feature will update you about your phone location every 15 minutes.

Find My Mobile service has more features than Google tracking service, like the extended battery life feature by enabling this button, you can disable everything on the phone out of location tracking.

After you locate your Stolen Android Phone, you will need to enter only a PIn code, and nothing else you don’t have to turn off any backing feature off.

Text your Cell Phone

Text your Cell Phone

Let’s not imagine the worst first. There can be another possibility like a favoring person picked your phone, but he/she is unable to contact as your phone is locked. For such a scenario, you can send a text on your number on how to reach you.

There is a chance that the person who has found your phone will connect to you or reach out to give your phone back.

Backup Your Cell Phone and Wipe It Immediately

Did you know that you can backup your phone data remotely with the help of your carrier’s mobile app? Carrier mobile app will backup up all your files, so you can safely delete your lost phone content.

When you are sure that your phone is lost, be quick to back up and wipe your Stolen Android Phones content as some thieves can hack your device and access content quickly.

Lock your Cell Phone and Change Password With Cellular Network

Change Password With Cellular Network

If locating your device turns into failure, keep your phone protected with your carrier’s mobile app. You can lock your phone with the app and change the password for the account linked to your device.

You can even change the password of your financial accounts, email, social media, and more.

Contact Mobile carrier

For extra safety, call on your cellular helpline and disable your phone service immediately. Tell the concerned person about your loss and seek some advice. Courier companies can blacklist your number so any other person can not use it.

When you blacklist your number, you will not be able to track your Stolen Android Phone if your mobile phone is connected with cellular data.

If your mobile phone connected with wifi network, it’s okay; otherwise, you will lose the tracking option.

Alert Police

Whether you track down your phone or are unable to seek help from the police, you will need help in both cases, as confronting thieves directly might not be safe. Police are capable of tracking device thefts.

Claim Insurance

Also, do check if you have your mobile phone insurance and if it covers lost or stolen devices.

There are several companies, including manufacturers that have insurance over lost or stolen mobile phones, so do some research and get your insurance if you haven’t.

When you pay for your mobile phone insurance, you will have to file a claim and get a replacement phone pay for the deductible. Your insurance claim can initiate with carries that will refer you to an insurance company.


That’s it, folks, there was a list of all the things you need to do when you lost your Android Phone. We hope this information worked for you.

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